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While searching for a car tuning system, you may have come across a company called Black Bear Tuner. If you own a GM vehicle, then this could be the right company for you to look into.

Black Bear Tuner specializes in mail-order computer tuning systems for over 96 different GM vehicles.

What makes Black Bear Tuner unique is that they know every vehicle operates differently. A standard tuning system simply won’t get the job done correctly for every type of vehicle.

Today, we’re going to cover all the facts you need to know about Blackbear Tuner. 

All The Facts You Need To Know About Black Bear Tuner

Tuning your vehicle is a great way to take its performance from basic to out of this world. Many Blackbear Tuner customers have commented that their GM has improved immensely since they had either the in-person or mail order tuning service.

To know if this is the right company for you, here are the important facts to know:

  1. What Is Black Bear Tuner?
  2. Is Black Bear Tuner A Large Corporation?
  3. Does Black Bear Tuner Provide Custom Tuning?
  4. Why Choose Black Bear Tuner?
  5. What Type Of Vehicles Can Be tuned Through Black Bear Tuner? 
  6. Where Doe Blackbear Tuner Ship To?
  7. Does Blackbear Tuner Charge Customers For A Retune?
  8. How Does The Mail Order Process Work From Blackbear Tuner?
  9. How Long Will I Need To Drive With The Scan Cable For An Accurate Reading?
  10. What Type Of Tuning Services Are Available With Blackbear Tuner?

#1: What Is Blackbear Tuner?

Black Bear Tuner has been in operations since 2007. Over the past 14 years, they have specialized in automotive tuning for GM vehicles. They offer mail order computer tuning for GM customers with a twist. The twist is that a standard programmer won’t meet every vehicle’s needs, so this company kicks it up a notch.

What they do is loan their customers the necessary hardware and software needed when they purchase the data-logging tuning service.

Customers will then connect that hardware and software to their GM’s computer so it can record sensor data as they drive. 

Once the data is captured, people can mail it back to Black Bear Tuner so they can analyze it. The team at Black Bear Tuner will then be able to get customers a tuned PCM customized to their engine’s personality.

It doesn’t get any more specifically tuned than that.

Black Bear Performance Scan Cable Tune Review >> Check out the video below:

#2: Is Black Bear Tuner A Large Corporation?

While Black Bear Tuner is a very successful operation, they remain a small business. They are an American-owned business based in Idaho.

Currently, they have under 10 people employed at their main location in Hayden ID. 

Black Bear Tuner is owned by Justin and Jenna Bear, who are experts in the automotive tuning industry. They have been able to give customers the best advice to completely modify their vehicles.

Many people have commented that they give the most educated advice in the industry and are the best in customer service.

#3: Does Black Bear Tuner Provide Custom Tuning?

Black Bear Tuner does provide in-person tuning by appointment. Interested customers can schedule an appointment at their location in Hayden ID.

If that is too far to travel for in-person tuning, you should follow their website to find out when they will have someone in your location. The team at Black Bear Tuner is willing to schedule custom tuning appointments.

However, these will need to be booked once you notice a nearby location and date have been added to the list. In order to cover travel expenses, Black Bear Tuner can not travel to a location unless at least 15 appointments have been booked.

To ensure that everyone is on board, Black Bear Tuner will also need to receive deposits before traveling.

In the event that a customer does book a custom tuning job but Black Bear Tuner cancels, a full refund will be provided. Refunds are only provided when Blackbear Tuner is unable to travel.

Due to the expenses of traveling, they will not be able to refund a deposit to any customers who change their minds.

#4: Why Choose Blackbear Tuner?

The team at Blackbear Tuner can help customers who have very little computer knowledge get the best out of their hardware and software systems.

Every team is as strong as its weakest member, and the staff at Black Bear Tuner are capable of going above and beyond. Between their expert knowledge and top-of-the-line equipment, GMs have never run better.

There are so many benefits to using Black Bear Tuner’s in-person or mail order computer tuning system. Some of the things that customers noticed about their GM vehicle right away were:

  • Improved drivability
  • Increase in horsepower
  • Accelerates much faster
  • Extra towing power
  • Improvement in shift points
  • Increased power
  • Fewer vehicle restrictions

#5: What Type Of Vehicles Can Be Tuned?

As mentioned earlier, Black Bear Tuner is for GM make vehicles and currently is able to tune over 96 different models.

This includes tuning trucks, cars, and SUVs to help them exceed the customer’s expectations. 

Blackbear Tuner can make improvements on almost every GM model made between 1996 and 2018. When it comes to vehicles made in 2019 or later, only certain models will be applicable.

Customers with newer GM vehicles will need to contact Blackbear Tuner directly by phone or email to see if they can work on the specific model. 

#6: Where Does Blackbear Tuner Ship To?

Blackbear Tuner’s mail-order computer system has become very popular because their in-person services are only offered in select locations.

Since an in-person appointment can be canceled if not enough people make deposits, many customers prefer to order the Black Bear Tuner equipment to do it themselves.

While this company is based in Idaho, they have happy customers all over. Black Bear Tuner services aren’t limited to the United States though.

Black Bear Tuner also ship their products to customers in Canada because GM products are just as popular up North. The process for Canadian customers is exactly the same as it is for people in the US, the only difference is the extra expense for shipping. 

#7: Does Black Bear Tuner Charge Customers For A Retune?

Once a person sees what kind of changes a tuning can do for their vehicle, they may be inspired to make other changes or modifications.

Personalizing a vehicle is a lot of fun, however, once you have made certain changes you may need to retune the vehicle. As long as you are the owner of the vehicle, Black Bear Tuner will not charge for a retune.

Customers will only be required to pay for the shipping when they would like a retune. However, there is one exception to this.

If the engine of the vehicle has been changed then Black Bear Tuner’s policy states that the customer will need to pay a fee. In this situation, Black Bear tuner will offer their customers a discount on the services.

#8: How Does The Mail Order Process Work From Black Bear Tuner?

GM customers can receive a scan cable tune through mail order from Black Bear Tuner. This process is a lot easier than most people realize.

“When you place the order, you will be required to pay a security deposit for the cable. This cable scan can be used to collect data from your GM vehicle.”

Once you have collected the necessary data, you will need to email it to the team at Black Bear Tuner so they can analyze it.

You will need to hold onto that cable just in case anything needs to be corrected in order for them to get an accurate reading. 

When Black Bear Tuner has the information they need, they will build a custom tune specifically for your vehicle and ship a tuned PCM to you.

Once the PCM has arrived, the scan cable can be used to perform the crank relearn procedure and to create a final log.

Once everything is complete, you can return the scan cable and receive your security deposit back.

#9: How Long Do I Need To Drive With The Scan Cable For An Accurate Reading?

To get an accurate reading of your vehicle with the scan cable, you will need to spend some time on the road. A drive to the coffee shop and back simply won’t do. However, driving conditions are more important than driving time.

It’s important to mix it up when driving with the scan cable to get an accurate reading.

A driver could spend over an hour driving on the highway and still not get the correct data needed. They are far better off spending a half-hour driving in several different driving conditions.

When you’re logging a drive, try to go through several different areas so the vehicle isn’t just cruising the entire time. 

#10: What Type Of Tuning Services Are Available With Black Bear Tuner?

Black Bear tuner has the most up-to-date tuning services in North America. As of now, they offer four different types of tuning services.

  • In-person tuning services
  • Emailing tuning
  • Traditional tuning
  • Scan cable tune

Local customers in Hayden ID can contact Black Bear Tuner for in-person services. Since the team also travels regularly, you can always check their website to see if they have plans to visit your area in the near future. 

Email tuning is a service offered to several GM vehicles made between 1998 and 2018. There is specific hardware for these customers to download, and then they can keep track of logged data through emails. 

Traditional tuning is available for people who don’t want to get involved with the technology. It can’t be performed on heavily modified vehicles.

“Customers are responsible to pay a core charge and will get a tune based on questions they have answered about the vehicle.”

The scan cable tune is a much easier process than traditional tuning and is becoming their most popular mail-order procedure.

Customers just have to drive with the cable attached to collect data, and Blackbear Tuner will do the rest.

Final Thoughts:

When it’s time to give your vehicle a tune-up, Black Bear Tuner has the technology to make it easier. Their qualified and professional staff are always eager to make this experience easier for their customers.

When it comes to GM vehicle tunes, it’s easy to see why Blackbear Tuner is the leading company around.


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