How Does Best Buy Price Match Work? (Best Tips Explained)

How Does Best Buy Price Match Work

Do you know how Best Buy price match works? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

When it comes to shopping, it’s natural to look for the best deals, including searching out price matches so you can get the price you like from the store you choose. But how does price matching work for companies like Best Buy and other popular retailers?

Best Buy Price Match policy states that they will match the price of any local competitor or online retail store at the time of sale for any new item. This does not apply to items on clearance, refurbished, or used items, nor does it cover prices offered directly from the manufacturer.

This article takes a look at the details of Best Buy’s Price Match policy, how it works, and what it does and doesn’t cover.

How Does Best Buy Price Match Work?

The Best Buy official policy runs as follows:

‘Best Buy will match the price of any local competitor or online retailer at the time of sale, for any new item. This does not apply to clearance sales, refurbished, or used items. Price Matching is good for one identical item, per customer.’

What it means is:

What Stores Will Best Buy Price Match With?

Local Retailers: For example, if you found a Walmart advertisement for an item that was also sold at Best Buy, you could bring the ad into Best Buy to receive the item at a lower price.

The same applies if you found a lower price on Walmart‘s official online site, regardless of the in-store price.

Online Retailers: If during your shopping, you discovered Amazon was selling a product available at your local Best Buy, but at a lower price, you could bring in proof of the lower price on your phone, and Best Buy would honor the price Amazon posted.

Note: Prior to honoring a price match, Best Buy will check to verify that the offered price is still valid at the location indicated, so be sure the ad you reference is still in effect.

What Stores Are Not Covered by Best Buy’s Price Match?

There are limits to the Price Match. For example:

Brand Name Manufacturers: You can’t price match an offer from Apple or Microsoft, or another manufacturer.

Best Buy needs to maintain a competitive and profitable balance in their prices, which can be difficult if they try to meet manufacturer’s pricing without accounting for shipping and other associated costs.

Stores Selling Used or Repackaged Items: Many stores will refurbish and resell items that are in good condition.

Because they buy at a fraction of the original cost and adjust accordingly, Best Buy doesn’t match them. The same is true of items that have been opened, even if they have never been used.

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What Items Does The Price Match Guarantee Apply To?

The Best Buy price match guarantee only applies to new items that have never been opened, and the price they are sold at by other stores.

You can’t price match another store’s offer on used items, refurbished items, or returned items in open boxes.

What Types of Offers Are Excluded From the Price Match Guarantee?

You can’t apply the price match policy to a bargain that’s part of a bundled deal, such as ‘Buy 3, Get 1 Free’, or a package deal on something like a stereo system with add-ons.

The price match does not apply to subscriptions or offers that involve financing.

The Price Match also excludes prices offered as part of a special group promotional offer. Groups such as Best Buy Education, or Best Buy Business often offer bargains to teachers or business owners, and these prices cannot be matched by individuals outside of the group.

The price match does not extend to holiday deals, such as Black Friday deals.

You can’t apply the price match to liquidation prices, for the same reason you cannot price match items on clearance.

The price match guarantee does not apply to hourly or daily deals, due to the rapid changes involved in these bargains.

Are There Limits to the Price Match Guarantee?

You can’t apply the price match of a similar item from a different manufacturer, or a slightly different item from the same manufacturer. It must be an identical item.

The price match guarantee can only be used on one item. If you wanted to get three iPods for example, you could only get one at the reduced price of the price match.

The price match guarantee can only be used once per customer. You couldn’t pick up several different items to price match and apply the price match guarantee to all of them, even if all of them have lower prices in other locations.

Are There Any Other Terms To The Price Match Guarantee?

The price match guarantee also allows for a price adjustment system, in case the price changes.

If the price for an item is lowered by Best Buy within the designated return period, you can return and request a price adjustment for the lower price. This applies to lower prices found both in-store and online.

Present your receipt and your proof of the lower price, versus what you paid for it.

What is the Designated Return Period?

The time frame in which you can ask for a price adjustment depends on the merchandise, and also whether you’re a member of Best Buy’s reward system.

For items which require activation, like phones, the standard period is 14 days.

For regular items, the standard period for returns and adjustments is 15 days.

For members of Best Buy’s Elite membership group, the period is extended to 30 days

For members of Best Buy’s Elite Plus membership group, the period is extended to 45 days.

Within this range of time, if the price online or in-store is lowered, you can request a price adjustment from Best Buy,

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Do All The Rules of the Price Match Guarantee apply to the Price Adjustment?

The price adjustment rules are essentially the same as the price match rules. They’re simply applied in-store.



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