Does Wayfair Deliver Furniture and Couches? (Cost + More)

does wayfair deliver couches

Do you know if Wayfair delivers furniture and couches? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Wayfair is an online shopping website that has been growing in popularity over recent years and sells a variety of different items, including furniture! Wayfair has a large selection of couches on their site, many for pretty reasonable prices.

But, if you’re wondering if Wayfair will offer delivery for their couches, you’ve come to the right place!

Wayfair does offer delivery for furniture and couches! In fact, Wayfair has a few different delivery options available for customers that you can select from during checkout. The best part is that most of their delivery options are free of charge as long as you meet a certain purchase price. 

This article will provide the ins and outs of Wayfair couch delivery,  expand on the types of delivery available, and break down the costs. 

What Is The Process Of Wayfair Delivery?

If you purchase large furniture from Wayfair, there is a five-step process that applies to all large items, including couches!

First, once you pick your item and proceed to checkout you will choose which delivery option you want. The exact types available will vary depending on the item you choose. 

Once you’ve made your delivery selection a carrier will pick up the couch from the Wayfair warehouse.

The carrier is responsible for transporting the couch to the local delivery agent. Once they receive your order locally the delivery agent will contact you to schedule the delivery. 

You will be provided a date and time window for the delivery, then depending on which option you choose you will either greet the delivery agent or it will be dropped at the selected location. 

So, what exactly are the different delivery options that Wayfair offers?

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How Much Does Wayfair Delivery Cost? 

All orders under $35 have a $5.99 shipping fee, however, once you pass $35 Wayfair does offer free shipping! Of course, this free shipping will not apply in all circumstances. 

If you choose one of Wayfair’s advanced delivery options, such as the all inclusive delivery, you will likely be charged a fee. 

But, in most instances, you should be able to get your new couch delivered to your front door for free! 

What Delivery Options Are Available Through Wayfair? 

Wayfair offers six different delivery options for large items. These include:

  • Curbside, 
  • Basic outside front door drop-off,  
  • Inside home entrance drop-off, 
  • Backyard delivery, 
  • Room of choice delivery, and
  • All inclusive delivery. 

We will describe all of these, but it is important to remember that all of these options may not be available depending on the item you choose.

In addition, no matter which option you choose, most large shipments from Wayfair will take one to three weeks for delivery. 

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Curbside Delivery

There are two different forms of curbside delivery that Wayfair offers: 

  • “you unload,” and 
  • “we unload.”

The “you unload” method requires the customer to unload their couch from the delivery truck themselves. This would only be a good option if you have multiple people who will be there to receive the couch. 

The “we unload” option the delivery agent will unload the item, but they will only place it on the curb. It is up to you to bring it inside! 

Front Door Drop-Off

The basic front door drop-off option is one you are likely familiar with. This sees the delivery agent bringing the couch to your front door and leaving in the closest secured place.

This type of delivery doesn’t require anyone to be present to receive it or sign for it. 

However, if you live in an apartment complex your item will likely be left at a front door or with a front desk, whichever is applicable.

If you need to leave any additional information about how to deliver your item you should do so. 

Home Entrance Drop-Off

If you want to take it a step further you can choose to have the couch delivered to the inside of your front door. This option is even available for those who live in apartment buildings. 

You would have to be present to receive the item and allow the delivery agent into your home. 

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Backyard Delivery

An alternative to the home entrance drop-off is to choose the backyard delivery option. The only stipulation here is that the delivery agent must be able to access the backyard without going through the home. 

Room of Choice Delivery

Room of choice delivery is an option that has been steadily rising in popularity. As the name implies, this option allows you to pick the room you want the couch to be brought into. 

If you want to pay an additional fee the delivery agent will even remove the packaging and dispose of it for you. 

All Inclusive Delivery 

The last delivery option is Wayfair’s all inclusive delivery. Although this form of delivery will require you to pay an additional fee, the delivery agent will bring into the room of your choice, assemble your couch, and dispose of all the packaging. 

The Wayfair delivery agents will not do anything that requires the use of power tools, plumbing, or electrical. 

Final Thoughts

It is likely that your couch purchase from Wayfair will get delivered for free! Unless you choose a higher-tier delivery option or live in a location not eligible for free shipping, Wayfair has many different free delivery options. 

If you needed one more reason to get your next couch from Wayfair, their free shipping might be the factor that seals the deal!



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