Amazon Return Policy after 30 days (Customer Service + More)

Amazon Return Policy after 30 days

About Amazon Returns Policies and Customer Service. Do you know what Amazon’s return policy after 30 days is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Everyone loves the online megastore jungle, otherwise known as Amazon. They have everything from books and food to clothing, tools, exercise equipment, beauty products and so much more.

But, sometimes, we receive an item that performs less than desirable, and it often happens well after a month of using it.

So, what is Amazon’s return policy after 30 days? Amazon has an involved return policy window. While many items have 30 days for a return, there are others with 90 days and yet some have special terms.

Therefore, if you’re looking to make a return, the best tip is to look up the item on your Amazon account.

There you will be able to find the details surrounding how to return or exchange it. The following details Amazon’s return policy in the US. All other regions and countries have disparate variations.

What Are the General Time Limits to Make a Return with Amazon?

Anything shipped directly from Amazon’s warehouse generally has a 30-day return policy but there are different limits on specific items, which have less or more time depending on what it is.

To make things sweet and simple, the table below lists Amazon’s window limits for specific items they ship.

30 Days90 DaysSpecialUnknown
Anything from the Amazon Warehouse (i.e. books)Products labeled with “Amazon Renewed Guarantee”Customized Products (must notify 3rd party seller within 14 days of purchase for a return)Automotive Items
Amazon-Branded Devices; AccessoriesBaby ItemsKindle Store items (return within seven days of purchase)Collectibles (sports and entertainment)  
Clothing; AccessoriesPurchases from your Birthday or Custom Gift List as a giftMattresses (not unboxed, expanded or full size are eligible for refund up to 100 days)Fine Art
Collectible CoinsAmazon Luna purchases depending on the order circumstancesWedding Registry Items (180 day window for returns)Jewlery; Watches
Computers & Electronics Accidental music or movie purchases (send within seven days of receiving the file)Luxury Items
Major Appliances   
Software & Video Games   

What Items Are Not Returnable to Amazon?

While Amazon will accept a return within the 30-day limit for most items they stock, some items are ineligible.

However, there other products that you can’t return but you can still receive a refund. Amazon will not allow returns for the following:

  • Certain automotive items
  • Certain jewelry orders
  • Certain health and personal care items
  • Products missing UPC or serial numbers
  • Digital products like downloadable software, open software, and online subscriptions
  • Gift cards
  • Hazardous materials
  • Live plants and insects
  • Items with special shipping restrictions
  • Orders fulfilled by third-party sellers
  • Pet food (refundable)
  • Game cards
  • Pre-paid phone cards
  • Theme park tickets
  • Groceries and food (refundable)
  • Photos (refundable)
  • Mattresses (refundable if unboxed, expanded, or is a full size)
  • Medications

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Can You Make a Refund or Exchange with Amazon Outside the 30-Day Window?

The only time Amazon honors an exchange or replacement outside the 30-day window is if the item is damaged or defective upon your receipt of it. Alternatively, the item came with an extended return limit time period.

They are pretty strict and solid on their limits. Since it’s mostly AI bots are what handle the returns, it will be incredibly difficult to negotiate. However, if you email or call their customer care reps, you may be able to arrange something.

The caveat with this is that your circumstances must reflect something extraordinary or unusual. Also, the most you can expect is a replacement for the item you’re looking to return, you will not receive a refund.

Can You Refund or Exchange an Item with a Third Party Seller Outside the 30-Day Window?

Refunds and exchanges with independent third party sellers on Amazon will totally impinge on the seller’s policy. There are a few that offer unlimited returns, meaning you can return your items at any time. Yet others refuse returns at any time and some will only honor an exchange or in-store credit.

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What Is the Best Tip to Getting Around Amazon’s Return Policy Limits?

There really isn’t any advice in regards to getting around Amazon’s policy limits. Part of the reason for this is because of how random and all over the board they are depending on the item in question.

Therefore, before you make a purchase on Amazon, especially with a third-party seller, make sure you understand the return and exchange policy.

It will save a lot of headaches and frustration down the road. Also, the day you receive your package, inspect it and handle any issues as soon as possible. Staying within the 30 days is the only way.

Is the 30-Day Return Policy for the UK and Canada the Same as the US?

Amazon in the UK and Canada has different return window limits than in the US. For instance, in Canada, you have 45 days to return baby items and other similar things.

Therefore, customers in those countries should refer to their respective return policy limits.


Amazon doesn’t have a return policy after 30 days. If you miss that deadline, that’s it. However, not all items fall under the 30-day period.

So, it depends on what Amazon or third-party seller details for any given product. Ergo, your best tip is to ensure you understand the return policy before making a purchase.



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