Who Makes Kirkland Spiced Rum (The Truth!)

Who Makes Kirkland Spiced Rum

Do you know who makes Kirkland spiced rum?  this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Costco supermarkets have been bringing great deals to members since the company’s inception in the 1980s. This Pacific Northwest chain is one of the largest retailers in the world.

And those who hold memberships with the store know that one of its claims to fame is its value house-brand Kirkland Signature. 

Among this line of value brand products are many popular and low-cost alcoholic beverages, including red and white wines, liquors, and more.

There is even a Kirkland Signature spiced rum product that you can get these days.

But who exactly makes Kirkland spiced rum? Costco’s Kirkland Signature spiced rum comes from St. Croix Island (one of the US Virgin Islands) in the Caribbean. It comes from one of the rum distilleries on St. Croix, which means that either Cruzan or Captain Morgan play a role in Kirkland spiced rum production.

In this article, we’ll explore the origins of Kirkland spiced rum. 

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Line of Alcoholic Beverages

One line of Kirkland Signature value products that have become increasingly popular over the years is the line of alcoholic beverages.

You can get bottles of wine for just $5-$6, handles of liquor for just around $15, and more great deals. 

What’s unique about the products under the Kirkland label is that they actually get produced by many name-brand companies.

These companies join forces with Costco and produce blends of alcohol to pass off under the Kirkland Signature label for a value price. 

This is even true of Kirkland Signature spiced rum, which has been one of the more popular Kirkland alcoholic beverage choices over time. 

Kirkland Signature Spiced Rum Origins

When it comes to the exact origins of Kirkland Signature spiced rum, we have to look to more than one place.

It’s known that Costco gets its Kirkland rum from outside of the 50 states, but it gets processed and modified on American soil.

St. Croix Island

Kirkland Signature spiced rum has a label that sometimes sports the name “St. Croix”. Any familiarity with the Caribbean will tell you that the St. Croix in question refers to the US Virgin Island, home to two main rum distilleries.

Based on this label, we can reasonably deduce that the rum you get in Kirkland spiced rum bottles is at least in part distilled on the island of St. Croix. 

Furthermore, a quick Google search of “rum distilleries in St. Croix” showed us that the two distilleries are the Cruzan Rum Distillery and the Captain Morgan Rum Distillery.

Rum experts have also noted upon tasting the rum that it has distinct flavors reminiscent of Cruzan rum. 

This leads most to believe that Kirkland Signature spiced rum probably gets produced at the Cruzan Rum Distillery in St. Croix. 

LeVecke Corporation

But there are other theories about the origins of Kirkland Signature spiced rum.

Some say that the company LeVecke Corporation – a spirits producer located in California – also plays a part in the production of the spiced rum on Costco’s shelves.

Most believe that the rum starts in the Virgin Islands, then makes its way to California, where LeVecke adds flavors and colors to get the blend that arrives at Costco warehouses. 

What Does Kirkland Spiced Rum Taste Like?

Although it’s easy to assume that a value deal will taste similar to competitor brands, not all Kirkland products mimic their counterparts so easily.

People have mixed views on the overall quality and flavor of Kirkland spiced rum. However, one consensus is clear – this liquor is strong and sweet – with tasters likening the flavors to vanilla, cinnamon, toffee, and gingerbread.

Although this might not be one’s first choice for quality rum, it’s a good option for mixed drinks like rum and cola cocktails, where the sweetness blends with the soda flavor.  

Is Kirkland Spiced Rum a Worthy Deal?

The next question you may be asking yourself about this spiced rum is whether or not it’s worth a purchase.

We think that this rum is likely a good choice for those who want a sweet and simple spiced rum to go with dark colas and make a good Rum & Coke. However, real rum aficionados will probably want to pass on this caramel-colored, 92 proof bottle of spirits.  

In price alone, Kirkland would seem to be the better option when we compare it to market competitors.

A single handle of Kirkland spiced rum rings in at just about $15. This price falls below name-brand counterparts such as The Kraken Black Spiced Rum (around $20), Koloa Kauai Spice Rum (around $35), and Black Magic Spiced Rum (around $28). 

Given that you’re not exactly looking for top-shelf quality when you buy Kirkland brand alcohol anyway, it’s safe to say that Kirkland spiced rum is a perfectly suitable choice for a mixed drink.

If it’s a high-quality spiced rum that you want, though, you might as well just pitch in the extra $5 or $10 for a good handle elsewhere. 

Closing Thoughts

Costco’s Kirkland Signature label is host to some amazing value deals on products such as food, beverage, and more.

The store even sells value-brand alcohol under this label, such as wine and spirits. One popular Kirkland alcohol pick is the Kirkland Signature spiced rum.

Kirkland Signature spiced rum comes from St. Croix Island in the Caribbean, where it’s likely produced at the Cruzan Rum Distillery.

This rum then gets sent to California, where LeVecke Corporation colors and flavors the rum to get sent to Costco shelves.

Kirkland spiced rum proves to be a solid value choice for those who just want to make mixed drinks with the product.




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