Who Makes Purolator Oil Filters (Real FACTS To Consider)

Who Makes Purolator Oil Filters

Have you ever wondered who makes Purolator oil filters? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Purolator is a brand that has held its reputation since the 1920s despite several changes of ownership.

There is no doubt that this highly successful oil filter manufacturer continues to rank in the best of the oil filters in the automotive industry. But with so many changes of hands, you might well ask who makes Purolator oil filters now?

Mann+Hammel makes Purolator oil filters in several manufacturing locations, including the USA. With locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Tennessee, and Michigan. Mann+Hummel stresses their regional focus and commitment to American manufacture, but their investment in China keeps growing, with an oil filter manufacturing center in Jiading. 

The german Based multinational Mann+Hummel has over 80 locations worldwide, and as manufacturing costs continue to soar, they are looking to lower-cost markets to ensure their profit.

If you want to know more about who makes Purolator oil filters, here are some REAL facts to consider.

Who Makes Purolator Oil Filters?

Purolator invented the first replaceable automotive oil filter in 1923 and established its name worldwide as a leading manufacturer of automotive filters.

After changing hands several times, Purolator is currently owned by the German company Mann+Hummel. 

Mann+Hummel is based in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart in Germany. Mann+Hummel is a multinational company employing 21,000 employees in over 80 locations worldwide. The company claims to be the global leader in filtration systems with over eight decades of experience.

The Canadian subsidiary Purolator Inc is not part of the Mann Hummel owns Purolator, and the Canada Post Corporation owns 91% of the Purolator Inc.

Where are Purolator Oil Filters Made?

Mann+Hummel currently employs around 4,500 people in North America alone assigned to production and sales. There are presently eight Mann+Hummel locations in America, and you may find these in:

  • Seattle Facility in Washington
  • Portage and Bloomfield Hills facilities in Michigan
  • Raleigh, Gastonia, and Fayetteville facilities in North Carolina
  • Dunlap Facility in Tennessee
  • Dillon Facility in South Carolina.

Mann and Hummel also place importance on manufacturing regions in Asia and Europe.

Are Purolator Oil Filters Filters Proudly American Made?

Although Purolator is not American-owned, several manufacturing sites are currently manufacturing oil filters in the US for domestic and international sales.

Mann +Hummel stress their strong regional focus, yet they also have a vested interest in lower-cost production facilities in China, Mexico, and India.

Sources point out that Mann+Hummel recently stated that their HVAC systems are now manufactured in China under the Dupont label, which may be a trend the US oil filters may follow in the future.

It is a known fact that Mann+Hummel entered the Chinese market in 1996 and now owns four manufacturing sites in Changchun, Jinan, and shanghai. The fourth company based in Jiading is an oil and fuel filter manufacturer. 

Although the Purolator brand filters aren’t listed on the American-made listings, there is local manufacture in North Carolina, and some of their products are locally made.

If you are unsure, read the labeling of your Purolator product to ensure the manufacturing options. 

What Types of Oil Filter Does Purolator sell?

PurolatorBOSS® Oil Filter 

Using Purolator’s proprietary SmartFUSION technology full synthetic media, this filter keeps your engine protected for up to 20,000 miles.

This filter is designed to run on high-quality full synthetic oils; the filters allow you to tow, haul, off-road, and push your vehicle limits in extreme weather and high dust conditions. 

The heavy-duty steel casing stands up to extreme pressures, and the heavy-duty base plate provides a seal with enhanced security.

What’s more, the specialized gasket is made from ethylene-acrylic for maximum leakage resistance. 

PurolatorONE™ Oil Filter

The Purolator One is made of high-density synthetic blend filter media that filters out up to 99% of the dirt that could affect your engine.

This filter is formulated for drivers on the go, who often battle through stop-and-go traffic and extreme weather conditions. 

The filter protects your vehicle up to 15,000 miles, and the double helix center tube is optimized for high oil flow. The gasket is treated with PTFE and resists heat damage and protects from leakage.

Purolator® Oil Filters

Purolator oil filters are designed to provide for your original factory performance for up to 10,000 miles of enhanced protection. Made to fit all oil types, this filter suits normal driving conditions for everyday vehicle use.

The high-density media removes 96.5% dirt contamination, and the silicone anti- drain back valve protects your vehicle from dry starts.

Unlike some filter competitors, Purolator filters offer wear-resistant metal end caps and a durable center tube.

Are Mann+Hummel Purolator filters a Good Choice? (The Facts)

AutoGuide places Purolator in the top five automotive oil filters for 2021 and the Top 10 list for YourBest Picks.

Amazon ranks the Purolator one filter as 4,8 stars out of 5 by almost 2,500 global ratings, and the Boss filter ranks 5 out of 5 over nearly 2,700 reviews. So clearly, whoever is making the filters continues to do a good job. 

However, some reviews don’t rate Purolator filters quite so highly, although the complaints seem to be heavily outweighed by positive consumer feedback. The Issues reported by consumers include:

  • Brittle filter media that is prone to tearing
  • Unevenly spaces pleats
  • Defective drain back valves 
  • Defective interior media. 

There is no doubt that Purolator is one of the top-selling filters in the automotive industry, with some sources claiming that they make more than 500 million dollars a year.

That alone reflects that the public still perceives Purolator as a quality oil filter brand despite several changes of ownership. 

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Purolator has built its name from the ground up and will always be the creator of the first-ever replaceable oil filter.

Whether the Mann+Hummel continues to support American manufacturing and stands true to their commitment to regional focus and quality is something only the future will tell.

Until then, they will continue to dominate the automotive oil filter industry. 




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