Zara Exchange Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Zara Exchange Policy

Many can be confused by return and exchange policies and the Zara exchange policy is no exception. The bottom line is that both online and in-store purchases can be returned within 30 days. However, there are stipulations and calculations to consider. 

In-Store Returns

People dread making shopping returns because they are typically a hassle, but Zara makes it as easy as possible. 
Those seeking to return an item bought in a Zara store have 30 days from the date of purchase to do it. The items need to have their labels attached and be in original condition to get an exchange approved.

Another primary rule is you must return the item in the same region or market where you bought it originally. 

You must return items you bought in a store to a store and can’t return them online. You should bring back the original packaging but it can be opened. You also need your receipt for a smooth return or exchange. You can’t get reimbursed to your credit or debit card or cash back without a receipt. 

However, those both with and without receipts can easily make an exchange for the same item in a different color or size. Also, exchanged items must be “in-season” to complete the exchange. 

Those who want to exchange the item for a completely different item must first get the item returned and then buy the new item in a new purchase. 

Making an in-store return or request is a simple process. Take the item in its original packaging and the receipt or the gift receipt and head to either the returns desk or the customer support desk and ask them to initiate a return or exchange. They will proceed. 

Online Returns

Those who purchase a Zara product online can return it online. The same rules apply for online returns as they do for in-store returns. However, you need to watch the return deadline. Online purchases can be returned within 30 days from the shipment date.

Since it takes a few days to ship, you will have less than 30 days to make a return or exchange request. 

The product must be returned within 14 days of your request. Those that miss that deadline will find the value of the second item, the one you are exchanging for, will be charged to the payment method you used for the original purchase. 

Returning an online order by mail is easier if you have a login. However, those who purchase items as a guest can still make a return or exchange.

The information you need, like the order ID and other information, can be obtained by going to a link that’s in your confirmation email. 

Once you enter the information. Zara will provide a label for you to use when you take your items to the post office. The fee for shipping returns is $3.94 and you are responsible for paying that.

While you can’t return or exchange a purchase made in the store online, you can return an online purchase in a store. That can be helpful because you can avoid return shipping costs. 

Making an online exchange takes a little computer skill the Zara website. First, you have to find your order and select the item for exchange.

Then, you have to note the size or color you want to exchange it for. From there, follow the instructions. Check out the options that are free also. That’s under the returns sections. 

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Using Home Collection

Zara is unique because it has a third option for returning items and that’s home collection. This is strictly for products bought online.

You start the process by logging into the Zara website. Those who bought the item as a guest can use the link included in the email for order confirmation. 

Once you complete the return information, you will get a section for how you want to proceed with the return. Request a home collection and a courier will collect the item from the address you give. 

Gift Cards and Receipts

You can return an item that was a gift with a gift receipt. The website has a page on its website set up just for that. Gift receipts don’t list the item’s price but have other identifying information. 

Those who want to return an item using a gift receipt can do that through a drop-off return or an in-store return. You can also exchange the item for something you prefer more. 

Those with gift cards can also return items. The price of the item will be returned to the same gift card, so be sure to keep the card even if you use all the money on it.

Those who lose their gift car can still make a return in the store. Zara will issue you a credit voucher instead. 

Customers making an online purchase with a gift card can still make returns through the online method. Refunds are made through a virtual gift card.

You will also get an email that confirms the return and the card balance. 

When will you see a refund?

You won’t get an instant refund when you return an item to Zara. You will see a refund to your original payment method 14 days from the day it’s approved. The request is typically approved quickly after you make the request. 

Items Excluded from Returns and Exchanges

Zara has a list of items that can’t be returned or that has special conditions to qualify for a return or exchange. 
Swimwear must have the hygiene sticker in place to be returned and underwear can’t be returned or exchanged. Certain items from the kids’ department, including bodysuits, vests, and tops can be returned. 

Any fragrance that is being returned must be in the original sealed package and accessories must be intact in their original packaging.

Cosmetics must be in the original packaging and remain in their original condition. 

Items that are customized can’t be exchanged, returned, or orders canceled. 

Other Small Details

Those who request a return through the website will get a confirmation of approval by email. All refunds, both in the store and online, will be credited to the same payment method you used for the purchase. 

It can take up to 14 days for a credit to show on your credit card or in your bank account. Those who don’t get a refund after 14 days should take the confirmation email to their bank or send it to their credit card company to have them investigate.

That often resolves the issue and speeds up getting the refund. 

There may be unique situations where you may not be able to get an exchange for an item you want. Zara has the right to withdraw any of its products from the mobile app or website.

That includes withdrawing items after you’ve asked for the exchange or even after you’ve gotten a confirmation email 

In that case, Zara may refuse to process the order. It has the right to refuse an order at its discretion and isn’t liable for withdrawing a product. 

Be Organized to Get a Return or Exchange Approved

The key to getting a smooth exchange or approval for a return is to be organized in keeping the product in the original packaging and having your receipt or gift receipt ready to either give to the customer service person or provide information online. 

The more organized you are in handling the return or exchange, the quicker the process will be done and you will be on your way.

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