What is Zara’s Return Policy After Christmas? (Secrets Nobody Is Talking About)

Zara Return Policy After Christmas

Do you know what is Zara’s return policy after Christmas? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Zara is a clothing retailer based in Spain, with stores located in 88 countries and a large online presence. Its parent company, Inditex, is the largest apparel retailer in the world.

Zara’s specialty is “fast-fashion”, creating thousands of new designs and getting them to stores within a few weeks. Because of the speedy turnover of products, Zara has a fairly strict 30 day return policy. 

So, what is Zara’s return policy after Christmas? Zara does not offer extended returns after Christmas. Although Zara does have a special website set up for returning items purchased with a gift receipt. If you need to make a holiday return after 30 days, your best bet is to take it into the store, where a manager might make an exception to the policy on a case-by-case basis. 

Learn more in this guide about all of the ins and outs of Zara’s return policy, including holiday returns.  

Zara’s return policy after Christmas:

Zara creates and sells around 12,000 different designs per year, so they have a fairly strict return policy which does not specify holiday exceptions. In general, Zara requires that most items be returned along with the receipt within 30 days.

The items must also be in brand-new, “perfect” condition. 

Items purchased on Zara.com or through their app can be either shipped back free of charge or returned to a store. Items purchased in the store must be returned to the store.

If you got caught up in the hectic holiday season and missed the 30-day return window, you will have a better chance of getting a refund by returning the item in-store.

There, you may find a manager who is willing to make an exception to Zara’s return policy. You will be unlikely to get an exception granted when returning an item online. 

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Are there exceptions to Zara’s return policy?

There are some exceptions to Zara’s return policy, some of which are listed here:

  • Swimwear must include the hygienic strip
  • Women’s undergarments may be exchanged or returned only if they are in new condition and you have the protective bag or sticker for them. 
  • Accessories must be returned with their original packaging intact. 
  • Fragrancies must be returned in their original, sealed package. 
  • Cosmetics must be returned unused, sealed, and in their original package. 
  • Personalized items, magazines, men’s undergarments, and most kid’s undergarments cannot be returned or exchanged  

For the complete list of modifications and exceptions to Zara’s return policy, check out their help page under “special conditions”

Can I return a Christmas gift bought at Zara? Do I have to have a receipt?

Yes, you can return a gift bought at Zara. However, you will need the gift receipt, and the item needs to be in “perfect” condition.

For most items, the packaging can be opened, however, the items will need to be resealed so nothing gets lost. Some exceptions are Zara Home items, cosmetics, and fragrances, which have to be returned in their sealed, original packaging.  

Zara has a website specifically for returning items purchased with a gift receipt. Visit this website to begin the gift return process.

Here’s a brief description of the process:   

  • Provide the gift receipt number in the prompt box
  • Fill out a return request form.
  • Package up the items (one per box) using the mailing labels they provide. 
  • Drop the package off in the mail

Within a few weeks you will receive a Zara gift card via email with the refund amount on it. 

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Do I have to have a receipt to return an item bought at Zara?

Yes, you will need a sales receipt or invoice to return an item from Zara. If you don’t have the sales receipt from when you bought the item in-store, the best you can hope for is an even exchange.

If you bought the item online at Zara.com or using their app, you have a few options to track down your sales receipt or invoice.

How to track down your receipt as a registered account holder:

  • Log in with your username and password. 
  • Locate the order that contains the item you want to return under “Purchases”. 
  • View the electronic receipt for the order under the “Details” section. 

How to track down your receipt as a guest: 

  • Look up the emails Zara sends out when confirming your order and use the link provided in the emails to look up the receipt.   

How do I return an item purchased at Zara? 

To return an item purchased at a Zara store:

You can go to any Zara store that is within the same region as the one you purchased the item from. Meaning, you can’t return an item bought at a store in Canada to a store in California.

Bring in the item in “perfect” condition along with the tags (they don’t have to be attached) and your receipt. The receipt can be printed out or on your phone. 

The purchase amount will be refunded onto the original payment method and takes about 14 days to process once the item is received by Zara’s facilities. 

To return an item purchased at online at Zara.com:

You can return an item purchased online at Zara.com or Zara’s app by either returning it to a store or by mailing it back. To return it to a store you can use the same process mentioned above. 

According to Zara.com, they will accept returns purchased from Zara.com within 30 days of the shipping confirmation date.

Notice the words “shipping confirmation date”. That does not mean when you receive the items! So, you actually have less than 30 days to return an item bought online and shipped to you. 

To begin the return process for an item bought online, you need to fill out a return request. This can be done online.

  • If you used your Zara account as a registered user, log in to your account and request a return under the order listed in “Purchases”. 
  • If you bought the item as a guest, you can request the return by clicking on the link included in any of the emails sent to you regarding that order. 

Once the return request has been made, Zara will email a return label to you. Attach the label to the return packaging and take it to any mailing service.

Remember, the package must be postmarked within 30 days from the shipping confirmation date for the item, not from when you received the item.  

The purchase amount will be refunded onto the original payment method and takes about 14 days to process once the item is received by Zara’s facilities.  





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