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Do you know if Academy Price match? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Academy Sports and Outdoors has some of the best prices for all your sporting goods or outdoor needs. However, sometimes one of their competitors will offer the same merchandise at a lower price. The question remains: will Academy match the price of its competitors?

Academy does more than price match the competition – it drops prices even lower. If you present an Academy associate with a valid lower price on any merchandise in the store, they will drop the price of the Academy item so that it is 5% less than the competitor’s price.

In this article, we will review what stores qualify for Academy price match as well as any exclusions that may apply to Academy’s price match policy. Additionally, we will cover whether or not Academy will honor a price match for items after they have been purchased and how to ask for a price match from an Academy associate.

Does Academy Price Match Online?

Academy offers its price match guarantee for items purchased both at physical store locations as well as through its online website. Price matching online is a bit more cumbersome because you need to message with their Live Chat app or call their customer service number in order to redeem a price match.

If you have the ability to visit a physical store, an Academy associate will be able to help you with the price match much faster than the adjustments that need to be made when purchasing online.

What Stores Qualify for Academy Price Match?

Academy Sports and Outdoors has a lot of competitors who sell the same outdoor and sporting equipment. Therefore, there are a lot of prices to compete with.

Academy will gladly honor their price match policy for any of the same products sold by Amazon, Cabela’s, Champs Sporting Goods, Eastbay, Gander Outdoors, Kansas Sampler, REI, Target, Scheels All Sports, Walmart, Rally House, Hibbett Sports, Fanatics, Dicks Sporting Goods, Carter’s Country, and Bass Pro Shops.

In order to qualify for Academy’s price match, products sold by Amazon and Walmart must come from the company itself and not a third party seller. The price match guarantee applies to both the physical store locations as well as online websites for both Academy and its competitors.

Academy will also price match itself if you find a lower price on the Academy website than in the physical store or vice versa.

Are There Any Exclusions from Academy’s Price Match Policy?

Although Academy is extremely generous in its price match policy, it does draw the line somewhere. Certain sales and promotions do not qualify for Academy’s price match. These include going out of business sales, timed events, rebates, special promotions, coupons, and Buy One Get One Free deals.

Items that are marked as limited quantity or clearance cannot be used for price matching. If a product has a price printed in error, Academy Sports and Outdoors will not honor that price. Prices from stores that require a club membership such as Sam’s Club, Costco, or BJ’s are not eligible for Academy’s price match.

Academy also does not offer rain checks for price matched items. If the product is not in stock or you aren’t willing to purchase it right then and there, they will not give you a voucher to purchase it at a later date for the same low price. Academy does not allow you to price match more than one of the item in question per day.

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Does Academy Price Match After Purchase?

It may be odd to ask for a refund of the difference in price if you purchased an item and then it went on sale, but Academy Sports and Outdoors will honor those sale prices.

Whether you purchase the product in a physical store location or online, Academy gives you fourteen days after purchase to present the item to match the price of the sale.

Academy will not offer their 5% less than the lowest price offer on sale prices after purchase, but you will still get refunded the difference in price between what you paid and what the item is priced on sale.

How Do I Ask for a Price Match from Academy?

Asking for a price match from Academy is simple. When you approach the checkout counter with your merchandise, bring a paper flyer with a valid current sale price from another store or pull it up online on your smartphone.

If you are shopping online, initiate a chat with an associate through the help box. They will be able to walk you through the steps you need to take to prove the price match is valid and have them adjust the price before you purchase the merchandise.

If you have already purchased the item and need to recoup the difference in price, you still need to bring the current sale flyer plus your receipted proof of purchase.

This will allow Academy to confirm that you are still within the timeframe to claim the price match and let them know how much you paid originally so they can provide the appropriate refund.


Academy Sports and Outdoors is known for its outstanding prices on all things outdoors and sports related. However, their competitors do sometimes offer lower prices.

If one of the qualifying price match retail competitors offers a lower price than Academy, Academy will sell you the item for 5% less than their competitor’s price either online or in a physical store.

Stores such as Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Gander Outdoors are just a few of the stores Academy will price match. Academy will also price match items that go on sale within two weeks after purchase so that you can claim a refund for the difference in price between what you paid and the sale price.

Certain sale prices, promotions, and other circumstances such as clearance and club membership prices are not eligible for Academy’s price match. All you need to do is present a valid sale flyer with the lower price and Academy will happily honor its price match policy.  



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