Brooklinen Lifetime Warranty (Coverage, Claims + Time Frame)

Brooklinen Lifetime Warranty

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what Brooklinen lifetime warranty is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

When you think of Brooklinen, you probably picture comfortable, quality, and affordable bedding, and you would be right. What you probably don’t think about is what type of lifetime warranty this company offers its customers in the case something with their products goes wrong.

Brooklinen doesn’t actually offer lifetime warranties on any of its products. What they do provide is a 365-day return guarantee on all of their items and a 1-year extended warranty on their core items if they are damaged or defective due to manufacturer error.

Although Brooklinen doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty, the protection and coverage they do have in place defiantly make up for it and should give you the peace of mind you deserve when looking for the most comfortable bedding on the market. 

Who Exactly is Brooklinen, and What do They Sell?

Brooklinen is a relatively new company that sells quality and comfortable sheets and pillows. The company’s headquarters is located in Brooklynn, NY, and was founded by a husband and wife duo who wanted to offer luxury style sheets at an affordable price. 

When the company first started out in 2014, they were determined to cut costs for consumers by selling products directly, which eliminates the middleman.

Thanks to this business plan, everyone has the ability to sleep soundly on ultra-comfy bedding without forking over a good chunk of their paycheck.

Products Sold Today

While this dynamic duo may have started off only selling sheets and pillows, they have expanded their product line to include nearly all things comfortable such as bath towels, loungewear, throw blankets, and more.

Does Brooklinen’s Lifetime Warranty Really Last a Lifetime?

Brooklinen does not technically offer customers lifetime warranties. However, they do offer an extended warranty on all of their core products, which provides you with two years, from the date of purchase, of coverage if you have any issues with your item that is the fault of manufacturer error.

What are considered core products, you ask? Let’s take a look.

  • Down products; Down Alternative products: Mattress Toppers, Comforters, and Pillow Protectors
  • Bath products: Robes and towels
  • Sheets and sets: Linen, Brushed Flannel, Cotton, Heathered Cashmere, Brushed Flannel, Brooklittles.

Now, when you think about it, two years on a set of comfortable, quality sheets is a pretty good deal since the typical lifespan for bedding is between two and three years anyway.

While the warranty and its guidelines are not very extensive, it does say that the normal wear and tear usually associated with sheets, towels, and comforters are not covered, which is very understandable and typically for most manufacturers’ warranties.

What if You Don’t Like What You Bought?

Although it is highly doubtful you won’t like your purchase from Brooklinen; there are options for you if you do.

While a warranty won’t help you out in any way on a product you don’t find comfortable, doesn’t match your decor, or just doesn’t work out, you can still send them back for a full refund.

While the warranty allows you to send back products for two years due to manufactures defects, Brooklinen’s 365-day return policy covers pretty much everything else. 

How Do You Return Products to Brooklinen?

So, you don’t like what you got from Brooklinen and are ready to take it back? No worries, it is very easy to do and won’t take long before you have your refund in your pocket.

All you have to do is contact Brooklinen customer service to initiate the refund process and either mail the item back or take it to their retail location.

Do you want to know the best part? All sheets returned to Brooklinen are sent to donation centers to help those in need. Isn’t that great?

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What if I Bought My Brooklinen From Amazon?

What’s not to love about Amazon? It is the best place to go to pick up everything you need in one place, including Brooklinen products.

Unfortunately, if you buy your sheets from Amazon, they can not be returned to a Brooklinen retailer, and their return policy does not apply. 

Brooklinen items bought on Amazon must be returned to Amazon, and they only give you a 30-day window.

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What About The Warranty?

If you buy Brooklinen from Amazon and there is a manufacturer’s defect or damage, then the warranty will still apply, and the company will be responsible for replacing your items.

Just because you bought the sheets from Amazon doesn’t mean Brooklinen isn’t responsible for errors made in their factories or with their materials.

Does the Warranty Cover Brooklinen Last Call Items?

What is better than getting a great deal from an amazing retailer that sells super comfortable sheets? Having the peace of mind that their warranty covers manufacturer defects on these items.

While you do not get the second year of coverage, Brooklinen will replace or repair any products from their last-call sales for up to 365-days after the original purchase date if there is damage made in company error.

Brooklinen’s Warranty Sounds Great, Is There Anything They Don’t Cover?

Brooklinen has defiantly shown that they are customer-oriented and they are willing to do what it takes to ensure they keep their shoppers happy. However, not everything is covered under their extended warranty.

Here is a list of products that can not be claimed:

  • Loungewear
  • Weighted blankets
  • throw Blankets
  • Brooklittes quilts and swaddles
  • Quilts,
  • Shams
  • Candles
  • The Silk Collection

What if I Don’t Want One of the Items Not Covered Under Warranty?

Although the items listed above are not covered under warranty, meaning they can not be replaced into the second year after purchase, you still have 365-days after you buy it to decide you no longer want it and send it back for a full refund.

That is not something you see every day and is defiantly one of the biggest highlights for this company.

What if I Simply Don’t Like the Color, Does Brooklinen Offer Exchanges?

Unfortunately, Brooklinen does not offer exchanges on any of their products at this time “technically.” If you purchased a set of sheets in purple and decided you would prefer blue, the easiest way to exchange them is simply to return the purple ones and purchase the blue ones with your refund.

So, How do You File a Claim?

Brooklinen is one of the easiest companies to deal with when it comes to filing your claim under their warranty. All you have to do is,

  • Log onto their website
  • Click on the “returns and exchanges” tab
  • Select the “Our Quality Guarantee” icon
  • Then tap on the  “submit quality claim” button

There you will enter your order ID number and Email, and a customer service representative will get in touch with you to begin the claims process. 

Note: Never toss your damaged or defective products as the company will ask for pictures in order to process your claim.

Summing Things Up

If you are looking for comfortable bedding with a phenomenal lifetime warranty, then Brooklinen is NOT your store.

However, if you are looking for extremely comfortable bedding with an excellent return policy and extended warranty on items with manufacturer defects, then you won’t be disappointed when shopping with this bedding manufacturing giant. 



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