Does Goodwill Deliver Furniture or Couches? (Cost + More)

Does Goodwill Deliver Furniture

Do you know if Goodwill delivers furniture or couches? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you’re in the process of furnishing a new home on a budget, one of the best thrift stores to visit is Goodwill! They have a variety of different furniture items, generally in good condition, for a much lower price than furniture retailers. However, if you’re considering buying a couch from Goodwill it is important to know whether or not they offer delivery. 

Unfortunately, Goodwill does not offer delivery for furniture. Although it is possible that some local Goodwill’s in your area may partner with local delivery services, this isn’t always the case. There are third-party delivery services such as GoShare and Dolly that will deliver furniture purchased at Goodwill, but these services are only available in certain areas. 

This article will discuss the benefits of buying a couch at Goodwill and break down how GoShare and Dolly services work.  

Should I Buy A Couch From Goodwill? 

Although the prices at Goodwill have gone up over the last few years, they still remain one of the most affordable places to purchase second-hand furniture. Goodwill is also known for only putting furniture in good condition on their floor for purchase. 

Not only is thrift shopping a sustainable shopping choice, but Goodwill also supports job growth within local communities. Goodwill often provides job training to those with barriers to employment, such as people with disabilities. 

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Will Goodwill Deliver My Furniture To My House?

Even though Goodwill doesn’t offer delivery, it is still a great place to get furniture. In most cases, you will need to have a way to move your own couch that you purchase from the store. 

The reason most Goodwills don’t really have the capability to deliver is that they are mostly run by volunteers.

Many stores simply don’t have the budget to hire delivery drivers or pay for the liability insurance they would need to protect themselves in case of accidental damage.

It is possible that some Goodwill’s in your area may partner with another local company to offer delivery, but you should always call ahead to make sure this is the case before relying on that.

It will likely be a larger additional cost to get delivery through a local company, but it is always work checking. 

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Are There Other Delivery Options Available?

The great news for those of us who live in larger cities is that there are third-party delivery services who will deliver your couch purchase from Goodwill. The two largest services are: 

  • GoShare, and 
  • Dolly. 

We will discuss how both of these services work and provide a breakdown of their delivery areas. 

How Does GoShare Delivery Work?

GoShare is a company that has partnered with many Goodwill stores across the United States to offer delivery. They can deliver all kinds of large furniture such as mattresses, TVs, and couches on the same day it was purchased!

GoShare has an app available to download that you can log into and find available delivery drivers in your area. Once they’re contacted, they will come to the store, load your couch, transport it to your home, and unload it into the room of your choice. 

You will have to pay a delivery fee through the GoShare app. The price of delivery will depend on the distance from the Goodwill to your home and the type of furniture being delivered. 

Larger items will likely cost more to be delivered as they would require more than one delivery agent. 

Where Is GoShare Delivery Available? 

GoShare delivery is available in 63 cities throughout the U.S. So, it may not be available where you are located. 

If you’re curious about GoShare’s service areas, you can look at their website

How Does Dolly Delivery Work? 

Another option for delivery from Goodwill is to use the Dolly delivery service. They work similarly to GoShare, you have to download their app, sign in, and see if there is delivery available in your area. 

Dolly offers affordable, up-front pricing, and accurate delivery times. Plus, they have a protection guarantee.

This provides some assurance that your couch won’t be damaged during delivery, and if it is, Dolly will cover the cost to replace it. 

Where Is Dolly Delivery Available? 

Dolly delivery service again is unfortunately not available everywhere yet, although they are expanding their service map. 

Currently, Dolly delivery is only available in 45 cities across the U.S. So, they do cover less area than GoShare. 

If you’re curious if Dolly delivery is available in your area, you can look at their website

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Final Thoughts

Although Goodwill does have donation pickup trucks that they use to transport donations from your home to their store, they do not offer delivery from their store. 

It is always worth it to check with your local goodwill to see if they partner with any local delivery companies but remember that they will charge an additional fee for this. 

If you live in a service area for GoShare or Dolly, this is another great option to get your next couch delivered for cheaper.

If your Goodwill isn’t partnered with any of the organizations mentioned in this article you will likely need to find a friend with a truck or trailer or rent accommodations from Uhaul to transport your couch. 

It is possible that Goodwill will expand and offer delivery services in the future, but there is no guarantee of that happening anytime soon.



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