Ashley Furniture Mattress Return Policy (Opened, No Receipt)

Ashley Furniture Mattress Return Policy

Do you know what Ashley Furniture’s mattress return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Ashley Furniture offers customers an amazing selection of mattresses to choose from with a variety of sizes, designs, and materials to fit all comfort levels. However, not all mattresses are for everyone, so it is important you have options if you aren’t in love with the bed you choose.

So, what is Ashley Furniture’s return policy for mattresses? Ashley Furniture gives their customers 100-days from the original purchase date to return their mattresses if they aren’t 100%  happy with their order.  For a mattress to qualify for returns, it must be clean and undamaged. 

Ashley Furniture’s return policies are a little bit more strict and limited compared to other retailers, but there are still options out there for customers who are unhappy with their purchase. If you have questions regarding this company and their return and exchange policy on mattresses, this article is for you.

Ashley Furniture Mattress Return Policy

Ashley Furniture offers customers a wide variety of mattresses for customers to choose from, from traditional spring mattresses to memory foam beds in a box. You can also choose from multiple sizes and designs, providing the best options for everyone. 

Although there is a great mattress selection at Ashley Furniture, it doesn’t mean you will find the perfect bed the first time around, and if you find that the product you bought isn’t as comfortable as you originally hoped it would be, you can return it for a full refund.

Ashley customers are given 100-days to sleep on their mattresses and decide whether or not they want to keep it If you love your mattress, great, if not, customer service has your back.

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How Do You Return a Mattress to Ashley Furniture?

If you have made the final decision to return your mattress to Ashley Furniture for a refund, you are required to first contact customer service at 866-436-3393.

Once the refund has been approved by the company, they will guide you the rest of the way through the process. 

In order to qualify for a mattress return, you have to still be in the 100-day time frame, and the bed must be in a clean, undamaged condition with the mattress in the possession of the original owner.

Can You Return a Mattress and Foundation?

Typically, you are not allowed to return a mattress and foundation to Ashley Furniture. The only way a return will be approved is if there are manufacturer damages or defects.

In these cases, you must contact the company within 72-hours of receiving your product, or the return request could be denied.

If you notice any damages or defects after the 72-hour time frame, you will most likely have to refer to the company warranty, if one is available.

What is a Mattress Foundation?

A foundation is a bed base that is used to support the mattress. This can be a box spring, wooden slats, metal rods, etc.

You can purchase mattresses with foundations at Ashley Furniture, but once the sale is final, the product is yours to keep for good.

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Do You Get a Full Refund When Returning a Mattress to Ashely Furniture?

Yes, as long as you initiate a refund within 100 days of purchasing your mattress and the return is authorized, you will get back the total amount of money you paid minus shipping fees, accrued interest, and any discounts applied at the time of sale.

If the mattress was purchased at a physical location, you must present your original sales receipt along with a government-issued photo ID, for a refund to take place.

Because Ashley Furniture stores are independently owned and operated, each location set’s its own rules regarding returns and exchanges.

Before bringing any product back to the store, always call the customer service number for your local Ashley Furniture retailer to get more information.

What Happens if my Mattress Arrives Damaged?

Many people prefer to shop online for their mattresses from Ashley Furniture because it is much more convenient and can be done just about anywhere with an internet connection.

While online shopping is a quick and easy way to purchase all your furniture needs, it also increases the risk of receiving your items in less-than-perfect condition. 

If you order an Ashley Furniture mattress online, and it arrives damaged or defective in any way, simply call customer service as soon as possible, and the company will come up with a solution that suits your needs. 

Can You Exchange Your Mattress at Ashley Furniture?

If you bought a mattress from Ashley Furniture and decide it just isn’t for you, you have 30-days from the date of the original sale to exchange it for a different option.

In order for your exchange to be approved the mattress has to be in unused condition and still in its original packaging. 

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Does Ashley Furniture Have Warranties on Mattresses?

For the most part, yes, Ashley Furniture does offer warranties on their mattress that will keep you covered long after the t\return period is over.

These warranties are typically limited and only offer protection on beds that have defects caused by the manufacturer or recalls. 

Can you Return Mattress Accessories to Ashley Furniture Stores?

Most items associated with sleep excluding the mattress and foundation have a 30-day return window. These items typically include pillows, sheets, mattress toppers, etc.

These products must be returned in the original packaging and cannot be used, soiled, or altered in any way.

When returning the product by mail, the customer is responsible for shipping costs unless there is a defect or damage due to manufacturer error or an issue in the shipping process. 

Summing Things Up

While it is possible to return your new mattress to Ashley Furniture, the process can be a bit complicated and time-consuming with no guarantees.

If you choose this retailer to do business with, it is a good idea to visit a store in person so you have an opportunity to find a mattress you love the first time around. 



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