Who Makes Tesco Baked Beans? (Are They Good, Quality + Reviews)

Who Makes Tesco Baked Beans

Most of us know that the house brands at our favorite grocery stores are made by other companies. The Heinz company makes Tesco baked beans. Tesco also sells Heinz baked beans on their shelves, but Tesco baked beans sit next to them as a high quality cheaper alternative. The recipe is slightly varied to account for the lower selling price but the taste is similar.

Grocery chains with their own brands generally have deals with other companies to get their signature products manufactured. It’s a method that saves the customer money in the end. Keep reading to find out more about Tesco baked beans and the company behind them.

Who Makes Tesco Baked Beans?

Heinz is a multi-billion dollar company. They make many products under the Heinz brand name, as well as others that are well-known, such as Velveeta, Stove Top, and Philadelphia. But what about the products they make for other companies that aren’t sold under any of their own brands?

Tesco established a deal with Heinz to have their house brand baked beans made for them. Tesco sells many kinds of products under its house brand for lower prices than the well-known brand names. You can purchase a 420 gram can of Tesco baked beans in tomato sauce for 40 pence, while a similar size can of Heinz baked beans in tomato sauce costs 1 pound at Tesco.

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Are Tesco’s Baked Beans Good?

Tesco baked beans are just as good as Heinz. In taste tests, participants report the Tesco baked beans taste almost exactly like the Heinz beans. You can purchase them for a fraction of the cost of a can of Heinz baked beans, though.

With so many varieties of baked beans available, it is easy to see that people must have different preferences and priorities when selecting the baked beans they will use.

In general, Tesco’s baked beans sell well. Customers say they have a good flavor for the price, and they are willing to go back and buy the same product again.

A few people have complained that the sauce is a bit thin, which could be because the beans are made with tomato puree rather than fresh tomatoes.

On the Tesco website, the beans have a 3.6-star rating. Several reviewers on the website complain that a recent recipe change has altered the overall flavor of the beans and they would rather have the original recipe again. So keep that in mind if you want to try them. 

How Much Do Tesco Baked Beans Cost?

Each can size has its own cost for Tesco baked beans, and different flavors may have a different price.

However, the classic baked beans in tomato sauce in 420 grams can cost 0.40 pounds.

A 220-gram can of beans costs just 0.29 pounds.

This compares to about 0.80 pounds for a 410 gram can of Branston beans, 0.22 pounds for a 420 gram can of Stockwell & Co. baked beans, and 3.00 pounds for a 4-pack of 415-gram cans of beans (meaning each can is around 0.75 pounds).

Difference Between Tesco and Heinz Baked?

The recipes for the two brand options of baked beans made by Heinz do differ. Heinz is made of more natural ingredients and with less fillers or preservatives.

The main ingredients in Heinz baked beans are beans and tomatoes. They also contain water, spirit vinegar, spice extracts, sugar, modified corn flour, and herb extract.

The main ingredients in Tesco baked beans are slightly fewer beans, tomato puree, and water. They also have sugar, salt, paprika, onion powder, modified maize starch, clove extract, color, flavoring, and capsicum extract.

Some people claim they don’t taste a difference at all. But the ingredients in their respective recipes are slightly varied.

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How Is the Quality of Tesco Baked Beans?

Tesco house brand products are all high quality. Tesco chose to make deals with other manufacturers of grocery items that already had well established reputations for producing good quality consumer items for customers to purchase for their families. 

Tesco baked beans are still made with good quality ingredients. They’re just less expensive to manufacture due to the use of ingredients that go further.

One consumer review gave Tesco baked beans the highest rating for the taste test portion of their review.

They said the label on the can says “rich and warming” which they are. Consumers like the thickness of the sauce and the stability of the beans. Most say they taste almost identical to Heinz baked beans.

Why Doesn’t Tesco Make Its Own House Brand Products?

The answer to this question is simple. It’s too expensive. Tesco has its own products on the shelves next to other brand name products in every aisle of the store. That’s a lot of different products the company would have to produce.

Tesco is not a manufacturing company. Tesco is a grocery company. They sell consumer level grocery items. Tesco is a retailer and distributor. A manufacturing company is a whole different entity.

Heinz is a product manufacturing company. Heinz is a brand. It’s not a grocery store chain. Thus, Heinz already has factories and other necessary facilities used in the manufacturing industry. 

Tesco would have to dump a lot of money into building the types of facilities it would need to manufacture all of its different house brand items.

It makes more sense for Tesco to enter into contracts with existing manufacturing companies that already have their operations in place to make Tesco’s desired products.

What Brands of Baked Beans Does Tesco Offer?

Tesco carries more than just their private label for baked beans, so if you want a variety of options, you can find them there.

Tesco carries cans of baked beans in various sizes from the following brands:

Within those brands, there is also a variety of packaging and flavor options.

For example, Heinz offers their classic baked beans in tomato sauce in 415-gram cans, 200-gram cans, and 200-gram snap pots.

Branston offers full-size and half-size cans of their classic baked beans. Stockwell & Co. offers their classic baked beans, but they also offer baked beans with pork sausages.

Several of the brands offer low sugar or low salt options for the baked beans as well.

All of this variety means that you have plenty of options for baked beans when you go to Tesco.

How Do You Prepare Tesco Baked Beans?

There are two methods printed on the Tesco baked beans label for cooking them. You can pop them in the microwave for about 2 minutes 30 seconds.

You simply pour them into a microwave-safe bowl and cover it. Heat them on full power for a minute or so. Stir them and re-cover the bowl. Finally, heat them for about another minute. 

The second method is on the stove. Pour the beans into a saucepan. Heat them over low-medium heat for around 4 minutes. Stir them throughout.

How Many Servings Are in a Can of Tesco Baked Beans?

One serving of Tesco baked beans is half the can. It has 183 calories. There are 1.2 grams of fat, 9.8 grams of sugar, and 1.1 grams of salt in one serving. 


Condiment and food industry giant, Heinz, is the manufacturer behind Tesco’s baked beans. The beans are made with a slightly varied recipe, but still with high quality ingredients.

Tesco baked beans wins for taste tests in many consumer reviews.

Both, Heinz, and Tesco, baked beans are sold at Tesco stores. If you’re looking for the quality of a Heinz product with the price of a bargain product, Tesco baked beans are a good fit for you.




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