Home Goods Return Policy (Coverage, Time Frames + More)

Home Goods Return Policy

Do you know what Home Goods return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Taking a trip to Home Goods is a great way to fill your house with beautiful decor without breaking the bank. But what happens when you buy something you just don’t love?

What is Home Goods return policy? Customers have 30-days to return any unused item to the store, or 40-days by mail, to receive a full refund. You must bring your original receipt, and the item has to be in brand-new condition.

If you are looking for more information regarding refunds, returns, and exchanges at Home Goods stores, this is the perfect article for you.

Who is Home Goods?

Home Goods is a popular home furnishing store founded in 1992 and is under the parent company TJ. Maxx. However, this store started off much earlier than that by Max Feldberg and Morris Feldberg in Framingham, Massachusettes, back in 1919 and was initially called the New England Trading Company.

It was over the years and over family generations, stores such as Zayre (1950) and TJ. Maxx (1977) was born. The small and simple Home Goods chain was the most recent brand added to the giant retail company.

However, it didn’t stay small and straightforward very long, with more than 800 stores located throughout the U.S.

What do they Sell?

Home Goods is the go-to for anyone looking to furnish or refurnish a new apartment, home, or office. The brand is best known for selling brand-name products at affordable prices. 

Not only are you getting great products that are well-known for their quality and designs, but the company also sells products that are celebrity stylists and designers. 

If you are looking for stylish bedding, kitchenware, area rugs, furniture, decor, and anything else you can imagine to create the room or home of your dreams, you can probably find it at an affordable price at Home Goods.

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What is Home Goods Return Policy?

While it is a well-known fact that almost anything you buy at Home Goods is going to be something you absolutely love, there are times when it isn’t exactly what you wanted, and you will possibly feel the need to return it. Luckily, Home Goods offers a fairly reasonable return window.

All products must be returned to a Home Goods store within 30-days of the original purchase date. If you bought you wish to return your item by mail, you would have a 10-day extension to account for shipping, giving customers 40-days to return any products they no longer want.

In order to receive a refund, you must have a receipt for proof of purchase and the method of payment that was originally used, with it being returned in the same way.

Home Goods Return Policy without Receipt

Home Goods encourages all customers to keep their receipts in case of a possible return in the future.

While they don’t guarantee they will refund any purchase without a receipt, most of the time, the company is happy to provide a store credit in exchange for anything coming back in without a valid form of proof of purchase.

You are, however, required to bring along a valid form of ID, which will be put into the company’s data bank, and the information is stored in their return software. This is to track returns made by all customers to keep themselves safe from fraud and theft. 

It is the right of every Home Goods store to deny a return and refund or exchange to any customer if the product is damaged or they believe the customer is committing an illegal act.

Home Goods Return Policy In-Store

You can take your unwanted purchases back to any local Home Good retail location, or you can mail them back. It is usually easier for everyone to take the item back to the Home Goods store they were originally at when the purchase took place. This is going to get you in and out quickly and with little hold-up.

However, if you choose to mail your items back, you can log into their website and access your account.

From there, you will need to choose the return option and then click on the item you wish to send back. You will then be provided with a pre-paid shipping label that might be deducted from your refund.

If you are returning an item that was mailed to you, you will not get your shipping payment back, only the amount paid for the item. 

Does Home Goods Offer Exchanges?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to exchange any item purchased at a Home Goods store or online. According to the company, this is due to the fact that their inventory is changing at such a rapid pace, the ability to exchange every item is nearly impossible. 

However, if you are unhappy with a purchase and want a different size or color, it is easy to take the product back, return it, and then buy the new item right then and there. 

Can You Take Home Good Products Back to Their Other Stores Like TJ Maxx?

Although that would be a great option for customers to take advantage of, it’s just not possible. Although all of the brands are owned and operated by the same company, the products bought at one store can not be returned to another.

So, if you bought an item from Home Goods, it has to go back to a Home Goods store directly. Any items that are taken to other brands will be rejected.

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Can You Return Anything to Home Goods?

Most Home Good products can be returned to the store as long as they are in new-like condition, and you have the original receipt. However, there are a few exceptions.

  • Gift cards are not refundable.
  • Bathing suits must be returned with sanitizing stickers in place.
  • Used or worn merchandise will not be refunded or exchanged.
  • Beauty items that have been opened or tampered with are not available for returns.
  • Long gowns can not be returned to a physical location.
  • Handbags over 499.99 can not be returned in-store

Other restriction may apply and is subject to the company, store, or associate handling the transaction. Customers who have returned many times in the past can be refused a return at any time. 

How Do You Return Over-Sized Items to Home Goods?

Because Home Goods stores sell items such as mattresses and other heavy furniture, you may have difficulty sending these things back, especially when trying to take them back to the physical location you originally bought them from. 

You can choose to have these items picked up from your home at an additional cost; that is your responsibility to pay for and is not refundable.

The only way you aren’t responsible for this fee is if the product made its way to you in a damaged or unusable condition. 

How Long Will I Have to Wait to Receive a Refund?

The amount of time it takes to receive a refund on the products you return will depend on the method used when you made the initial purchase. 

Cash will obviously be refunded on the spot, and purchases made with a gift card will be refunded at that time in the form of another gift card.

Anything being refunded to a credit or debit card will be refunded at that time, and it will depend on the banking you use for the return to go back into your account.

You will typically see the returned amount in your account within 10-14 business days for any item returned by mail.

Summing Things Up

When you are out looking for new items to add to your house, consider purchasing your products from Home Goods.

Here you will get the peace of mind that if you don’t absolutely love the product you buy, you can easily get your money back.




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