Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart? (All You Need to Know!)

Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart

Do you know if Best Buy price match Walmart‘s? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

You want to guarantee that you are getting the best price possible on all your electronic needs. While you notice that Walmart has lower prices, you would rather shop at Best Buy. Will Best Buy match the lower price that Walmart offers?

Best Buy will price match Walmart as long as there is a physical store within the area to be considered a direct retail competitor. As long as you bring in proof of Walmart’s pricing either with a dated sale flyer or pulling it up on your phone, Best Buy will honor the price match.

In this article, we will discuss whether or not Walmart will price match Best Buy, how long Best Buy’s price guarantee lasts, and whether or not Best Buy price matches Walmart’s affiliates. Additionally, we will cover how to get a price match from Best Buy and what products qualify for Best Buy’s price match guarantee.

Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy?

Walmart will only price match Best Buy via the online stores. If you are making a purchase through and you see a lower price on the same item at, then will honor the lower price.

However, physical Walmart stores will not price match Best Buy.

In fact, physical Walmart stores will not match any other stores. The only price match they will honor is a lower price found on

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How Long Does Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee Last?

The best way to take advantage of Best Buy’s price match guarantee is by doing your research ahead of time. Find a lower price at a qualifying retailer and present it when you checkout at Best Buy. You can present prices by pulling them up on your phone or bringing in a paper sale flyer.

If you don’t discover a lower price when you make a purchase at Best Buy but instead find it after the fact, you can still claim the difference in pricing through Best Buy’s price match guarantee.

Best Buy will still price match products up to fifteen days after purchase; this includes most sale prices from its own store.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, daily and hourly sales do not qualify for price match even if they occur within the price match period.

Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus members have an extended price match of thirty and forty-five days, respectively.

Will Best Buy Price Match Walmart Affiliates?

Best Buy will match prices from Walmart affiliates other than physical Walmart stores. If you find a lower price on Best Buy can match the price either online or in a physical store location.

Additionally, if Sam’s Club falls within the range of being a direct local competitor, then Best Buy will honor a price match for the club warehouse prices as well.

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How Do I Get a Price Match from Best Buy?

If you want to redeem a price match for a Best Buy product, it is as simple as showing a Best Buy associate proof of the lower price from one of their qualifying competitors.

You can present this as a paper sale flyer or by bringing up the online price on your smartphone at the time of checkout.

If you are making a purchase online at, initiate a chat with one of Best Buy’s online help associates and ask them how to show your price match request. They will be able to walk you through the steps you need to take to present the proper information at checkout.

If you are requesting a price match after you have made a purchase, in addition to providing proof of the lower price for matching, you will also have to provide proof of purchase from your Best Buy purchase.

Presenting the sales receipt or order confirmation will allow Best Buy to confirm that you made a purchase from them and that it falls within the appropriate timeframe to claim a price match.

What Products Qualify for Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee?

Only brand new products that match the brand, color, and model number of the item found at Best Buy qualify for price matching.

Items that are on clearance, have been refurbished, or are considered open box are not eligible for price match. In order to qualify for Best Buy’s price match guarantee, you must find the lower price at one of Best Buy’s approved competitors.

While regular sale prices even from Best Buy qualify for a price match, special sales and offers are not eligible for price matching.

These include mail-in offers, promotional video game releases, free giveaway items, products that come with a credit card or gift card promotion, bundles, subscription services, labor and delivery charges, limited-quantity items, out of stock products, and cell phone contract offers.

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Best Buy aims to give its customers the best prices on all the hottest electronic products, but if it doesn’t, it will honor a price match with most of its local retail competitors such as Walmart.

Even though physical Walmart stores don’t honor a return price match for Best Buy products, will price match to

Both the online and physical store locations of Best Buy will price match to guarantee you get the best prices. As long as the item in question is brand new and the price match is not part of a non-qualifying sale or promotion, Best Buy will honor it.

You can either present a price match at the time of purchase or fifteen days after purchase if you become aware of a lower price.

If you are a Best Buy Elite or Elite Plus member, you have a longer timeframe to claim your price match. In order to request a price match, you must present a Best Buy associate with proof of the lower price via your smartphone or a paper sale flyer and, if you are claiming a price match after purchase, the original sales receipt from Best Buy.



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