Best Buy Electronics Return Policy (No Receipt, Opened Item)

Best Buy Electronics Return Policy

Do you know what Best Buy’s electronics return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

You got some great new gadgets from Best Buy only to discover it’s not actually what you wanted. So, what is Best Buy’s return policy on electronics?

Best Buy will accept most electronics for returns within two weeks of purchase and refund your money if you provide proof of purchase. Some items are not eligible for a return, and some may require a restocking fee.

In this article, we will review what is covered under the Best Buy electronics return policy as well as if you can return electronics without a receipt or with open packaging.

Additionally, we will cover how to return electronics to Best Buy, how you will receive your refund, and how long after purchase you have to return your electronics to Best Buy.

What Is Best Buy Electronics Return Policy?

Most electronics purchased from Best Buy can be returned to the store within the specified return period. Items that are not covered include key fob replacements for vehicles and home standby generators. When you return electronics to Best Buy, they should be in like new condition.

Best Buy will not accept any electronics that have been dented, damaged, scratched, or have missing parts.

If you return any devices that are linked to a cloud system or store data, you need to disconnect from the cloud and erase all of the existing data from the device.

Certain items may require a restocking fee upon return. For example, prepaid phones and other activatable devices can be returned for a $45 restocking fee.

Drones, DSLR and mirrorless cameras, electric mopeds and bikes, camcorders, and projectors can also be returned for a restocking fee that totals 15% of the item’s purchase price.

Best Buy Electronics Return Policy Without a Receipt

Best Buy does accept returns without a receipt, but you must be able to provide some other proof of purchase.

You can bring in a packing slip or a credit card statement to show that you purchased the item you want to return.

Best Buy not only needs confirmation that the product came from their store but also that it was purchased within the given timeframe allowed for returns.

If you do not have a receipt or other proof of purchase, Best Buy will most likely deny the return. Sometimes managers will ask for your email address and allow the return but limit the amount your refund is.

Sales tax and other fees may be reimbursed and, if you do get a refund, it will most likely be for the lowest sale price within the recent past.

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Best Buy Electronics Return Policy for Opened Packaging

You can return most electronics to Best Buy with open packaging; however, you need to bring all of the original packagings with you when you return the product. This includes all accessories and manuals that may have come with the product.

Best Buy understands that you may not find an issue with your product until after you open it, which is why they are lenient with their policy.

However, the product to be returned must be in like new condition and have everything it originally came with in order to be eligible for a refund.

The best course of action is to carefully open the package so that you can keep it as intact as possible in case you do need to return the item.

If you have an item that you know needs to be returned and you haven’t opened the packaging yet, keep it intact so that you can guarantee a full refund on your return.

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How Do I Return Electronics to Best Buy?

If you need to return an electronic item to Best Buy, you can bring it to any Best Buy location with your receipt, a photo ID, and, if you paid by card, the card that you paid with.

Products purchased from Best Buy’s website can also be returned to any physical Best Buy store or shipped back to Best Buy.

If you are shipping a product back to Best Buy, you do not need to pay for shipping because your original package will come with a prepaid UPS label.

You will need to initiate the return online and follow the instructions to ensure that you include all of the necessary items in the box with the returned product.

If you return it in the store, bring all of the parts and accessories with you. As long as you are within the return timeframe and have everything required for a return, you should receive a full refund for the product.

If you purchased a Best Buy item from third party vendor or a special Best Buy kiosk, you need to follow the return instructions provided by these venues.

Any shipping fees or installation fees for electronics that have to be specially installed will not be reimbursed upon return.

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How Will I Receive a Refund for My Electronics Return to Best Buy?

Best Buy will refund your returned purchase using the same form of tender with which you paid. If you paid with a credit or debit card, you need to bring that card with you to the store so that they can reimburse the account.

For online returns that are shipped back, the refund will be credited to your account once the return has been received.

For refunds on debit or credit cards, allow for seven to ten business days to pass before expecting to see the money back in your account.

If you paid with a gift card or are returning a gift, Best Buy will issue you a new gift card in the amount of the product’s purchase price.

If you paid with cash, you will receive cash back. The only exception to this policy is for items that are paid with cash totaling over $800.

In this case, Best Buy will send you a check for the full amount in the mail within ten business days.

How Long Do I Have to Return Electronics to Best Buy?

For most electronic products, you have fifteen days from the date of purchase to return your unwanted items to Best Buy.

Activatable devices such as prepaid phones only have fourteen days to be returned. Some form of proof of purchase is required in order to verify that the item is returned within the allowable timeframe.

Best Buy Totaltech members are allowed certain perks including longer return periods. Instead of fifteen days, Totaltech members can return unwanted electronic purchases up to ninety days after buying them. The timeframe for returning activatable devices remains fourteen days, however.

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There are certain software items that can be used for electronic items such as computers and tablets that have an extended return period of thirty days.

If you are not sure if the product you purchased has an exception to the regular return period policy, contact a customer service representative by phone, online, or visit your local Best Buy location.


Best Buy has a lot of great electronic products, but they also understand that not every purchase will end with satisfaction.

Their return policy for electronics very clearly states that you have two weeks to return an unwanted product with proof of purchase and the original packaging in order to claim a refund.

The product should be in like-new condition or else the store will not accept the return. Products that are bought online can be shipped back to Best Buy or returned to any physical store location.

However, those bought in the store must be returned to a physical store.

As long as you follow the policy rules, you will be refunded in the same form of tender with which you paid.



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