Does FedEx Deliver Couches and Furniture? (Cost + More)

does fedex deliver couches

Do you know if FedEx delivers couches and furniture? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

FedEx is one of the most well-known transport companies in the world. They provide a reliable ground delivery service. However, FedEx does have a limit on the weight an item must meet in order to be shipped through ground. This may leave you wondering if FedEx will deliver your next couch purchase from an online retailer.

FedEx does have the capacity to deliver furniture and couches! FedEx Freight, as opposed to FedEx Ground or FedEx Express, would be the method of shipping. This is a relatively new venture for FedEx, in the beginning, FedEx Freight was only offered in five big cities, but it has now expanded to everywhere in the U.S. 

This article will break down what qualifies as a FedEx Freight shipment and the types of delivery offered through this service. 

What Qualifies As A Freight Shipment?

FedEx offers oversized shipping through their ground delivery service, however, there are some rules over what qualifies as an oversized ground package and what qualifies as a freight package. 

If a package meets any of these criteria it would be considered a freight package: 

  • The dimensions of the package have a length/girth larger than 165 inches; or
  • The package weighs more than 150 pounds. 

Most couches you purchase online will meet both of these criteria, which means they would qualify as a freight shipment. 

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What Forms Of Freight Delivery Does FedEx Offer? 

There are a variety of different types of Freight delivery available in the U.S., including: 

  • Basic, 
  • Basic by appointment, 
  • Standard, and 
  • Premium.

The great thing about FedEx Freight is that no matter which option you choose, a few things will always be the same. 

For one, FedEx will provide you with a two-hour time window for the delivery, which may make it easier for those who would like to bring their package in right away. And two, they will provide regular updates through email or text about the status of your order. 

How Does FedEx Freight Basic Delivery Work?)

The basic FedEx Freight delivery service is fairly self-explanatory. If you choose the regular basic it means the package will be dropped off at your front door. 

If you choose the basic by appointment option, the only difference is that you make an appointment with the FedEx Freight team to determine what time the delivery will take place.

If you choose this, there is also the option to have the package brought inside the garage. 

Their basic delivery doesn’t require a signature, but if you make an appointment with FedEx you should do your best to be there when they show up. 

FedEx basic and basic by appointment delivery is available to nearly 100% of the United States. However, any delivery that weighs more than 2,000 pounds would not qualify for this service and would have to be handled through either standard or premium delivery. 

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What Is FedEx Freight Standard Delivery?

The FedEx Freight standard delivery service is the next level up from basic. If you choose this option the FedEx delivery agent will bring your new couch into a room of your choosing on the first floor of your home. 

They will not go up stairs. So, if you need a couch delivered to your upstairs family room, you may need to find some helping hands to move it up there after delivery. 

What Is Included in FedEx Freight Premium Delivery?

FedEx Freight premium delivery is for packages that need two delivery agents on the job. This would likely be the case for most, if not all, couch deliveries. 

The premium delivery allows you to choose a room in your home to have the couch delivered to. For an extra fee FedEx may unpackage the couch, perform assembly of simple pieces of furniture, and dispose of the packing material as well. 

FedEx will not perform installations of any kind, or perform any task that requires plumbing, electrical, or the using any sort of power tool. 

Another note we would like to make about both standard and premium FedEx deliveries is that they are available to only 90% of the U.S.

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How Do You Prepare For Your Couch Delivery? 

The first step is to place your order and choose the form of delivery you want. If you choose basic delivery your job is done at that point. 

But, if you choose the premium delivery there are a few things you should do to ensure that FedEx is able to complete the delivery without any issues. 

  1. Make sure you write down your appointment and are there when the FedEx truck arrives. 
  2. Clear a safe pathway through your house and remove all obstacles from the delivery team’s walkway. 
  3. Assure that any pets or children are supervised and out of the room where the delivery is taking place. 

If you do all of these things it will make the hard workers at FedEx happy and make sure the delivery goes smoothly.  

Final Thoughts

FedEx Freight is a great, cost-effective way to get your next online couch shipped to you. Although shipping costs will largely depend on the online retailer you’re shopping through, the cost of the order, and your location, these costs will stay fairly similar across the board. 

Plus, if your package is being transported through a well-known and reliable company such as FedEx you will have the peace of mind knowing it will get to you on time and without damage.



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