Does An Onan Generator Have An Oil Filter? (Explained!)

Does An Onan Generator Have An Oil Filter

Have you ever wondered if your Onan generator has an oil filter?

Once summer arrives, families all over the country look forward to getting their RVs and campers ready for the road.

One of the main reasons why people enjoy their campers is because they get all those comfortable luxuries they have at home.

Many RV’s have an Onan generator to supply them with electricity. This is how people get the power to turn on lights, air conditioning, or charge their phones.

Some models do come with an oil filter, while others do not. Keep reading to find out more.

Is There An Oil Filter In The Onan Generator?

If you want to know whether or not your Onan generator has an oil filter, the first thing you need to determine is which type of Onan generator you have.

Onan is the leading camper generator company in the world, and nearly every RV is equipped with one.

If you were to search for an Onan generator for your RV, you would likely come across hundreds of different models.

One question a lot of new RV owners want to know is if their Onan generator has an oil filter. It’s important to know that there are several Onan generator models.

The list below shows a few Onan generator models which have an oil filter:

  • DKC/DKD (Spec A-B)
  • DKD (Begin Spec C)
  • DKG
  • Quiet Diesel HDCAA/B
  • Quiet Diesel HDKAJ/K
  • Quiet Diesel HDKCA/B
  • Quiet Diesel HDKLA/B

The team working behind the scenes at Onan is always finding innovative ways to improve their technology.

That is why they have so many high-quality generators to choose from, but each model is made slightly different than the next.

While most generators from Onan do have an oil filter, there are a few that don’t need one.

Which Onan Generator Doesn’t Have An Oil Filter?

Over the years, Onan has found innovative ways to improve its generators. One thing that they have put a lot of focus on is finding ways to make the maintenance process easier for the RV owner.

The Onan 4000 generators are designed so they don’t require an oil filter. 

However, it’s important to take note that there are several models in the Onan 4000 collection. While most of them are designed to operate without an oil filter, the Onan 4000 Genset does come with one.

Owners of the Onan 4000 Genset will need to get a 122-0645 filter in the event that they need a replacement.

As for the other models that don’t require an oil filter, while maintenance may be simpler, you will still need to stay on top of it to prevent the generator from getting a clog.

You will need to make sure you change the oil regularly in these generators and never use older oil. 

Since most Onan 4000 generators don’t have an oil filter, it’s important that you use the right oil with them.

Always choose a brand of oil that is SAE-rated to ensure quality. There are several types of oils that are suitable for this generator, but it’s best to go by the climate you live in:

  • Warmer climates should use 30W oil
  • Slightly cooler climates can use either 15W40, 10W30, or 10W40
  • Very cold climates should use 5W30

Do Oil Filters Need To Be Changed In Onan Generators?

If your Onan generator has an oil filter, it will need to be replaced at some point. Always check your generator’s manual to determine how often they recommend changing the filter.

When it’s time to change the oil filter, you will need a special wrench that is designed for lifting the filter cup. This tool will be needed to get the filter in and out.

“One thing you will need to watch out for when changing the oil filter is the gasket. Sometimes the gasket gets stuck and doesn’t come off with the filter.”

In this case, you will need to remove it yourself. Always wipe down the area with a clean rag before putting in the new filter. 

You will need to check the user’s manual for your Onan generator to determine which oil filter you will need to get as a replacement. The most common types are:

  • Onan 122-0836 
  • NAPA 7398
  • WIX 57398

Which Oil Filter Should I Get For My Onan Generator?

It’s important to always carefully review your generator’s instruction manual for the best recommendations and know exactly which oil filter is best for the specific generator you have.

However, we understand that sometimes those manuals get lost or you may not have received one if you bought a second-hand RV.

Onan also carries their own line of oil filters to give its customers everything they need for a lifelong generator.

If you do not have the information for the particular generator in your RV, the table below should point you towards an oil filter that will work for the type of Onan generator that you have:

Onan RV GenSet ModelOil Filter RVS#Oil Filter MFG#
DKC/DKD (Spec A-B)#48-2087 #122-0827
DKD (Begin Spec C)#48-2087#122-0827
HDKAH#48-2005 #122-0833
Quiet Diesel HDKAJ/K #48-2005#122-0833
Quiet Diesel HDKCA/B #48-2059 #122-0810
Quiet Diesel HDKLA/B#48-2059#122-0810

Onan 5500 Oil and Filter Change

An oil change on the Cummings Onan 5500 is an easy job to do.  It is a DIY project that can save you money and protect you Onan Generator.

How to do a Generator Oil Change >> Check out the video below:

How To Keep You Onan Generator’s Oil Filter In Good Condition

Regular oil changes are necessary to keep your generator in good condition. While it’s inevitable that you will have to change your Onan generator’s filter at some point, you can help make it last longer by keeping up with the regular maintenance of your generator.

It’s important to know what type of maintenance your specific generator needs to keep it in the best condition.

While your generator won’t require oil changes too frequently, if you don’t keep up with them there is the risk of clogging the generator.

This could make a mess of your filter and could lead you to have to spend more money on more frequent filter replacements.

It’s also important to remember that Onan generators are built to last. Keeping up with the maintenance of them will ensure that they stay with you for life.

That is why something as simple as an oil filter replacement or an oil change can make such a difference. 

Final Thoughts

Onan is the most common brand of generators for all popular brands of RVs and campers. If you own an RV, it is probably powered by one of their many generator models.

All of the Onan generators are different from the next because technology has come a long way. While most of the Onan generators do have oil filters, some of the Onan 4000 generators don’t need oil filters.

The Onan generators that don’t come with an oil filter are designed to make maintenance easier for the owner.

However, these types of generators require more frequent oil changes to keep the generator in good working condition.

No matter which type of Onan generator you have in your trailer, regular maintenance, oil changes, and oil filter replacements are necessary to make the generator last longer. 


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