Who Makes Kirkland Signature Golf Wedges (Are They Good?)

who makes kirkland golf wedges

Do you know who makes Kirkland Signature golf wedges? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you’re looking for value in your golf club sets, you may have come across Costco’s Kirkland Signature equipment. Maybe you’re a beginner and don’t want to break the bank on your first set. Are the Kirkland Signature Wedges right for you?

Kirkland Signature golf wedges are made by the Southern California Design Company in Carlsbad, California. Costco started selling golf equipment in 2016, under the Kirkland Signature brand. They sell a set of three wedge clubs, with 52, 56, and 60 degree lofts. Reviews cite their quality performance and price as major selling points.

Sounds great, you might think, but how can I be sure they’ll work for me? The rest of this article will detail who makes the Kirkland Signature wedges, and the pros and cons of the set from trusted experts. 

Who Makes Kirkland Signature Golf Wedges?

Like many of their products, Costco outsources manufacture of their golf items to third-party companies. In the case of their wedges, that company is the Southern California Design Company in Carlsbad, California. The wedges also feature True Temper brand steel shafts, made with American steel. If you care about American manufacturing jobs, Kirkland Signature clubs seem worthy of your support.

The location of Carlsbad, California might seem familiar to some golfers. Renowned golf manufacturer Callaway shares its home city with the Southern California Design Company.

Since Costco has resold Callaway golf equipment, including wedges, in the past, many argue their brand-name golf clubs are just a reskinned Callaway product.

Costco has not been forthcoming as to whether their Kirkland Signature wedges are actually made by Callaway. In addition, their resold golf items are still under the Callaway branding.

This would suggest the Southern California Design Company is the real source for the wedges. Without further evidence, you can probably take Costco’s explanation at face value.

Are the Kirkland Signature Golf Wedges Any Good?

When you see their low price, you might assume the set of three Kirkland Signature Wedges are of a cheap and low quality. However, reviews from experts seem to suggest the quality is similar to more expensive wedges.

Like any available golf club, whether they work for you is dependent on your style, skill level, and preferences.

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Pros of the Kirkland Signature Golf Wedge Set

Positive reviews of Kirkland Signature clubs highlight these aspects:

  • Value
  • Performance
  • Look


At about $170 for a set of three new wedges, Kirkland Signature’s price point can’t be beat. Top brands, including Callaway and Titleist, sell individual clubs for more than Costco’s set.

If you’re a price-conscious golfer, Costco offers comparable performance without hurting your wallet.


On performance alone, experts and golf coaches recommend this set as well worth the price. If you have a mid to high handicap, the bounce of these wedges will help you get through sand traps and roughs with better shots (and fewer divots).

The wide sole also makes play more forgiving. Kirkland Signature wedges produce more ball spin and less carry, improving the accuracy of your shots.

This table includes the loft, bounce, and lie of each Kirkland Signature wedge:

Degree LoftsBounceLie

Confused about what these terms mean? Check here for a quick rundown.


Reviewers say the Kirkland Signature wedges look similar to the much pricier Vokey series of wedges from Titleist. They come in a chrome finish with the Kirkland Signature logo featured prominently.

The toe features the degree and bounce inscribed. The wedge has a milled, shiny finish.

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Cons of the Kirkland Signature Golf Wedge Set

While the Kirkland Signature wedges are comparable in quality to more expensive wedges, there are some downsides.

Obviously, if your play style or skill level differs from other golfers, these clubs may not work for you. However, reviewers do mention other negatives about this set:

  • Thinner shaft
  • Low Grip Quality
  • Lack of Variety and Customization

Thinner Shaft

Though the True Temper steel shafts are of high quality and are used across the board in different brands of golf clubs, the ones on the Kirkland Signature wedges are thinner and less sturdy.

 This results in less power on impact with the ball. You might struggle with these clubs if you’re still developing the strength of your swing.

Low Grip Quality

While some reviewers said the Kirkland Signature wedges had a grip about the same as any other club, others were disappointed in the size and quality.

A few say the quality of the grip doesn’t match the quality of the rest of the club.

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Lack of Variety and Customization

So far, the series of wedges from Kirkland Signature feature the three lofts, bounces and lies listed in the table above…and that’s it. The world of golf clubs features a variety of wedge angles which suit different purposes and shots.

If you’re someone who wants to try out different wedge angles, you might have to round out your Kirkland set with some more expensive wedges.

Though Costco sells a left-handed putter, they do not sell a left-handed set of wedges yet. If you’re a left-handed golfer, you’ll want to look somewhere else for your clubs.

Luckily, if you try these wedges and end up hating them, Costco has a full refund policy.

Are the Costco Kirkland Wedges the Best Deal Ever? >> Check out the video below for a full review of the Kirkland Signature wedge set from a golf coach:


Costco’s Kirkland Signature wedge set has a low price tag and quality that exceeds expectations. Most reviews recommend them for the average or beginner golfer.

Like most golf clubs, they won’t work for every player. However, compared to other, more expensive clubs and sets, they measure up pretty well.




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