Does IKEA Sell Groceries? (Read This First)

Does IKEA Sell Groceries

Do you know if IKEA sells groceries? What products does IKEA sell in the Swedish Food Market? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you’re an avid shopper at IKEA you’ve likely also ventured into their restaurant or bistro once or twice while browsing their signature warehouses. If you’ve enjoyed their Swedish meatballs before you know how addicting, they can be! Have you ever wished there was some way to recreate these at your own house? 

Lucky for all of us meatball lovers, IKEA actually sells groceries in their warehouse and online! IKEA’s Swedish Food Market is the grocery section of the furniture retailer and the one-stop shop for many of IKEA’s fan favorites. 

In this article, we will break down what IKEA sells in their food market, determine if any other grocery items are available at IKEA, and dive into their business practices. 

What Does IKEA Sell In Their Swedish Food Market? 

Ikea’s Swedish Food Market has a wide selection to choose from in stores and online! Their food categories include: 

  • Meat, 
  • Seafood and fish, 
  • Side dishes and sauces, 
  • Bread and dairy, 
  • Snacks and sweets, 
  • Condiments, cheese, and jam, 
  • Vegetarian and plant based, 
  • Beverages
  • Pastries, desserts, cookies, and
  • Summer food. 

No matter what you’re in the market for, whether you’re wanting to recreate an IKEA restaurant meal or looking to add some Swedish inspiration into your wheelhouse, Ikea has you covered! 

Although each category doesn’t have as much selection as a food retailer, they do hold their own! If you’re curious about the inspiration behind their grocery selection we will answer that next!

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What Kind Of Cuisine Does IKEA Sell? 

IKEA Food Market is heavily inspired by IKEA’s Swedish roots. They have items that you likely won’t find at any other mainstream location in the U.S. They attempt to carry healthier options whenever possible as well. 

Some of the unique items you can find online at IKEA include cloudberry spread, potato fritters, crisp bread, herring, and lingonberry syrup! 

If any of these interest you, we suggest making a trip to your nearest IKEA or browsing their online shop. 

Does IKEA Sell Any Other Grocery Items? 

IKEA doesn’t actually sell any other items that we would consider grocery items. Their Food Marketplace is about as close to groceries as IKEA gets. 

If you’re looking for cleaner, paper towels, toothpaste, or trash bags, IKEA likely isn’t the best place to go.

In fact, unless you really have a craving for something specific, IKEA wouldn’t be the top place to do your grocery shopping as they don’t carry any fresh produce or anything. 

Does IKEA Sell Quality Food In Their Market? 

Just as IKEA is known for high-quality, reasonably-priced furniture, they don’t let you down when it comes to their food. 

We’ve already stated that IKEA promotes healthier options when possible, but they also have a strong vision for how to support sustainable food practices. For instance, they obtain, when possible, third-party certification logos to showcase their efforts toward sustainable practice. 

The three most notable products IKEA has made sustainable are their salmon, coffee, and cocoa. 

How Does IKEA Certify Their Salmon Is Harvested Sustainably? 

We are all aware of how our consumption of seafood is harming the oceans and marine life. Many of us try to support sustainable fishing whenever possible and might be worried that a furniture retailer doesn’t quite have that figured out. 

But, IKEA has done their research! When it comes to their fresh-caught seafood in their SJÖRAPPORT series, they only purchase from suppliers that have dedicated themselves to responsible aquaculture practices.

All of their suppliers of wild-caught fish are independently certified according to standards set by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

An MSC certification shows that the fishery only uses sustainable practices and is taking steps to ensure we don’t over-fish our oceans and deplete our marine life to dangerous levels. 

As for their farm raised salmon, IKEA has also taken steps to provide consumers with peace of mind. Their farm-raised salmon comes from farms that have obtained an Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification.

This certification shows that the fish are protected from diseases and minimizes the need for any sort of chemicals. 

Eating sustainably raised farmed salmon is just another way to preserve the depleting wild salmon and will help ensure that the populations can continue thriving for future generations. 

What Certification Does IKEA Coffee and Cocoa Have?

IKEA coffee and cocoa both have what is known as a UTZ certification. This is a certification given to farmers who participate in sustainable practices in their farm management, utilize safe working conditions, do not participate in child or forced labor, and take steps to protect the environment. 

It is a strenuous process to get a UTZ certification and are regularly audited after certification to ensure their compliance. 

This certification is just another step IKEA takes to show its customers that they care about the environment and the impact they are making. 

Final Thoughts

Although IKEA isn’t a one-stop grocery destination, they do carry a variety of food items in their Swedish Food Market.

IKEA Food Market supports sustainable farming practices and only sources from suppliers they trust. 

The one thing you can always trust in IKEA is that a low price doesn’t point to low quality. Their furniture is well made and their food is delicious.

Their food selection is definitely worth trying out, but you should still plan your regular grocery trip accordingly!



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