Who Makes SilverCrest Products? (8 Products Listed!)

Who Makes SilverCrest Products

Do you know who makes SilverCrest products or who is the brand behind Lidl appliances? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

SilverCrest is the label that you see on a lot of home products, such as toaster ovens and microwaves. They even have a line of over-the-ear headphones.

But who makes SilverCrest products? SilverCrest products are made by Lidl. SilverCrest is not a private label product and although they make plenty of products for use in the home, they are owned by Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG. In turn, Lidl is owned by Schwarz Gruppe, so it can all be a little confusing. 

No doubt, Lidl purchased SilverCrest as a manufacturer, rather than simply owning the brand name, since SilverCrest is also the name that is behind most Lidl products, despite SilverCrest not owning those products because Lidl is their parent company.

So, what all does SilverCrest make, for both Lidl and SilverCrest?

1. Lidl SilverCrest Monsieur Cuisine Connect

This is one of the few products manufactured by SilverCrest that carries both the name of SilverCrest and its parent company, Lidl.

Despite its decidedly standard, “cooking pot” looks, the Cuisine Connect is actually a robot, much in the way that people use robots to vacuum their homes. 

Of course, it doesn’t get up off of the kitchen counter and walk around, nor does it talk to you, however, it is a robot in the sense that it is a high-level smart device.

It offers several different modes, including kneading, steaming, and seizing. 

The robot Cuisine Connect receives recipe updates directly from SilverCrest, which consistently updates its recipes. One of the primary functions of the Cuisine Connect is that it activates the yeast and grows dough.

It also comes with several safety features that keep it from overheating and it will stop the cooker if the components are improperly installed. 

2. SilverCrest Men’s Rotary Shaver

SilverCrest shows its versatility by going from a smart cooker to a rotary shaver. If there is one thing that can be said about SilverCrest, it’s that they know how to make a very wide range of products. 

SilverCrest’s Men’s Rotary Shaver comes with the industry standard three shaving heads. They are all dual-ringed and spring-mounted so that they can properly follow the curvature and contours of your face. 

It also comes with several accessories, including a cleaning brush, shaving head cover, power cable, travel case, and 60 minutes of charge time, which will give you a full hour of shaving time before the next charge. 

3. SilverCrest 6L Digital Fryer

SilverCrest’s 6L Digital Fryer is a stainless steel fryer with 6 liters of space, a smart touch panel, 360° hot air circulation, and it is designed with non-stick material.

Using this air fryer, you can reduce the fat content of your foods by up to 80%.

Plus, the thing looks pretty cool. Silvercrest is generally pretty good with aesthetics and this is the kind of air fryer that would truly stand out on your countertop, potentially as a conversational piece as well. 

It’s not overly bulky nor is it loud when it’s operating. The adjustable thermostat allows you to cook a variety of foods, including meat, poultry, and even pizza. 

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4. SilverCrest 5000W Commercial Blender

Maybe it’s a popular aesthetic in Europe, but the SilverCrest Blender is a truly bizarre-looking contraption for a blender.

Its bright, hot rod red may not be for everyone but there’s no doubting its efficacy as this is one of SilverCrest’s most popular blenders. 

SilverCrest claims that the 2-liter jar is unbreakable, so if you drop it on the tiles at your feet, you don’t have much to worry about outside of some bruised toes.

It also features 28,000 rotations per minute, so it can certainly puree with the best of them. 

It will rest easy on your countertop with the non-slip feet and it features plenty of safety features, such as an automatic cut-off when overheating is detected, along with a quickly accessible safety switch in case something goes wrong. 

The blades are stainless steel and the SilverCrest Commercial Blender also features a pulse switch and variable speed options that are adjustable on the fly. 

5. SilverCrest Radiant Ceramics 2200W Cooker

One interesting thing about the SilverCrest Radiant Ceramics Cooker is that it’s the type of portable hot surface cooker that you take with you on RV trips, which means that it could end up in a Silvercrest RV.

It may be a completely unrelated company but the irony is certainly intriguing. 

This Radiant Ceramics Cooker is an infrared cooker, meaning that the heat produced on the surface is only directed at objects placed directly on the cooker.

So, it doesn’t get nearly as hot as regular cookers while providing plenty of heat to the pot or pan. 

Infrared cooking can save you 50% when it comes to the power necessary to run the device, especially since infrared cookers don’t waste excess heat. It comes with a Digital display with a multi-power function.

The body of the SilverCrest Radiant Ceramics Cooker is shockproof, so you won’t get a surprise when touching it on cold mornings. The buttons are all touch-smart buttons and are incredibly responsive. 

Slow Cooker

+ Flexible programming options: more programming options than Crock-Pot Smart-Pot* slow cooker.

+ Removable stoneware crock and glass lid are dishwasher safe.

6. SilverCrest Industrial Steam Generator

While it’s called a ‘steam generator,’ it’s really just a clothing iron that draws the vast majority of its heat from a large reservoir that sits beneath it.

For those of us who spend a lot of time ironing clothes, an attached reservoir that’s full of water is a welcome addition. 

It creates continuous steam as you work, with adjustable temperature control and 1.8 liters of water available when it’s at full capacity.

There is also a digital display indicator that lets you know the temperature that you are currently sitting at.

Something as simple as a temperature indicator on iron is incredibly useful and not something that you see often on competing clothes irons.

Fortunately, it also comes with plenty of safety measures including auto shut-off capacity if something goes wrong or the iron is left on when you walk away. 

7. SilverCrest Yam Pounder

Of course, anything termed as a “yam pounder” had to be included on the list because, why not? Yes, it really does pound yams and, according to SilverCrest, it pounds yams faster than a mortar and pestle.

In the strictest of definitions, the Yam Pounder is a food processor that is designed to pound yams, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and okra.

There are probably a lot more that it can pound into oblivion as well.

The Yam Pounder is a 4500W food processor with an 8-liter capacity, so you can process a serious amount of food in a very short timeframe.

As the name suggests, it pounds food, however, you can also attach the accompanying blades and it will operate as more of a blender than a pounder. 

Its made of stainless steel and is a highly durable food processor that is enormously popular in Europe. When the stock rolls in, it rolls back almost as quickly as it arrived. 

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8. SilverCrest 2000W Electric Grill

The SilverCrest Electric Grill takes the idea of the George Foreman Grill and runs with it, creating a multipurpose electric grill that can cook food in a variety of ways.

The hinged closure opens to 180° so you have plenty of room to shift the food around and flip it as you cook.

The top portion is completely removable, with changing plates that allow you to convert it into a griddle.

Of course, it is all non-stick material as well, so your cleanup jobs won’t be a nightmarish exercise in futility. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Eight products which are manufactured by SilverCrest, which is owned by Stiftung & Co. KG, which in turn, is owned by Schwarz Gruppe.

It can be a bit confusing playing the “who owns who” game, however, at the end of the day, SilverCrest puts out some serious, quality hardware.

It’s easy to see why they are so popular in Europe.




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