Does Amazon Deliver Furniture and Couches? (Cost + More)

does amazon deliver couches

Do you know if Amazon delivers furniture and couches? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Amazon is a one-stop-shop for many of us. In fact, you can buy almost anything on Amazon, including couches! Amazon offers shipping for all of its products, and even offers free shipping to its Prime members.

But, despite this, you may still be wondering if Amazon does deliver large furniture items, such as couches, and how that process works. 

As you might guess, Amazon does offer delivery for furniture and couches purchased from the site. In fact, even if you aren’t a Prime member you will likely still qualify for free shipping for your couch! 

In this article, we will answer all of your questions about Amazon’s large furniture delivery, including how the process works and how you can qualify for free shipping.

How Does Amazon Delivery Work? 

Amazon is known for its “same day” and “two day” shipping guarantees! They have an expansive delivery network and are one of the largest companies in the world. 

Amazon has their own delivery service called “Amazon Logistics” that handles a large percentage of their deliveries, and this is what allows them to offer expedited shipping options. 

However, when you purchase a large item from Amazon, such as a couch, they will ship through a third-party delivery service. This means that they have less control over the process from start to finish. 

So, how exactly does Amazon delivery work for furniture? 

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Is Amazon Delivery Free?

And finally, the last burning question: Is Amazon delivery free? In most cases the answer is YES. Amazon offers delivery to all customers for any purchase larger than $25, and free shipping on all orders for Prime members. 

Considering the fact that couches on Amazon are likely priced significantly higher than $25, you should get free shipping on your couch even if you aren’t a Prime member. 

If you do select an item eligible for deluxe delivery and you live in an area where this is an option then additional fees will be charged. However, front porch delivery, entryway delivery, and room of choice delivery are all inclusive. 

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What Kind Of Delivery Does Amazon Offer For Furniture?

Amazon will deliver furniture ordered online right to your home. They have a few different options for delivering large and bulky items, including: 

  • Front Porch Delivery, 
  • Entryway Delivery, 
  • Room of Choice Delivery, 
  • Deluxe Delivery and Unpack, 
  • Deluxe Delivery and Assembly. 

However, some of these options are only available in certain areas and for certain items, which means the average person may not have all of these options available at checkout depending on their location and item they are purchasing. 

In addition, large furniture items do NOT qualify for same day or two day shipping through Amazon. Shipping times largely depend on the third-party company responsible for the delivery.

However, Amazon will provide a tracking number and estimated delivery date when the order is placed. 

Front Porch Delivery 

This is the most common delivery option and is available to all amazon shoppers. Front porch delivery is exactly how it sounds, the package will be dropped off at the customer’s front door. This doesn’t require anyone to be present to receive the delivery and sign for it, which makes it convenient for the majority of people who work during the day. 

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Entryway Delivery 

Entryway delivery is one step up from front porch delivery.

This option does require an adult to be present to receive the item and they need to be able to open the door and allow the delivery team access to drop the package inside the doorway. 

Room of Choice Delivery 

Again, the room of choice option is another step up from the entryway delivery. If you choose this, you can pick a room in your home for the delivery team to bring your package.

The only parameter that Amazon sets is that they will only go up or down two flights of stairs at maximum. 

In addition, Amazon requests that you make sure that the pathway to the room you want your new couch in is cleared and that all pets are put away in a separate room. 

Deluxe Delivery Options 

Amazon offers two deluxe delivery options, however, they are only available in certain areas and are not accessible to all of us 

The first option is their deluxe delivery and unpacks option which sees the delivery team bring the package to the room of your choosing and unpack it. They will dispose of the box and packing materials as well. 

The second option is the deluxe delivery and assembly. The only difference here is that the delivery team would assemble your couch for you. 

Both of these options require an adult to be present to receive the delivery, and the same rule regarding stairs is in place. 

It will be specified on their website which items qualify for the deluxe delivery options, but as this is a relatively new feature that Amazon offers, it is likely that most of the time this won’t be an option. 

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Final Thoughts

Amazon’s great delivery service for items does extend to large furniture purchases. So, if you’re hesitating on making your couch purchase, you can at least have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to pay for shipping! 

It should come as no surprise that Amazon offers a variety of options for shipping furniture as they are one the largest companies in the world and offer millions of different products.



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