Are Heinz Baked Beans Vegan? (Vegetarian, Organic + More)

Are Heinz Baked Beans Vegan

Do you know if Heinz baked beans are vegan, vegetarian, or organic? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

When you are shopping to stock up your home pantry, it’s immensely frustrating sometimes just how hard it is to get a simple can of delicious baked beans without any nasty surprise additives or animal by-products.

It shouldn’t be rocket science, after all, but thankfully the word on the street is that Heinz has got vegans covered. Is it true?

Are Heinz baked beans vegan? Heinz Baked Beans are refreshingly vegan-friendly, to the point that even their standard Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce are 100% Vegan approved. They’ve also got other select vegan offerings, such as ‘5 beans’, ‘Fiery Chili’, and even Barbecue Beans, and not only that, they’ve even got organic and vegetarian lines!

While it sounds too good to be true, we’ve done a little research and we think that you will like the results of our due-diligence.

So, get comfortable and read on to get the real scoop on Heinz and their vegan, vegetarian, and organic offerings – all waiting in the market for you!

Does Heinz know the difference between vegan and vegetarian baked beans?

As it turns out, Heinz not only knows, but they are quite willing to talk about their products in-depth to any customers who are concerned and want to know exactly what they are getting. Take, for instance, a Twitter from Heinz’s UK Twitter feed.

In this Tweet Heinz advised that their standard baked beans were actually fit for a vegan diet, with the exception of the ‘no sugar added’ variety which contains honey – a definite Vegan no-no.

Aside from this, however, they also took an important step that a number of folks out there will surely appreciate.

They released a relabeled baked beans product in January of 2020 to celebrate ‘Veganuary’ and let the Vegans out there know that they appreciate their business.

The new label reads ‘Beanz meanz Vegan’, a play on their traditional slogan of ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz”.

As most of us know, a lot of companies don’t bother to take the time to let us know what we’re really getting or to even acknowledge that we exist, so it was definitely a fresh breath of air to get a little recognition and appreciation from Heinz in this regard.

Which Heinz baked beans are vegan?

Heinz regular baked beans are 100% vegan, and with some sporting the new labelling it’s certainly a lot easier to choose.

Those are limited edition, however, so it’s best to know the brands to look for if you want to take advantage of Heinz’s Vegan range.

Examples of their Vegan offerings include such yummy choices as 5 beans, Peri Peri Beans, and Organic beans, just to name a few.

If you fancy a little bit of Barbecue styles beans, they’ve even got those ‘ready and veganized’ for your consumption, so you can add Heinz Barbecue Beans to the list.

Finally, for that like a little more kick in their can of beans, Heinz Curry beans are available and you can also get Fiery Chili variety – both spicy and 100% Vegan – so you’ve got some great choices for when you feel like chowing down on some delicious beany-goodness.

All in all, that’s a pretty good startup line sampling, but be sure to take a good, long look whenever you’re picking out your favorite Heinz vegan varieties.

After all, with such a strong startup, we have a feeling that their offerings are only going to keep expanding and that’s a yummy proposition, indeed!

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Are Heinz baked beans really organic?

If you’re looking for Heinz Organic baked beans, then we’ve got a bit of good news for you. In the year 2000, Heinz U.S. let the public know that they’d received the message – organic beans are definitely desired — so not only do they have them but they’ve been hiding from you on the shelf for over 20 years now.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve missed them, as these delicious beans tend to fly right off the shelf, and they aren’t the only organic offering that Heinz offers.

At the time that they were released, Heinz also gave them some company in the growing organic shelf section with their Heinz Organic Ketchup and Spaghetti offerings.

Heinz has over 57 varieties of beans out there and with the release of their flagship organics came the promise of releasing more and more customer favorite brands with new organic flair, flavor, and nutrition. So be sure to keep an eye on your local grocer’s shelf and on Heinz.

Unlike a lot of companies out there, they seem to have developed a healthy habit of listening to the wants and needs of their customer base and then taking that information to put into good use.

Just watch for the big ol’ label that states loud and proud that it’s ‘Heinz Organic” and you’ll be sure to get something delicious!

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Some final words on Heinz ‘most wholesome’ varieties

Today we’ve taken a closer look at Heinz and their products to see if they truly cater to vegans, vegetarians, and others who like their beans to be pesticide-free and truly organic.

As you can see, not only have they done this, but they’ve got a modest bit of variety so that you can get the beans you crave without being stuck with one type.

So, if you’re looking for some delicious baked beans, just head on over to the big Heinz can section at your local grocery.

You’ll get the choices you’re craving with a name we’ve all learned to trust!



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