Who Makes Kirkland Putter? (Golf Clubs, Quality + Review) 

Who Makes Kirkland Putter

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Clubs? Do you know who makes Kirkland Putter? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

One of the most dazzling golf products in the world as of today, the Kirkland Putter, or KS1, is the first Kirkland Signature product made by Costco. It follows Costco’s highly reliable golf balls and promises quality and durability to all those purchasing!

Kirkland putter is manufactured by Callaway Edge Range.

Costco is the head retailer in the product’s existence in the market; it is obvious that they are not the main manufacturer. The Kirkland Putter is made in China by a well-experienced manufacturer that produces golf products for other organizations as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The article below talks more about the Putter, its benefits over other golf clubs, and the pros and cons of using the product. Read on to know all about it!

Who makes Kirkland Putter?

The frontline representative of the Kirkland Putter is Costco, but it is noticeable that their role is confined to the retailing line instead of production. Costco uses its high-profile links with manufacturing companies, both locally and internationally.

Callaway Edge Range is believed to be involved in manufacturing Kirkland’s wedge 3-piece set. The manufacturers carry out their works from California and supply the retailers within the country.

For the manufacturing of the new club, the company has linked with international manufacturers for high-quality output. However, the box or the club does not state the manufacturing details of the Putter.

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Should you buy a Kirkland Putter?

Should you or not, adding the Kirkland Putter to your list of clubs is entirely a personal decision. However, to help you narrow down to conclude, the following list of pros and cons has been made:


  • Light-weight: The Putter is lighter in weight than other clubs, so it’s easy to handle and prevents excess pressure on the hands when playing, keeping minor hand injuries at bay.
  • Weights: The number of weights that can be changed allows diversity to be maintained during the game and allows the player to explore how the right shot can be made.
  • Aesthetics: There is a noticeable focus on the detailing of the club’s design. A piece of feel-good equipment, the Putter, is a great choice.
  • Hand specific: The Putter is easy to use for right-handed players because of the cutting edge and the front-facing pattern design. It is easy to get used to the grip and force of the Putter when a specific hand to hold is confirmed.


  • Length: The Putter comes in one single length that is not adjustable, making it slightly difficult for players of different heights to use the same club. 
  • Weights: So far, only a limited number of weights exist for the club. This limits the club’s efficiency, especially when the weather is not stable (it is windy, for example). 
  • Blade Style: The Putter, as of yet, is available in only one style, the classic double step cut. This is not to every player’s liking and can be why a golfer might not purchase the product. 
  • Hand-specific: Since the Putter is more inclined toward a right-handed exposure, this might be a problem for left-handed players as adjusting to the club may not be easy for each individual.
  • Boxed packaging: The Putter is available in stores in boxed packaging. This means the person buying cannot hold and feel the Putter before buying it. This might be why people do not choose to buy the product, as they cannot be certain if it meets their demands. 

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What makes Kirkland Putter special?

A unique selling point of the Putter is its SuperStroke grip. The club is lighter than other clubs, with a unique distribution of weights across the Putter.

The grip has small weights for better handling of the club, and the soft covering allows the club to be held tightly for long periods without straining the hand.

At the end of the Putter facing, the golf ball has a stepped cut, with the front-facing end covered in a squared pattern of various sizes. It is believed to contribute to the club’s pressure and angle of collision with the ball during the game.

The edge contains two 10-gram plates for efficient weight distribution and can be replaced with other weights that are sold separately.

The club’s head weighs 345 grams and is 34.5 inches in length. Its exterior is covered in stainless steel for a long-lasting finish.

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History of Kirkland Putter

The Kirkland Signature name made its first appearance amongst golf enthusiasts with the production of 4-piece golf balls in 2016.

However, arising quality issues led to a halt in the distribution of the balls. They were quickly removed from the market, with reimbursements for the customers.

Costco returned with an improved version of the golf balls, with a 3-piece exterior and a urethane covering. This product was quick to win the hearts of local golf players and hence restored the Kirkland Signature brand’s name.

Instead of this success, Kirkland launched their Putter in June 2020 to allow golf enthusiasts to experience the sport in a new and improved way using their classic club.

With a decent production rate, a flashy price tag, and a line of customers all wanting to get a hold of the new product, the club is difficult to avail in a short amount of time.

Dedication and some waiting periods are needed before you can unbox the new product. The Putter is available in Costco USA, and it might be some time before it becomes purchasable in other parts of the world, including the UK.


With its creativity and efficient customer review acknowledgment, Kirkland has made its mark in the golf equipment industry.

The newly released Putter adds to the list of successes the brand is achieving. However, the true efficiency of the club varies from player to player. 




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