Does lululemon Run Small? (Sizing Guide + Fitting Tips)

Does lululemon Run Small

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Lululemon runs small or large? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

We do a lot of shopping online these days. That makes sizing difficult sometimes because while some clothing items run true to size, others run small or big.

The lululemon activewear brand runs true to size on many items. The bottoms and tops typically run true to size. The company also produces bras, jackets, and dresses. These tend to run on the small side.

We’re taking a close look at lululemon clothing sizes to bring you all the facts for buying this brand. So, keep reading to learn what size you should order.

Do lululemon Clothes Run Small?

Lululemon is an athletic/leisure clothing company that offers fun and durable clothing for all sorts of sports. It started in 1998 as a yoga clothing company and has since branched out into clothing for many activities.

The company offers a wide array of workout leggings, shirts, bras, shorts, pants, accessories, shoes, and even dresses. 

Generally, Lululemon´s pants, leggings, and shorts run true to size. Shirt sizes also fit the way you’d expect. 

Some of their other options don’t fit as expected. Their outerwear, bras, and dresses run small. 

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What Size Should I Order?

How to Find Your Perfect Size in lululemon? Lululemon uses a lot of stretchy materials to make their workout pants, shorts, and leggings. Some of the shirts are made this way, too.

You should order your bottoms and tops in your regular sizes.

That being said, many people like to have their workout clothes hug them a bit tighter than everyday clothing. Also, the leggings are mostly made of lululemon’s trademarked fabric, Luon. 

Luon is a blend of nylon and Lycra. It’s high-quality material that’s durable. However, Luon can stretch out when wearing it. If you like your activewear to stay snug, you may want to consider buying a size down from your normal size. 

The bras, jackets, and dresses run small. You should try on a size up if you’re shopping in-store. If you’re ordering lululemon from the website, consider going with a size above your normal.

The lululemon bathing suits are known to run small. You should almost certainly order a size larger than your normal, for swimwear.

Lululemon runs small when it comes to their clothing, below you can see the table which include:

Lululemon ClothingFit
TopsTrue to Size
BottomsTrue to Size
DressRun Small
BraRun Small
SwimwearRun Small
JacketsRun Small
ShortsRun Small
HoodiesRun Small
SweatersTrue to Size
SkirtsRun Small
Tank TopsRun Small
UnderwearTrue to Size

Lululemon tops run true to size, especially the tops without a built-in bra, In the table below you can more details:

Women’s TopsChest
028 1/2″

Lululemon bottoms run true to size. The table below shows more details for bottoms which include leggings, pants, sweatpants:

Women’s PantsWaistHip
021 1/2″31 1/2″

Do Any lululemon Products Run Big?

Most lululemon products run small or fit true to size. None of the clothing and other gear is known to run big. 

The closest situation to this is if you’re borderline between two sizes. Let’s say you’re buying new leggings made with the Luon fabric. If you are in the middle of two sizes, you’ll likely want to choose the smaller option.

The reason for this is the Lycra in the Luon fabric is stretchy. While it does shrink back to its original size, the material stretches out during wear. Some activities may cause it to stretch out more than others.

If you want to ensure you won’t be fighting with your leggings through your whole workout, you should opt for the smaller size.

Why Are People Keeping lululemon Tags?

One reason people keep their lululemon tags is for resale. These items are fairly easy to sell online. 

Some people are leery of purchasing used name brand items online, though, because of the risk of fraud or fakes.

Sometimes if you still have the tags, it helps to sell your used lululemon clothing for a little higher price.

Does lululemon Fix Holes for Free?

This is a service that adds value to your lululemon purchases. Hemming and repairs are included with the purchase of lululemon clothes, even if the clothes were bought used.

It’s worth mentioning they won’t allow you to return or have repaired leggings that have pilled.

Pilling isn’t considered a manufacturer issue or normal wear and tear any longer. 

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Does Most Activewear Run Small?

Activewear is known for running small. It’s common among many of the workout gear companies. 

This is why it’s so important to do your research before you order gear online. Get to know a brand before you purchase items through their website. 

You should also find out what their return and exchange policy is because if you find you need a different size, you don’t want to learn you’ll be charged after you’ve already placed your order. 

What Is lululemon’s Return Policy?

The return policy states you have 30 days to return most items. Let’s talk about the important parts of this policy.

First, you can return your unwanted items for free. You can return them to a store location or send them through the mail. Regardless of the method you choose, your return is free. 

Next, returns are only free when you are sending back new items. That means the tags must be in place and the item is unworn, unused, and in the same condition, as it was when you purchased it.

There are a couple of extra rules to follow when you’re returning shoes. You must have the box with both shoes in it.

You also must have your proof of purchase.

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Can I Return a Like-New Item?

The company does accept some like-new items back, but there are different rules. 

Currently, you cannot return like-new items to any store location. Your return must go through the mail. 

Go to the lululemon website. Navigate to the “Like New Returns Portal” where you’ll start your request. You must enter your name and your order ID number. 

The system will provide you with a return authorization number. You’ll also receive instructions for processing your like-new item return. 

The instructions will tell you how to package your item for shipping back to the warehouse. You will have to pay for the shipping to send your returned items to lululemon.

How Do I Wash lululemon Clothes?

Once you get your lululemon clothes and you’ve figured out the sizes you need, you need to know how to wash them properly to keep them fitting the way you like.

All the lululemon gear you buy will have care labels inside. Make sure you read those and follow the specific instructions for each piece to keep your clothing looking good.

The lululemon leggings and other gear that includes Lycra in it should be washed on cold and then laid flat to air dry.

The hot water and heat from a dryer cause deterioration of the Lycra fibers. That leads to faster wear and tear and misshapen clothing items. 

Always wash lululemon clothes inside out. You also want to wash items together. It’s best to wash all of the same types of fabric together.

You should also be mindful of putting in more abrasive materials with lighter, more fragile clothing, as this can cause damage and deterioration.

Don’t wash fluffy cotton materials with clothing that includes Luon. This means don’t throw in towels, cotton sweatshirts, or cotton socks with your workout gear. You’ll end up with little fluff balls stuck to your activewear.

Anything that has Velcro or zippers should go in the wash closed. Open zippers and Velcro that are exposed can cause a lot of damage to other pieces of clothing.

They can even damage the item they’re part of. 

How Much Does lululemon Gear Cost?

Lululemon is a luxury athletic wear company. In other words, the clothing isn’t cheap. Though the quality is good, the gear is pricey.

Some of lululemon’s most popular leggings cost around $128. Does that mean they’re not worth it? No, not necessarily.

Lululemon leggings aren’t for everyone (though the company strives to be inclusive), because not everyone can afford them. That doesn’t automatically mean they’re overpriced. 

Reviews of these leggings are mostly positive. Those who own lululemon leggings are huge fans and likely customers for life.

Can I Find lululemon Gear for Cheaper?

Here’s a fun tip. You can find some lululemon gear for less than the regular prices. 

The company has a department called “We Made Too Much.” This is where overstock gets sold. You may be able to score items for more than 70% off!

You can find this section on the lululemon website. 

The other option you have is to shop for new items. Lululemon started a program to recycle like new items by allowing customers to purchase them. 

The like-new sale program serves more than one purpose. It keeps gear out of the trash that loads up landfills and gives those on tighter budgets an option that may suit them better.

What’s more is, the money lululemon makes through the like new program is used to fund more of their initiatives to help the environment, promote inclusive practices, and conduct business responsibly.

Final Thoughts

Lululemon gear runs true to size or small in most of its activewear. You can order your normal size for most pants, leggings, and shirts. However, the dresses, jackets, bras, and bathing suits run small. 

Should you need to exchange or return an item that doesn’t fit right, you can do so in-store or through the mail for free.

Make sure to try on items before ripping the tags off in case you need to return them. Lululemon items are durable and covered under a store guarantee for repairs you may need, as well.



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