Bunnings Return Policy How Many Days? (Secrets Nobody Is Talking about)

bunnings return policy how many days

Do you know what Bunnings return policy is and how many days you have after purchase? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Having a receipt when returning your items to Bunnings isn’t a rule set in stone: however, returning the product within 30-days of purchase pretty much is.

So, what is Bunnings return policy and how many days you have after purchase? Bunnings has a strict return policy of 30-days after the initial purchase. This is upheld as long as the item returned is in the same condition as when first purchased and has the original tags, stickers, and receipt, although acceptions can be made.

What is Bunnings Return Policy (How Many Days After Purchase?)

If you are looking to return an unused item to a Bunnings store, you must bring it back within 30-days of purchase in order to be eligible to get your money refunded.

If the time frame is outside of the 30-days, you will likely not be issued a refund, and you are simply stuck keeping the product. 

What Regulations and Requirements do you have to Follow When Returning Products to Bunnings?

The easiest way to return an item to Runnings is by taking it back to a retail location nearest you with the original receipt in hand.

However, if you do not have your receipt, you can still be issued a refund; you will just be required to provide your personal contact information and a valid ID.

Most items are covered under these rules and can simply be returned by visiting the designated return and exchange desk at your local Bunnings store.

While most items are given the 30-day refund limitation, there are some items that fall outside of these requirements. One such exemption is their plant products.

The plants sold in Bunnings stores are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and are covered for up to 12 months. (These extended terms exclude some plant products such as seedlings and short-lived plants.)

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What Items are Not Refundable at Bunnings Stores?

It is common practice for retailers to refuse returns if the item is used, broken, or altered in any way. However, there are a few more exclusions to the return policy at Bunnings for specific products and their conditions. 

The items listed below are not available for returns:

  • Custom-made products
  • Products that have been specifically cut to size per customer request.
  • Toilet seats that have been opened or not in original packaging
  • Paint that has been customized with colors

The only exception to the above is if the customized cutting of a product has been cut to the wrong sizes or uneven and if the paint was mixed to the wrong color.

Even if your items fall within the refund “guidelines” each store still has the right to refuse any product if they do not feel it is in the proper condition for resale.

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What if You Receive a Broken or Faulty Item from Bunnings? Can You Return the Product In stores?

Most returns must take place at a physical Bunnings store; if you receive a broken or faulty item, it is encouraged that you reach out to customer service for the option to have the item replaced or repaired if the product was damaged before it came into your possession.

If the item was broken accidentally by the customer, the company has the right to refuse them a refund or product exchange. 

How are Refunds Given?

If you return a product to Runnings and your refund is approved, your money will be returned to you in the same way the item was purchased.

If you originally paid for the products with a check, the money will be refunded in cash once the bank finished processing the check and it was cleared.

Can You Return Items to Bunnings due to Changing Your Mind?

While most stores prohibit the return or exchange of products simply due to customers changing their minds, Bunnings actually welcomes it.

Because this store is dedicated to home improvement and projects, they understand how you can change your mind once the product arrives at the home.

As long as these items are returned within the 30-day window and in brand new condition for the purpose of resale, there will be no issues with getting your money back. (all stores are subject to refusing returns at their own discretion)

How Strict are Bunnings Return Policies?

Most Bunnings locations will do their best to keep returns limited to the 30-day time frame. however, they can make exceptions at their own discretion and oftentimes do.

Unfortunately, it seems that the company’s willingness to work with customers has made them a target for return abuse, with items being brought back in poor condition or months after purchase.

Due to misuse of policy leniency, Bunnings is starting to become more strict when implementing its return and exchange policies.

if you have an item you want to take back to your local Bunnings store, it is a good idea to try and make it in as close to the allotted 30-days as possible as the company has no requirements to extend it for any reason. 

Summing Things Up

If you are unhappy with a purchase, you recently made at a Bunnings warehouse store, make sure to keep your receipt and bring it with you when you go back for a return.

Returns are required to take place within 30-days and having the original receipt on hand will make the transaction go a whole lot smoother.

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