Do lululemon Leggings Stretch Out? (All Facts)

Do lululemon Leggings Stretch Out

Do you know if Lululemon leggings stretch out? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Workout leggings have become popular and for so much more than just yoga. Lululemon leggings originated through the company that started out with yoga gear.

It’s important to know if your leggings are going to stretch out. Lululemon leggings include design features that keep them from stretching out the way many leggings do. They include Lycra and four-way stretch design panels that help keep your leggings nice and snug to your body.

It’s an amazing feeling when you find a well-fitting pair of leggings. So, you don’t want them to stretch out.

This article is about the materials lululemon leggings are made from. Read on to find out how the design keeps them in good shape.

Do Any lululemon Leggings Stretch Out?

Generally, lululemon leggings do not stretch out. Even the basic leggings are about 85% nylon and 15% Lycra. The Lycra keeps the pants from stretching out. 

Beyond the materials, there are design features that prevent stretching.

No matter how many times you wear your leggings, the design and material will pull them back into shape after you wear them.

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What Are the Best lululemon Leggings for Not Stretching Out?

The best leggings, according to many customer reviews, for not stretching out are the Wunder Under leggings and the Align leggings.

Let’s take a look at these.

  • Wunder Under – This lululemon line of leggings has the highest compression level of all their different kinds. They feature pockets now, as well. The Everlux fabric is moisture wicking and helps to keep you cool. 
  • Align – This line is all about the softness. The fabric is called Nulu. It’s another trademarked fabric by lululemon that wicks moisture away from your body and includes stretch designs that are specifically engineered to keep your leggings in good shape.

How Do You Keep Leggings from Stretching Out?

Part of the secret for keeping your leggings from stretching out is to care for them properly. Make sure you read the care labels for all your leggings. 

For instance, lululemon leggings should be washed inside out in the cold setting. It keeps the leggings looking smooth and results in less pilling. 

Lululemon leggings also should air dry. You can hang dry them or lay them flat to dry. 

When you put your lululemon leggings in the dryer, the elastic fibers start to deteriorate faster due to the heat and the tumbling. It potentially shortens the life of your leggings.

You will keep your leggings from stretching out by following the care instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

Can You Return Damaged lululemon Leggings?

You can return damaged lululemon leggings or you can have them repaired.

Your purchase is covered by a guarantee that allows you to take your leggings in for repairs or hemming within the price you pay. 

If the damage is due to a manufacturer defect, you might get to exchange them for a new pair. 

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Do lululemon Leggings Fit True to Size?

The leggings do fit true to size. Lululemon clothing can run small, but not the pants, leggings, or tops. Generally, bathing suits, jackets, shorts, and other outerwear may run small.

When you order your lululemon leggings, you should go with the size you normally wear. The other option is to go one size smaller based on how you want them to fit.

Some people prefer their workout gear to fit more snug, so they order a size smaller to ensure they’ll stay in place.

Do lululemon Leggings Move When You’re Working Out?

All lululemon leggings stay in place through movement. The best options for high motion activities are Wunder Under and Wunder Train with a high waist. 

Workouts, where you move around a lot, are tough when you’re having to fight to keep your clothing in place. With these leggings, you won’t have to do that.

You can squat, jump, twist, bend, and turn any way with your leggings firmly in place.

Are lululemon Leggings Good Quality?

This company makes some of the best workout gear on the market. The catch to that is the leggings can be quite expensive. Some pairs cost around $130. 

We will say that the quality is on par with the pricing. There’s much more to the leggings than just good fabric. Each line is designed by engineers who know what the leggings need to do for the people buying them. 

Lululemon also has a large quality check function in place to make sure nothing subpar gets through to the public.

The leggings are made with intricate machines that have quality checkers for every step of the process. 

Should You Wash lululemon Leggings After Every Wear?

If you can get by not washing your leggings every time you wear them, that’s good. Most wear and tear comes from the washing and/or drying of your clothing.

Some activities are more sweat-provoking than others. It’s understandable you’d want to wash the leggings after these. Turn them inside out and wash them with similar fabrics in cold water. You do even better by using a gentle detergent. 

You can take leggings off after use and hang them out to dry before wearing them another time. It keeps them from getting an unpleasant smell and saves you the wear and tear. Your leggings will last longer this way.

Are There lululemon Leggings for Leisure Wear?

The best lululemon leggings for everyday wear are the Align basic leggings and the Fast and Free tight leggings. 

Align is snug but not movement-restricting. They come in basic, solid colors that you match up with your everyday shirts. They look good dressed up or dressed down.

The Fast and Free tight leggings were the original yoga pants lululemon started out with. They’re tight but not constricting.

They are a good middle-of-the-road tightness that’s comfortable and fitting.

What Does lululemon Do with Used Leggings Returned?

Any like new leggings that get returned are recycled through the Like New Returns program. The program is designed to keep the clothes out of landfills.

It also gives those who may not be able to afford a brand new pair of leggings for $100+ the chance to buy a slightly used pair for a lot less money.

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How Long Should lululemon Leggings Last?

The average lifespan for a pair of lululemon leggings is between 2 and 5 years. Some of it depends on how they’re used and how often they’re worn and washed.

There are some happy customers that have had their lululemon leggings for 10+ years. They swear by them and believe strongly in the quality.

Where Can I Buy lululemon Leggings?

You can buy them from any of the lululemon store locations. You can also purchase them on the website.

Many third-party after-market websites sell them, as well.


Lululemon leggings do not stretch out when well cared for. They are engineered for stretch with special designs and good materials.

If you treat your lululemon leggings the way you’re meant to, they’ll treat you well, also.

These are fashionable pricey leggings from a reputable company. You can wear them for workouts, leisure, or everyday social events.

They’re a good addition to most wardrobes.



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