Lululemon Christmas Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

lululemon Christmas Return Policy

Are you one of those super-organized people who do all their holiday shopping before Halloween? Do you know someone who loves Lululemon and plans to buy them something amazing for the holidays? All of this sounds great–but with only 30 days to return Lululemon, can your friend return the gift after the holidays if it isn’t quite right?

Lululemon offers an extended Christmas return period every year and will continue to do so this holiday season. This year’s dates are unconfirmed. Last year, purchases made between October 23, 2021 and December 24, 2021 were eligible for return through January 24, 2022. 

You can probably shop easily this holiday season, knowing your gift recipients can return or exchange their Lululemon gifts into the new year.

Read on for everything you need to know for your Lululemon holiday shopping. 

What Is Lululemon’s Regular Return Policy?

Holiday shopping aside, Lululemon has a 30-day return policy for merchandise purchased outside the holiday return period. (Note that some items are always ineligible for return–see below.) 

Returns must be made within 30 days after purchase (in store) or delivery (online). 

Merchandise must be unworn, unwashed, and have all hang tags still attached. Shoes must still be in the original box but may be worn. 

Returns on eligible items are free both in-store and online. Plus, you can return online purchases in-store (though not to factory outlet stores). Keep in mind you will need a receipt for returns of in-store purchases. 

See below for returns of “Like New” merchandise that has been gently worn and purchased on Lululemon’s Like New Site. 

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What If My Lululemon is Defective?

If you wear your gear and discover some type of manufacturing defect, contact customer service to explain the problem and ask for a return.

Lululemon stands behind their products and will take returns of worn gear that is defective. 

What Is Lululemon’s “Like New” Return Policy?

Lululemon also offers its gently used clothing at a discount from new prices. If you are returning Like New items, keep in mind they must be returned online only, not in store.

You can visit the Like New Returns Portal on the website for more info. 

New items are also returnable for a full refund within 30 days. The only catch–you have to pay return shipping on Like New items. 

Why Have a Christmas Return Policy?

A variety of retailers have opted for an extended holiday return policy in recent years.

Many companies have realized that consumers are Christmas shopping earlier than ever. In part, this is due to supply-chain issues and shortages during the pandemic years. 

Over half of shoppers now say they are hoping to start their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, and over a third of holiday shopping is actually completed before the first Black Friday doorbuster even starts. 

Shoppers can buy with confidence if they know the gift they bought before Halloween can still be returned well after the holiday season. 

What is the Lululemon Christmas Return Policy?

The company has offered a Lululemon Christmas return policy for the last several years, though the dates have shifted slightly each year.

They haven’t announced yet what the dates will be this year–according to customer service, it depends somewhat on the calendar dates. 

Most likely the holiday return period will apply to purchases made in the last or second-to-last week of October through Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. In earlier years the start of the Lululemon period has been November 1, though many holiday return periods have been trending earlier in recent years. 

So basically, rather than a 30 day return period, any merchandise purchased during the extended holiday period will enjoy a return period of around 90 days or more. 

This includes any purchases made, not just gifts! So don’t worry about buying yourself a little something for the holidays, too.

You can change your mind until the end of January as long as you don’t wear it or remove tags. 

To be clear–the holiday return policy doesn’t change what is eligible for return–it just allows for a longer window to return eligible items.

Does the Lululemon Christmas Return Policy Apply to Everything on Lululemon?

The holiday return policy applies to anything that would otherwise be eligible for return. Some items are never eligible for return (see below), but if you would have otherwise had a 30-day return window, that window will be extended during the holiday period. 

Will There Be a Lululemon Christmas Return Policy This Year?

According to customer service, there will be a Lululemon holiday return period this year, though they haven’t confirmed the dates yet. 

They will send out notification of the holiday policies to their mailing lists and post it on the website on the returns page.

You can also call customer service and confirm the dates at 1.877.263.9300 or live chat on the web site. 

Do Other Companies Offer Christmas Return Policies? 

So many companies are now offering extended christmas returns that customers have now come to expect it.

Other clothing retailers that offer similar policies include Coach, Columbia, J. Crew, Madewell, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, and Ugg, among others. 

What Is the Lululemon Gift Return Policy?

If you received a gift, you can return it with a gift receipt either online or in-store for store credit or a gift card. 

What Items Cannot be Returned to Lululemon?

Every retailer has certain merchandise that is not eligible for return. Lululemon will not accept returns of face masks, gift cards, final sale items, marked-down items, and “We Made Too Much” gear. 

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How Do I Make a Lululemon Return?

For online purchases, you can return to a store or online. Online returns can be started on the website as long as you have your order ID or Lululemon account info. Regular returns will be credited to the original form of payment. 

If you are returning less than 3 items and want a Lululemon gift card in return rather than a credit to your original payment, you can opt for fast track returns described below. 

What are Lululemon Fast Track Returns?

You can return less than 3 items by choosing “Fast Track” returns through your Lululemon account. You will need to print and affix the shipping label provided and bring it to a FedEx or USPS location to return. 

A few hours after you drop off your package, you will receive an e-gift card in your inbox for the amount of the return. It’s that simple!

Can I Make an Exchange at Lululemon?

Exchanges can only be made in-store at this time. 

How Do I Trade-In New Or Used Lululemon?

Lululemon does take back some gently used clothing or new items without tags to be resold as Lululemon’s “Like New” merchandise. Keep in mind that the clothing must not have any damage. 

This might be a good option if you missed the return window or don’t have a receipt and customer service won’t make an exception (always call and ask–they can take returns at the company’s discretion).

Bring any gently used or new Lululemon clothing to a store location. The store will determine if the clothing can be resold and send you an e-gift card for any items they keep.

Any items they don’t take you can keep and donate elsewhere. 

Other Tips for Returning Products to Lululemon

The best tip for any returns is to make sure to keep a record of anything you return, either online or in-store. If you ship, make sure you take a picture of the item you are sending and keep your receipt or tracking number. 

Anything over $35 should be sent with a carrier that can give you a tracking number. 

If you return in-store, make sure you keep your receipt in case the credit does not appear on your credit card statement or another form of payment. 

Lululemon Christmas Return Policy FAQ 

Will Lululemon accept returns after 30 days?

Lululemon does make some exceptions when it comes to merchandise that would not otherwise be eligible for return.

If you have an unworn item in good condition with the tags on, it will increase your chances that the company will make an exception. 

Their website even states that you should get in touch with customer service if you want to make a return but are no longer eligible. It never hurts to ask. 

Can I return to Lululemon without a receipt?

As above, always contact customer service if you want to make a return but have misplaced a receipt. Exceptions may be made at Lululemon’s discretion. 

If you made your purchase in-store and gave the clerk your phone number, they may be able to locate your order that way and confirm the purchase. 


Lululemon likes to keep its customers happy–and according to customer service, this means keeping the Christmas return policy every year. 

Check the Lululemon website to see what this year’s dates are and then get out and finish that shopping early so you can spend the rest of the holiday season making cookies. 



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