Does IKEA Sell Food? (Food, Beverages + More)

Does IKEA Sell Food

Ikea food market: Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if IKEA sells food? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

IKEA is one of the most well known suppliers of put-together furniture and is famous for its giant warehouse stores across the world. Many of us have also likely heard whisperings about IKEA meatballs for years. Does IKEA, a store known for furniture, also sell food? 

IKEA does sell food! In fact, IKEA warehouses actually have a restaurant and bistro inside where hungry shoppers can go to refuel before making a purchase. Today IKEA actually attracts some customers who just come to eat at their restaurant! 

In this article, we will break down the history of IKEAs food service, discuss the different places to purchase food in the IKEA warehouse, and answer important questions about their sustainability practices. 

How Long Has IKEA Sold Food? 

IKEA was started in Sweden in 1958 by Ingvar Kamprad, and they started expanding into food only a year later! A sit-down Scandinavian restaurant was opened within the warehouse as a tactic to sell more sofas. 

But, as time has gone on IKEA has expanded their product selection and now offers restaurants and bistros in all of their warehouses across the world and sells grocery items in the warehouse and online. 

Their food selection is inspired by Swedish traditions. What began as an offering of meatballs, salmon, and reindeer has evolved into a billion dollar market. They sell meat, pastries, condiments, sauces, snacks, drinks, and more online and in their warehouses. 

Incredibly, there have been reports that 30% of IKEAs customer base is actually made up of people looking to dine at their restaurants or pursue their marketplace for dinner inspiration. 

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What Is The Difference Between IKEA’s Restaurant And Bistro? 

The IKEA restaurant is like any other sit down eatery, only it’s located in a furniture store! You have to make your way through furniture displays to find the restaurant tucked away inside. 

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the restaurant! In fact, IKEA actually opens their restaurant earlier than the furniture side of the store to accommodate customers who only come to eat! About half of their menu is Swedish inspired, and each market has menu items tailored to their customers.

The bistro is more so for grab-and-go items, not any full meals. They have pre-packaged foods, hot dogs, and frozen yogurt! While the bistro is slightly less Swedish inspired, their food still leaves nothing to be desired! 

Besides being delicious, IKEA also boasts some of the cheapest prices still available! Both the restaurant and the cafe have great deals on meals! 

There is a breakfast special served at the restaurant for only $1.49 that comes with scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, and two sausage links! The bistro sells their frozen yogurt and hot dogs for only $1! 

The prices are hard to beat, and IKEA doesn’t sacrifice the quality of their food to keep it cheap, just like their furniture.  

What Is The IKEA Swedish Food Market?

The IKEA Swedish food market is what their “grocery” selection is named. They carry stand-alone items and original sauces, jams, sweets, and snacks. 

These items can be purchased at the warehouse or online and delivered to your home. Which may come as good news to those of us who live too far to make a trip to the IKEA warehouse on whim for an experience at their restaurant. 

Is IKEA Food Sustainable? 

When you hear about how cheap IKEAs food items sell for you may be worried that they are cutting corners and sourcing their food from questionable sources!

However, luckily for us, that isn’t the case! IKEA is big into sustainability and promotes healthier options for their customers and the planet. 

Sweden is known for their fish, and IKEA does their part by providing several different seafood options. One of the biggest concerns over our seafood consumption is the effect it is having on marine life.

But, IKEA recognizes this and only purchases from “suppliers dedicated to responsible aquaculture, fishing, and harvesting.” 

All of their wild caught fish carries a certification from the Marine Stewardship Council and their farm raised salmon comes from Aquaculture Stewardship Council-certified farms. This gives customers peace of mind knowing they aren’t supporting unethical fishing practices when they purchase from IKEA. 

IKEA also supports sustainable farms that provide better conditions for their workers. 

Final Thoughts

It may be an interesting combination: Food and Furniture. But, IKEA seems to be making it work and has steadily been increasing their food sales over the years.

IKEA has even been discussing the potential of opening a stand-alone restaurant, separate from their furniture warehouses. 

While it may seem unbelievable that IKEA could succeed at their own restaurant, it makes sense when you consider the fact that their restaurant and bistro is currently a billion dollar market for them, and they serve around 650 million dinners every single year to hungry shoppers! 

Although they haven’t expanded into a standalone restaurant yet, IKEA has experimented with a few pop-ups in select locations over the years.

Customers can feel good supporting a business driven by sustainable practices and healthy eating. Plus, the prices are truly hard to beat! 

If you haven’t taken a chance on IKEA’s famous Swedish meatballs yet (or their veggie balls for those who have given up meat), now might be the time to hop in your car or place an order online!



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