Cousins RV: 8 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know (Explained)


If you’re on the search for an RV, then you may have heard the name Cousins RV come up. This RV company is focused on helping families find the right RV to start adventures in.

However, you may be wondering if they are worth the hype. To make your decision easier, we’ve dug up 8 facts you should know about Cousins RV to know if they’re worth your business.

What To Know About Cousins RV Warranties

Since Cousins RV sells many different brands of RVs, each one comes with a competitive warranty assigned by the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the motorhome.

Once the warranty expires, customers have the option to get an extended warranty. This is designed to help users out when breakdowns and larger malfunctions occur.

Customers also have the option to sign up for an extended service contract to manage the expenses of maintaining their vehicle.

Not only does this help them limit the worry of any high-cost expenses and can even increase the resale value. 

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8 Facts About Cousins RV

Now that you are more familiar with what Cousins RV offers in terms of warranty, it’s time to take a look at some facts that should help you determine whether or not Cousins RV is the right company for you to purchase an RV from. 

  1. Who Owns Cousins RV?
  2. Where Is Cousins RV Located?
  3. What Type Of RVs Are Available At Cousins RV?
  4. What RV Brands Are Available At Cousins RV?
  5. Is Financing Available At Cousins RV?
  6. What Are The Pros Of Buying An RV From Cousins RV?
  7. What Are The Cons Of Buying An RV From Cousins RV?
  8. Can I Sell My Old RV To Cousins RV?

Fact #1: Who Owns Cousins RV?

Cousins RV is owned by Jim Humble, and Drew Bryant two cousins who have been in the RV business together since 2000. They originally took over the company RV Four Seasons and established their own enterprise, Cousins RV.

Jim has been working in the RV business for nearly 3 decades, He began his career pumping propane and now he runs the show.

On top of running a successful RV establishment, Jim is also on the board of several important RV organizations in the industry and the president of RV Dealers Associations of Colorado.

Drew joined his cousin in 2000, bringing his RV knowledge and management skills to the team.

For over twenty years, the two cousins have been making people’s dreams of owning an RV come true. 

Fact #2: Where Is Cousins RV Located?

Cousins RV is a Colorado-based business that has locations in Loveland, Colorado Springs, and Wheat Ridge.

Their locations are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm. While sales are available on weekdays and Saturdays, servicing is only available on weekdays. 

Fact #3: What Type Of RVs Are Available At Cousins RV?

Cousins RVs has one of the best selection of RVs in Colorado. They offer a wide variety of different types of RVs to fit all of their customers’ individual needs.

Cousins RV also has a great selection of both new and used RVs to choose from. These include:

Fact #4: What RV Brands Are Available At Cousins RV?

When you take a trip over to Cousins RV for a new or used RV, you can expect to find some of the best quality RV bands on the market.

Cousins RV is a family-orientated business that always puts its customers’ needs first, which is why they will only do business with RV brands that they trust.

Some of the brands you could find in Cousins RV’s lot include:

  • Keystone
  • Coachmen
  • Palomino
  • Prime Time
  • Forest River
  • Venture ; more

Jim and Drew are dedicated to making their customers’ RV dreams come true, which is why they are proud to offer some of the best RV brands when you come to their lot.

They also offer parts and accessories for these RVs in their shop.

Fact #5: Is Financing Available At Cousins RV?

Not only does Cousins RV offer financing, but they make it easier to access than other RV dealerships. Even customers who don’t have the greatest credit scores were able to get financing plans that worked with their budget.

“Anyone who is interested in financing an RV can apply easily on the Cousins RV’s official website. They have made it faster and easier to apply.”

Many long-term customers of Cousins RV are satisfied with their financing plans because they have more flexible payment options than other companies.

They want to make it easier for their customers to get their dream RV, so they offer the best rates possible with competitive interest rates.

With financing at Cousins RV, customers can expect lower monthly payments as well as a lower down payment in order to secure the RV.

Jim and Drew want to help their customers hold on to their money so they have more for their adventures in their new RV.

Not only does financing reduce the liability, but it also gives owners the opportunity to receive tax benefits for motorhome ownership.

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Fact #6: What Are The Pros Of Buying An RV From Cousins RV?

One of the best things about Cousins RV is that they make the buying process easy on everyone’s part. Every member on their team is customer-orientated and driven to help people get the keys to their RV.

They are very knowledgeable about every item on their lot, which gives customers peace of mind when they have questions about different RVs.

When customers find their dream RV, they will know where to take it when they need servicing. All Cousins RV locations have a full body shop and paint booth to keep their RVs in top shape. The expert staff takes extra care with every RV they work on.

Customers can feel good knowing that when their RV gets serviced, the technician will be treating it like it’s their own.

The friendly staff at Cousins RV is always willing to go that extra step for their customers. This includes getting them better rates on their financing plans and getting them on the road sooner than expected.

They are 100 % committed to making sure every customer who steps onto their lot has a great experience, even if they are just browsing.

Fact #7: What Are The Cons Of Buying An RV From Cousins RV?

While most customers have had a fantastic experience with the staff and RVs at Cousins RV, they can’t make everyone happy.

When signing up for an extended warranty, it’s important to thoroughly read what it covers. Some customers were under the impression that it covers the same aspects as a service contract.

An extended warranty will only help cover high-cost repairs that most vehicle owners can not afford to cover. These will not cover regular RV maintenance as many service contracts do.

While this service does take a lot of worries away from RV owners, it’s important to know what to expect with the extended warranty before assuming something will be covered.

Another thing to keep in mind about Cousins RV is that all rates for financing plans are determined by credit scores.

This is why some customers will receive lower rates than others. While the team at Cousins RV prides themselves on finding the best rates for their customers, often customers with a lower credit score may have higher interest rates than those with a higher score.

Fact #8: Can I Sell My Old RV To Cousins RV?

If you have a used RV that’s still in good shape, then Cousins RV may be willing to buy it off of you.

Anyone who is interested in consigning their used RV can fill out a form online to see if it passes the test. Some things that Cousins RV will want to know about your RV ahead of time are:

  • What type of RV is it?
  • Make
  • Year
  • Model Number
  • Was it bought new or used?
  • Interior and exterior condition
  • Mechanical condition
  • Vehicle condition as well as anything else that should be considered to determine the value of your RV

All interested RV owners will need to leave their contact information, and Cousins RV will contact them about the next steps to take.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new or used RV in Colorado, Cousins RV has 3 locations and each one has a wide variety of different RVs.

You can find your ideal motorhome, and the helpful staff will even help set you up with the most affordable financing plan for your budget.

This is one RV team that is driven by helping people drive away in their dream RV.


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