Who Makes Kirkland Women’s Leggings? (All You Need To Know)

Who Makes Kirkland Leggings

If you’ve ever bought Kirkland leggings from Costco, you might be wondering who makes these and where they are manufactured.

There’s a lot of speculation that Kirkland leggings are made by Lululemon, although this hasn’t been confirmed by either company. Quite a few sources suggest that this connection exists, but there’s no proof of it, besides the fact that Kirkland leggings seem very similar to those made by Lululemon.

Let’s learn a bit more about Kirkland leggings!

Who Manufactures Kirkland Women´s Leggings?

It seems reasonably likely that Kirkland leggings are created by Lululemon, a brand that makes luxury yoga clothing and is well-known for its stylish, attractive apparel.

It might sound unlikely that a big brand like this would manufacture off-brand clothing for a store like Costco, but it’s actually quite common to have this sort of arrangement.

This allows high-end retailers to sell their products to a bigger swathe of the market by selling them at a reduced price – without reducing the reputation that their brand has for being high-quality and expensive.

It’s also very common for stores not to acknowledge the arrangement if it exists. After all, Lululemon wouldn’t want all their customers to realize that they can get the same product for a fraction of the price by picking up Kirkland leggings at Costco. This could harm their sales.

Costco unquestionably does get a lot of its products from big manufacturers however, and it’s thought that nothing under the Kirkland label is actually manufactured by Costco itself.

Instead, the company deals with many suppliers, creating specialty products for their labels and selling them at discounted prices.

This lets Costco increase the variety of its range and attract a customer-base looking for good quality at a reasonable price, and it allows the retailers with high-end labels to target a demographic that would probably never shop with them directly.

Will The Leggings Be Identical To Lululemon Leggings?

It’s very unusual for Costco to sell a product that has simply been rebranded. Doing so would cause problems, especially as they’d need to remove company logos.

Instead, the company usually has a third-party company create a product that is very similar, but slightly different, from the product that their supplier offers. This is then packaged under the Kirkland brand and sold at a lower cost.

That means that if you purchase a pair of Kirkland leggings and a pair of Lululemon leggings, you probably will see some small differences between the two. The Kirkland ones may be slightly lower quality or may have slight differences in shape/cut/fabric. However, the two will be very similar, which is why some sources have suggested that Lululemon is the manufacturer.

Some of the similarities that have been noted include the side pockets, the stitching, and the feel of the leggings when they are on. Differences that have been noted include the fabric that has been used, and the fit.

Who Originally Said Kirkland Leggings Are Made By Lululemon?

This seems to have originated from TikTok user @ashiemari, who claimed that the leggings sold by Costco were almost identical to those sold by Lululemon.

At the time (in 2020), these leggings were available for $17, which was significantly cheaper than the ones Lululemon was selling.

However, the user did also note that the fit of the leggings is different, and the fabric isn’t identical. This means that it could be another company supplying Costco; the connection with Lululemon is only based on speculation by one user.

It’s worth noting that the user does have a platform dedicated to understanding clothing and identifying the differences between good deals and duds.

This means they are more likely to be accurate in their assessment than many other laypeople, but it’s still not a guarantee.

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Are Kirkland Leggings As Good As Lululemon’s Leggings?

This is the key question for most people who are considering buying from these brands. After all, Lululemon leggings are extremely pricey when compared with the Kirkland option.

The leggings often start at around $88 and can easily go over $100 for a single pair. That’s more than 5 times the price of those offered by Costco.

However, some users have said that the Kirkland leggings don’t feel as nice and aren’t such a good fit as the Lululemon offering.

They may not retain as much elasticity, and they might not wear as well, meaning that you’ll have to buy more Kirkland leggings to get the same amount of wear out of them.

If you’re a major fitness buff and a die-hard Lululemon fan, you will probably find that the Kirkland leggings aren’t as good – at a fifth of the price, that’s sort of to be expected. However, if you just want a decent pair of comfortable leggings you can wear, the Kirkland ones may prove ideal for you.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to leggings, and it’s not always easy to determine what you will and won’t like when you’re in the store.

However, when it comes to something as cheap as Costco’s offering, you might be tempted to give it a shot. A lot of people have been satisfied by this low-cost alternative to the beloved – but expensive – yoga brand.

Are The Leggings Similar To Other Brands?

Some sharp-eyed consumers have also noted that Nordstrom’s line of activewear (Zella) includes some leggings that are a very similar match for both Kirkland and Lululemon leggings.

These leggings are again significantly cheaper than Lululemon’s offering, which has attracted many consumers to them.

Interestingly, a product manager who previously worked for Lululemon moved to Nordstrom to help with the development of the Zella line, which has further fueled the speculation surrounding these two brands.

Even if Zella leggings are not manufactured by Lululemon, it’s possible that certain characteristics have been carried across.

Which Brand Is Better?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to leggings, so it’s often challenging to pick a “better” option. There are a lot of variables, and some people like a softer, looser fit, while others prefer a snug one.

However, it’s worth being aware that many consumers who have tried both products still prefer the Lululemon options.

They tend to have a better fit and feel more comfortable. Zella leggings are a good in-between option if you’re on a budget but want something better than Kirkland leggings.

That said, the Kirkland leggings are still of perfectly acceptable quality, and they are soft, comfortable, and attractive. If you want to buy your exercise gear cheaply, they’re certainly worth considering.

Do Kirkland Leggings Wear Well?

A lot of cheap products look good to begin with and then let you down when you wash them. However, many consumers have been pleasantly surprised by the fact that Kirkland leggings hold up pretty well to use and washing. They don’t immediately lose their shape, turn saggy, or shrink in the wash.

They may not last quite as well as Lululemon leggings. Often, when you pay more, you’re paying for better fabric and higher-quality manufacturing processes.

These things help the leggings to last for as long as possible without fading, tearing, or losing their elasticity. However, the Costco leggings seem to do pretty well overall.


There are no official sources to tell us who manufactures Kirkland leggings, but a lot of people believe that it’s Lululemon. It might seem strange to have a high-end brand creating products for a budget store, but this is actually surprisingly common practice.

It’s therefore quite likely to be the case, especially as lots of consumers have noticed the similarities.

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