Does Best Buy Price Match Amazon? (All You Need to Know!)

Does Best Buy Price Match amazon

People ask, does Best Buy price match Amazon?

You just bought an awesome new gadget from Best Buy and took it home only to discover that Amazon is selling the exact same product at a cheaper price. You’re miffed that you could have saved yourself some money, but wait – is there a solution to still get the better price on your new purchase?

Best Buy will price match Amazon if you find the same product at a lower price. You choose to chat with a representative online or bring proof of the better deal into the store. As long as you can show an associate the same product on Amazon’s website, Best Buy will match the price.

In this article, we will cover what other stores Best Buy will match as well as what other stores will price match Amazon. Additionally, we will review how long after purchase Best Buy will honor the price match and how to tell which products qualify for price matching at Best Buy.

What Other Stores Fall Under Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee?

Best Buy wants to ensure that its customers receive the best prices so Best Buy stores will guarantee a price match on most items from online dealers as well as local competitors.

Because Best Buy store locations are scattered across the country, the retail competitors in each area will vary.

The online stores that Best Buy will price match in addition to Amazon include Dell, Crutchfield, HP, and Tiger Direct. All of these competitors sell some of the same technology products such as computers, televisions, and home and automobile audio systems.

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What Other Stores Price Match Amazon?

There are several stores that will also price match Amazon. In addition to Best Buy, Office Depot, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Staples, Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, JCPenney, Joann, and Target will price match Amazon.

Check out their price matching policies to see how to guarantee you get the best price.

Other stores may also price match Amazon, although they have more specialized circumstances. For example, even though Home Depot claims not to price match Amazon, some people have had luck when they presented the lower Amazon price to a Home Depot associate at checkout.

Walmart will only price match Amazon through their online store. The product must be sold directly from Amazon, not any of their third-party sellers.

Nordstrom also has a similar price match policy to Walmart, although Nordstrom will accept price matches at physical store locations as well as online. Kohl’s will price match Amazon at their physical store locations but not online.

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How Long After Purchase Will Best Buy Price Match?

You can present a Best Buy associate with a price match from Amazon or any of Best Buy’s acceptable competitors when you checkout so that you can get the lowest price.

However, if you have already purchased the item and then find a better price at one of Best Buy’s competitors or it drops in price at Best Buy itself, you can still go back to Best Buy to get the price match.

You do not have to do a formal return. You just have to provide proof of purchase of the product and the lower price you want to match.

To redeem price matches on sales and other competitors’ prices, you must present the price match within fifteen days of purchase.

If you are a Best Buy Elite member, you have up to thirty days of purchase and Best Buy Elite Plus members have up to forty-five days after purchase.

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What Products Qualify for Best Buy’s Amazon Price Match?

Best Buy will price match any product found on Amazon as long as the brand, color, and model number are the same as the Best Buy product.

Best Buy does not offer price matching on refurbished or open box items. The products must be brand new. Items that are sold on clearance, even if they are new, do not qualify for price matching.

Only items sold directly by Amazon, not any third party sellers, qualify for price matching at Best Buy.

What Products Do Not Qualify for Best Buy’s Amazon Price Match?

While Best Buy will price match most Amazon products, there are certain circumstances that exclude Best Buy from honoring a price match.

Products sold by either party that are part of a special daily or hourly sale or sale prices from Black Friday through Cyber Monday are not eligible for price matching.

Items that are included in special offers such as bundles, mail-in offers, credit card or gift card promotions, subscription services, special video game membership deals, and products that are given away for free during special promotions are not eligible for price match by Best Buy.

Service prices, contract cell deals, offers on pre-orders, products that are priced in error, clearance items, and refurbished and open box products also do not qualify for Best Buy’s price match guarantee.

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What Are Best Buy’s Price Matching Rules?

The rules for Best Buy Price Matching are fairly straightforward. The item in question has to be identical to a competitor’s product, it has to be “immediately available at a qualifying online retailer” or a “local competitor,” and it cannot be on Best Buy’s exclusion list, which can be pretty extensive, depending on the time of the year. 

How to Request a Price Match from Best Buy?

If you are at a physical Best Buy location (In-Store), you will have to talk to a Customer Specialist in the store or go to the Customer Service Desk and ask for a price match request.

You simply have to point out the lower-priced product that is identical to the one you are holding. Best Buy’s Customer Service will confirm and approve the price match from there. 

How to Request a Price Match from

Online price match requests are conducted through online chat. Just like you would in the store, you chat with an online Customer Service Specialist and let them know about the identical product that is priced lower than the one you are shopping for on Best Buy. 

Best Buy will look into the price difference, confirm it, and reduce the price on the item, so long as it all falls within the above price match rules. 

Does Best Buy Price Match Amazon for Apple Products?

Best Buy does not price match anything on Amazon that is not sold or shipped by Amazon. Seeing as Apple phones are sold by Apple, through the Amazon platform, Best Buy will not match it.

Also, Best Buy will not price match online retail items that are not on Best Buy’s Special Considerations list. 

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Is Best Buy an Authorized Apple Retailer?

Not only is Best Buy an authorized Apple retailer, but they are also an Apple-authorized repair specialist.

You can purchase your Apple iPhones from Best Buy (online or in-store) as if you were in an Apple store.

You can also get your Apple iPhones repaired at a Best Buy. 

Does Best Buy Price Match 10 Percent?

Best Buy has a price match guarantee and a part of that guarantee is to price match any product that is legitimate under the Best Buy rules for price matching.

If you find any retailer in either Canada or the US that has a lower price, Best Buy will match it with up to a 10% difference (lower than that of the competitor).

Does Best Buy Price Match an Out Of Stock Item?

Any item that is currently out of stock on the competitor’s site is not considered for Best Buy price matching.

The item must be identical to the Best Buy product and it must be in stock at the time that the price match is requested.

Does Best Buy Price Match Limited Stock Items?

Oftentimes you will see retailers advertise products that are limited editions or limited in stock.

Even if Best Buy has the identical item, if you’re trying to price match a competitor’s item and that competitor has announced that the item is in a limited capacity, Best Buy will not honor a price match request under that circumstance. 

How Long Does Best Buy Price Match For?

For the vast majority of cases, Best Buy will price match for a period of fifteen days.

That means that if you buy a product from Best Buy for $35 and discover an identical product for $25, within fifteen days, Best Buy will honor the price match and pay you the $10 difference. 

Does Best Buy Price Match Apple?

Even though Best Buy is an authorized Apple retailer, they will still price match Apple if the situation arises.

According to Best Buy, “The Price Match Guarantee terms apply to a purchase from any of our stores within a store.”

Does Best Buy Price Match with eBay?

Best Buy will not price match anything that is purchased on eBay, even if the item in question is completely new and in its original package. Best Buy won’t even price match against the Best Buy store on eBay. 

Does Best Buy Price Match with Costco or Sam’s Club?

Best Buy has a specific section dedicated to its price matching policies against warehouse retailers. The stipulations that Best Buy requires is that the warehouse retailer is a local retailer and the product is identical.

If you are price matching at a Best Buy and there is no local Sam’s Club or Costco, then Best Buy will not honor a price match. 

Does Best Buy Price Match Open Box?

Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee excludes all open-box competitor products. This would include refurbished products or any discounted products that were returned to the competitor’s store after being removed from the original package. 

Does Best Buy Price Match with Target?

So long as there is a local Target in the area, Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee will stand for all identical products that you find at both Best Buy and Target.

If Target has an item that is lower in price, Best Buy will match it, including up to an additional 10% off of the original competitor’s price. 

Is Best Buy’s Price Matching Policy Limited to Specific Online Retailers?

Yes. Best Buy limits its price matching to certain online retailers that include the following: Amazon, BHPhotoVideo, Crutchfield, Dell, HP, Newegg, and TigerDirect. As previously mentioned, Best Buy limits its online price matching with Amazon to only items that are sold by Amazon. 

Does Best Buy Price Match with QVC?

As of this writing, Best Buy does not price match with QVC. Although QVC is an online retailer, they mostly offer items at discount, which automatically excludes them from price matches.

There is also the fact that there is no local QVC in relation to any Best Buys in the US or Canada.

Does Best Buy Have the Best Price Match Policy?

According to NerdWallet, Best Buy doesn’t make the list of top 5. According to the same site, Lowes, Home Depot, Fry’s, Target, and Staples round out the top 5 retailers with the best price match policies.


Best Buy will price match Amazon prices both online and in their physical store locations. In addition to Amazon, Best Buy will also match the prices of other online electronic stores as well as local competitors.

Lots of other stores including Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Staples also price match Amazon.

In order to honor the price match, merchandise must have the same brand, color, and model number and be brand new. Open box, clearance, and refurbished merchandise do not qualify for price match.

Best Buy will honor a price match at the time of checkout or up to fifteen days after purchase. For Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus members, the grace period is longer.

Best Buy will also price match its own sale prices as long as they are not Black Friday, Cyber Monday, special promotions, free giveaways, or daily or hourly sales.

There are also other restrictions to Best Buy’s price match guarantee which prevents price matching for bundles, subscription services, mail-in offers, limited quantity, and out of stock merchandise.



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