Are Branston Baked Beans Vegan (Vegetarian, Organic + More)

Are Branston Baked Beans Vegan

Do you know if Branston baked beans vegan are? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

When it comes to making sure that the products you are eating are vegan it can sometimes be tricky. This is because many products that you would normally consider to be vegan friendly can sometimes contain milk or milk powders (as well as egg, honey, etc. of course).

Baked beans are a kitchen staple in the UK with many people eating them at all times of the day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

But are Branston baked beans vegan? The answer is yes! Branston baked beans are in fact vegan friendly.

What are the ingredients in Branston baked beans?

Thankfully Branston baked beans are vegan friendly meaning that they are safe for you to eat, thankfully saving your English breakfasts from being rather dry… But what actually are the ingredients in the baked beans? Surely it’s more complicated than just beans and sauce? 

Although you may not think much of baked beans they are actually a very healthy addition to your diet (especially if you can find a version that has reduced salt and sugar).

The ingredients in Branston baked beans are (in increasing order): flavorings, spices, white pepper, paprika, salt, spirit vinegar, reduced sodium salt, modified maize starch, sugar, water, tomatoes, beans.

In Branston baked beans, the white beans actually make up 51% of the product, meaning that with every portion you are actually getting a decent amount of protein, as 100 g of white beans contained 12% of your daily protein needs.

However, even though Branston baked beans are healthy in terms of the amount of white beans that they contain you should be careful of the salt and sugar contents.

One 100g portion of the baked beans contains 5% of your daily sugar intake and 10% of your daily salt intake.

Due to how products in the UK must be labeled it is very common to see a vegetarian friendly symbol on canned products (such as here with Branston baked beans) but it is much less common to see a vegan friendly symbol.

In fact, even on many website Branston baked beans are listed only as vegetarian friendly and not as vegan friendly, meaning that you have to do a little more research yourself.

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Are all Branston baked beans products vegan?

When it comes to Branston they have many different products on offer that are based on their baked beans.

For example, in addition to their classic canned baked organic beans, they also offer products such as baked beans with vegetarian sausages, a reduced salt, and sugar version of their classic baked beans, baked beans with chorizo, and miniature versions of their classic baked beans and baked beans with sausages.

However, because of the different ingredients that they include in these various products, the ingredients are not the same across the board and you will need to check each and every single product to see whether or not it is vegan friendly. 

Here we will go through a few of the aforementioned products to help save you a bit of time.

Baked beans with vegetarian sausages

Although you may think it safe to assume that a vegetarian version of a dish is also vegan, this is not always the case.

Sadly, this is the case with Branston’s baked beans and vegetarian sausages, which contains egg white, making them not vegan friendly (although they are obviously vegetarian friendly).

Baked beans with reduced salt and sugar

Thankfully, if you are looking for a healthier version of the classic Branston baked beans that are vegan friendly then you are in luck as their reduced salt and sugar version is indeed vegan friendly.

Baked beans with sausages

As you may have already guessed from the name of this product, it contains pork sausages, making this product not vegan friendly.

However, there is also another ingredient in this product that is not vegan friendly and that is milk. So, if you are looking for a vegan friendly baked beans option then you should steer clear of these!

Baked beans with spicy Spanish chorizo

Again, as is hopefully evident from the name of this baked beans product, it contains meat.

This time the product contains chorizo sausage but again as with the other sausage-based baked beans product by Branston, this is not the only non-vegan ingredient in the product.

Once again this meat-based product also includes milk (which is used to make the chorizo itself).

Miniature classic baked beans

If you are not in the mood to open (and potentially consume) an entire regular-sized can of baked organic beans then we have good news for you! Branston also sells their classic baked beans as a miniature portion in a half-size can.

Thankfully they have not changed the ingredients but have just simply packaged their product differently.

So, if you are a vegan with a small appetite then Branston’s miniature classic baked beans are perfect for you!

Miniature baked beans with sausages

Unfortunately, this product is still not vegan friendly as it contains both sausages and milk. It is simply their regular recipe in a smaller can.


Branston offers a wide range of different baked bean products. Thankfully their classic version (as well as their healthier reduced sugar and salt version) are both vegan friendly and safe for you to eat.

However, the rest of their offerings (including the vegetarian sausage product) are not vegan friendly as they all contain milk and some also contain meat.



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