Who Owns Fleetwood RV – 6 Facts You Should Know

Who Owns Fleetwood RV company

Have you ever wondered who owns Fleetwood RV? Look no more. We´ve got you covered. 

A recreational vehicle (RV) is a motor vehicle or trailer capable of accommodating human beings for use in vacationing, exploring, and camping.

Recreation vehicles range tremendously in size, configuration, and sophistication.

RV’s most common form share a common feature: they are an established form of transportation with sleeping facilities built-in.

Fleetwood RV has created a great line of motorhomes to excite and please its customers. 

So, who owns Fleetwood RV? Fleetwood is owned by REV Group Inc. Under the company umbrella, the REV Recreation Group is made up of some of the world’s most recognized and admired RV brands. In short, REV builds “vehicles for life” thanks to its 18 manufacturing facilities, 29 vehicle brands and approximately 7,400 REV employees across the United States.

Fleetwood RV was founded in the 1950s.

Who Owns Fleetwood RV Company?

The company was incorporated as Fleetwood enterprises in 1957 and moved to Riverside, California, in 1962. By 1965 it was a public company with sales of $18.5M, and quickly became America’s largest RV maker by 1973.

By 1989 Fleetwood RV was making $1 Billion dollars and five years later it managed to reach the same milestone in sales of motorhomes.

Fleetwood RV Manufacturer currently includes, in its recreation division, Renegade RV, Midwest Automotive Designs, Lance Campers, and American Coach, and Monaco.

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The Fleetwood Brand

Fleetwood RV model Class A Motorhome has returned to their original popularity with changeovers and upgrades to standard features which are well received by RV owners in general.

Fleetwood RV models

The new Fleetwood name is also key to this continuing success.

👉 The Fleetwood name in North America was established by John C. Crean when he launched a group of 18 automotive dealerships in California in the early 1960s.

Crean is mostly remembered now for his TV commercials where he made use of his skills as a likable chef who cooked from the inside and outside of an enormous oven on wheels!

👉 The concept for the Fleetwood Bigfoot truck camper was created by John Crean in 1969. “Bigfoot” quickly became one of the most popular leisure-time vehicles in the world, with over 550,000 trucks and campers sold by 1986.

Available as both a truck camper and pickup truck conversion, this line continues to be manufactured in Fort Collins, Colorado and is available today.

Fleetwood RV manufacturer

👉 Today, Fleetwood is famous for having the largest selection of travel trailers in the industry. Each year, they introduce dozens of new floor plan options, ranging from towable RVs to luxury fifth wheels that are ready to go anywhere you can take them.

One thing hasn’t changed since the company began: Fleetwood RV still builds their RVs with pride in America.

Fleetwood crisis

For nearly two decades Crean helped guide the fortunes of Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. In 1998 Crean retires as a chief executive, ending an era. The RV market is severely contracting, and Fleetwood is feeling the pinch.

👉 By November 2008, after being at the top of the market in 2007, Fleetwood Enterprises announces that it will close several factories in America.

The economic crisis hit hard a lot of companies and Fleetwood RV manufacturer wasn’t immune. Fleetwood filed a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code on March 9, 2009. 

👉 As a leading manufacturer of luxury motorhomes, with models that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, Fleetwood got hit by the recession, the increase in gas prices, and limited access to loans.

With a grim future ahead, the manufacturer had no other choice but to start laying off staff and close plants. 

👉 Fleetwood’s closing of its Rialto manufacturing plant was part of the company’s exit from the California travel trailer business.

The company said it will close three factories and two service centers and eliminate 675 jobs, including 12 at its soon-to-be-shuttered Rialto factory.

👉 The consequences of the housing crisis have been huge for a company that relied on new home sales for nearly 70% of its revenue, according to bankruptcy court filings.

The downturn pushed the company to slash its workforce and close production until creditors and advisors agreed that the best solution would be to sell various business units separately.

Fleetwood’s military housing division was sold to Clayton Homes (a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary). Cavco Industries bought the manufactured housing division, and the company’s signature product, the motor homes division, ended up being bought by the private equity firm American Industrial Partners.

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Recent history

The new headquarter of Fleetwood RV is now in Decatur, Indiana. American Industrial Partners in 2010 combined Fleetwood with Halcore Group, E-One, and Collins Industries to form Allied Specialty Vehicles.

👉 The Fleetwood RV name still stands for quality and value. Engineered with technology, engineered for the road, and engineered to last.

Engineering and design meet functions to give you the best in RV living. It starts with a fiberglass body, sits on a single rear axle, and features a low-to-the-ground floor plan.

👉 There have always been and will continue to be, changes in the RV industry, but at Fleetwood, they believe that the communities they serve are as important now as they ever have been.

That’s why they work hard to engage young families, retirees, students, and others as customers for all recreational vehicles.

👉 That’s why Fleetwood knows new traditions are being developed each day by families who travel in a Fleetwood RV, or from those who rent one for a vacation.

While the way customers enjoy their time on the road will continue to evolve, the Fleetwood company will help lead those changes and make sure its products are ahead of the curve

Fleetwood RV Company Profile >> Check out the video below:

Going back to its roots and core values

After its ups and downs, two former executives of Fleetwood Enterprises, Chuck Wilkinson and John Draheim were called to run the new company as CEO and president and relaunch it on the basis of John Crean’s successes. 

The first RVs were built following Crean’s philosophy of creating RVs that were appealing to the wider public and at reasonable prices. 

👉 The 2010 Bounder Classic motorhome remains true to Crean’s original ideals with a host of innovative features, including a dual-power system, to keep you going down the road–or across a field. 

This is the first motorhome from Fleetwood RV in two decades, and it’s packed with many of today’s latest innovations and retails at around $100,000 a more accessible figure than recent versions of the Bounder.

👉 A wraparound cab profile sets the Bounder Classic apart from many RVs on the market, but don’t let its looks fool you into thinking it’s not full of features.

With two different body lengths to choose from, four roof heights, and a large canvas area for those who enjoy outdoor living, the Bounder Classic is designed to appeal to couples, families with young children, and anyone who enjoys the freedom of camping with modern amenities.

Fleetwood Values and Community

Fleetwood understands that people love their RV for the travel it allows and the unique lifestyle it provides. Sharing that joy with other people who own Fleetwoods is just one more great benefit of RV ownership.

Over 50,000 owners belong to the club throughout North America and keep in touch via local clubs, rallies, rallies, friends and family gatherings, activities for kids and pets, a magazine, and an online community of forums and blogs. 

The company also continues to be a leading RV manufacturer for those who value craftsmanship, innovation, and value.

Although times have changed and so has the market, Fleetwood RV has managed to keep rebuilding itself and stay up to date with the industry.

More than just one product or one brand, Fleetwood RV encompasses a variety of products for every lifestyle.



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