Does Costco Deliver Couches? (Here Is What To Do!)

Does Costco Deliver Couches

Does Costco Deliver Furniture? Lindsey, do you know if Costco delivers couches? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Have you been eyeing a new couch at Costco during your weekly grocery trips? Maybe Costco’s annual furniture sale is coming up and you’re thinking of taking the leap and replacing your couch. The one question you need to be answered is whether or not Costco offers delivery. 

The great news is that it is possible to have a couch from Costco delivered! The method of delivery will depend primarily on whether you are purchasing your couch from the warehouse or from their online store. 

In this article, we will discuss how Costco’s delivery works when you purchase a couch from the warehouse and the various delivery options available online. 

Does Costco Deliver Couches Purchase In The Warehouse?

While it is possible to have furniture delivered from the Costco warehouse, it isn’t actually Costco who will do the delivery for you. They don’t have workers in the warehouse to handle deliveries like that, but they have chosen to partner with another company and make delivery available to many of their members. 

Costco is partnered with a service called GoShare. This company consists of delivery professionals with access to box trucks, cargo trucks, and pickups to transport your items from the Costco warehouse to your home. 

GoShare can be hired to transport any bulky item, including furniture, mattresses, exercise equipment, and much more. 

As long as you live in a service area that GoShare uses, you will be able to have your item delivered. But, if you live outside of their service area, Costco unfortunately will not offer delivery for items purchased in the warehouse. It will be up to you to transport the item to your home. 

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Will Costco Deliver Couches Purchased Online? 

The other option if you don’t have a truck and can’t afford to rent one is to purchase your couch online! Costco offers a variety of different delivery options for orders placed online, such as: 

  • Standard Delivery, 
  • Curbside Delivery, 
  • Threshold Delivery, 
  • Room of Choice Delivery, 
  • White Glove Delivery, etc

While there are other options for delivery available, we only want to focus on the ones that would be used for couch delivery in this article. 

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What Is Standard Delivery?

There are two forms of standard delivery that are offered by Costco, the only real difference between them is that one requires an appointment, and the other doesn’t. 

If you choose the method that requires an appointment this just means you need to be home to sign for the item during the provided delivery window. But, if you don’t think you can be available to sign, you can utilize their standard delivery without a scheduled appointment and have the couch dropped off near your front door. 

How Does Curbside Delivery Work? 

Curbside delivery is similar to the standard delivery, the only difference here is that the customer gets to choose their delivery window and make the appointment with the freight carrier responsible for the delivery. 

What is Threshold Delivery? 

Threshold delivery is one step up from standard delivery! This option allows you to pick an area of your property that is dry, such as the garage or entryway to your home.

This option requires an appointment to be made as you are responsible for signing for the item and allowing the delivery team inside. 

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How Does Room Of Choice Delivery Work? 

If you choose the room of choice delivery option you can have the delivery team bring your couch all the way into your living room, sitting room, or whatever other room you want it to stay in.

This is a great option for those who won’t have someone to help them move their furniture inside. 

The only responsibility you have when choosing this option is to make sure your delivery team is provided with a safe pathway to the room you’ve chosen.

This means clearing clutter from the floor, putting any pets in a secure room, and moving other furniture to clear a walkway. 

What Are The Parks Of White Glove Delivery? 

White glove delivery is the most specialized service that Costco offers. This will see the delivery team bringing the couch into the room of your choice, setting it up, inspecting it for defects, and removing all of the packings. 

This option will cost more than the standard delivery as it generally starts at $50, but it brings peace of mind knowing that the couch has been set up correctly and isn’t missing parts! Plus, they will dispose of the packaging for you, which is a nice bonus.  


Although you may have to bring your furniture home that you purchase from your local Costco warehouse, there is a possibility you will be in a GoShare service area.

These professionals can help with your delivery and are authorized to handle a wide variety of bulk items from Costco, including couches. 

However, if you aren’t in a GoShare service location you will either have to furnish your own truck or make an online purchase from Costco. 

Costco has an expansive set of delivery options for purchases made online. They can bring it to your door, curbside, threshold, room of choice, or for a premium price you can choose to have a delivery team put your couch together for you. 

All in all, Costco does have many different options to ensure their members are able to get large furniture items to their home, and considering their furniture is reasonably priced, the extra fees for delivery or a truck rental aren’t too bad.



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