Who Makes Kirkland Wine? (The Truth!)

Who Makes Kirkland Wine

Do you know who makes Kirkland wine? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

It’s an open secret that Costco offers wines from other brands and wineries under their own private label at a discount. It hasn’t always been the case, but Costco has developed lucrative relationships with elite wineries to help them produce certain blends exclusively for Costco customers.

Apart from their own unique wine offerings, some Kirkland wines may actually be some more famous wines wrapped in Kirkland Signature packaging.

When Did Costco Start Selling Kirkland Wines?

Kirkland wine has been around since 2003. They used to order bulk wine but weren’t satisfied with the lack of consistency from year to year.

Therefore, they started collaborating with wineries and offering a more curated selection of wines from some of the best wineries in the world at a fraction of the cost.

Now, they offer over two dozen wines with the Kirkland name.

Where Are Some Of The Wineries Kirkland Works With?

Some of the known wineries that Costco works with are in Sonoma Valley, Washington, Napa Valley, France, and Argentina.

Costco is actually the biggest purchaser of Bordeaux wines, which is famous for churning out some of the best wine you will ever taste.

Costco also offers brut and champagne under their own Kirkland Signature label that is sourced from Champagne de Bruyne in France.  

What Types Of Wine Does Kirkland Offer?

Kirkland is not known for just one kind of wine. They offer a variety of different colors and flavors that anyone who loves wine can enjoy.

You can find reds, whites, Champagne, Prosecco, and roses, with different notes and grapes from different regions.

Why Would You Choose Kirkland?

There may be some hesitancy to go for a wine from a generic store brand or a bulk store.

There is a lot of sophisticated arrogance around wine, assuming that more expensive and fancier looking is best.

However, Kirkland wines tend to have rave reviews from casual drinkers to sommeliers alike. 

How Are Kirkland Wines So Inexpensive?

One of the biggest draws to Kirkland wines is the price. Hold up your favorite bottle of wine with a Kirkland label and you’ll notice how low the price of Kirkland is comparatively.

This is because Costco doesn’t place a huge mark-up on their wine like many other manufacturers. 

Costco guarantees to sell its wine at prices up to 20% less than other wine sellers and liquor stores. They also guarantee they will not mark up a bottle of wine more than 14%.

So, once you find a Kirkland wine that you enjoy, you get the added bonus of being able to buy it in bulk thanks to it being sold by Costco.

Why Would Wineries Work With Costco?

Wineries are excited to work with Costco for a number of reasons. For starters, they know that with Costco, they will be sure to get a large order placed working with the king of bulk.

They also know they will sell, because Costco guarantees a good price to their shoppers. Costco is, after all, the number one seller of wine in America.

Furthermore, Costco customers are loyal and repeat customers. It’s very difficult for a winery to have that kind of access to the same customers over and over.

They know Costco customers trust the Kirkland name and are more likely to come back for a great product with an even better price tag than customers at another store. 

Does Kirkland Just Repackage Wine That’s Already Made?

Costco prides itself on being heavily involved in the process of creating their Kirkland wines, and isn’t afraid to mush up some grapes in the process.

People from Costco will go to the wineries and explore the grounds, taking the opportunity to learn as much as they can about the craft. 

How Can I Know Where My Kirkland Wines Came From? 

Among the Kirkland Signature labels found on wines, there is sometimes a little more information about the wine production on the bottle.

Some bottles of Kirkland wine will print who bottled the wine on the back of the label, and may even include tidbits about where the wine was bottled and what winery produced it. 

How Popular Are Kirkland Wines?

Kirkland wines are one of the biggest draws to Costco for consumers. Wine lovers know that they can find an excellent bottle of wine at Costco without breaking the bank.

Regardless of your personal preference for wine, chances are, Kirkland has their own version of it. 

While Costco is a treasure trove of affordable wines, you may also be able to find some fancier and more exclusive wines with a higher price tag. 

Can I Find All Kirkland Wines At Any Costco?

There are certain bottles of Kirkland wine that are pretty much constantly stocked due to popularity. However, you may also notice that the options differ between store locations, and this is for a very specific reason.

Costco does its best to cater to the consumers that shop their wine, making sure they supply them with the types of wines they prefer in that specific area.





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