Who Makes Kirkland Signature Body Lotion? (Quality + Review)

Who Makes Kirkland Signature Body Lotion

Although Costco is not particularly known for their beauty products, a few of their Kirkland Signature beauty products are still a huge hit with members. One of these popular items is their Kirkland Signature Body Lotion. Have you ever stopped to wonder if Costco actually manufactures their lotion? Or if they don’t, who does? 

Unfortunately, just as the case with most other Kirkland Signature products, the maker of the Kirkland Signature body lotion remains a mystery. Considering many Costco locations have also stopped selling the lotion, tracking down the old manufacturer is even more difficult. 

While this article can’t exactly give you a manufacturer of Kirkland Signature body lotion, we can discuss how the Kirkland production process works, the reason Costco doesn’t reveal their partners, and provide a few places the Kirkland Signature body lotion is still available. 

Is Kirkland Body Lotion Any Good? 

Although it was discontinued in many stores, this doesn’t necessarily point to a bad quality lotion. 

Most customers actually like the lotion a lot, since it is made with 100% pure plant extracts, a paraben-free formula, and isn’t tested on animals.

The one major complaint members had with this lotion wasn’t with the lotion itself but with the bottle it came in. 

Members complained that the lotion nozzle was difficult to operate and broke easily. This could be one reason why Costco decided to discontinue the product. 

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Where Can I Purchase Kirkland Signature Body Lotion? 

Unless you live in Canada it may be difficult to find any Kirkland Signature body lotion at your Costco warehouse, but it doesn’t hurt to check. However, the body lotion is available through Amazon, for a higher price than Costco would normally sell. 

Many of the reviews on Amazon do mention the fact that their Costco no longer carries the lotion, and it is no longer available online from Costco in the U.S. either. 

If you’re okay buying from a reseller you can still purchase on Amazon, but always be aware that the quality may not be the same. 

Who Makes Kirkland Signature Products? 

If you’re familiar with the mechanics of private labels, you are likely not surprised to learn that Costco doesn’t actually manufacture any of the goods sold under the Kirkland Signature line.

In fact, all private labels, such as those carried by Walmart, Safeway, Target, etc. are almost never manufactured by the actual store. 

Instead, corporations like Costco will work with third-party retailers to create products for them. 

This is beneficial for a few different reasons. Costco doesn’t have to find the staff, location, or knowledge to make all of the products they sell; Costco is assured that their products will be high-quality since they are being made by experts in their field, and the third-party retailer makes money from the partnership. 

In fact, oftentimes the brands that partner with corporations to make their private labels generally sell similar items for higher prices, and sometimes Costco will even sell the name-brand products right next to their own! 

So why doesn’t Costco want us to know who makes their products? That answer is a little more complicated. 

Why Doesn’t Costco Reveal Their Partners? 

Even though it is fairly common knowledge that companies work together and produce products under private labels, it still isn’t something the companies like to advertise. 

For one, Costco developed Kirkland Signature as their brand. Telling their members who make all of their products would somewhat ruin the illusion of their brand and may even dissuade some customers from purchasing Kirkland Signature products. 

If a member has a biased view about a company and learns that they also produce one of their favorite Kirkland Signature products, they may be soured against that product and reluctant to purchase again. 

As for the third-party companies, they don’t want to reveal that they manufacture products for private labels because in many cases it will change the consumer’s perception of their brand. 

If a high-end company that sells expensive non-dairy products partners with Kirkland to sell a similar product for a reduced price, most of their customer base would likely buy the Kirkland product instead of the brand-name product. 

For these reasons, many of the contracts between Costco and their partners are often sealed and neither party is permitted to publicly reveal the partnership exists.

Most of the information online about manufacturers of Kirkland products comes from internet sleuths and researchers who are able to connect the dots between Kirkland products and their similar counterparts. 

Is There Speculation On Who Makes Kirkland Signature Body Lotion?

Unfortunately for Kirkland Signature Body Lotion fans there is no real evidence or speculation about who manufactures the product for Costco. However, we do know that it is made in Canada, not the United States.

Part of this reason may be the fact that many Costco in the U.S. are no longer selling this lotion, however, you can still purchase it in other locations, such as Canada. 

Once Costco discontinued a product, most of the speculation around the manufacturer usually dies down. And, considering this is a body care product and not as widely purchased as some of Kirkland’s grocery items, there has been much less speculation around it. 

There is a chance your local Costco may still carry the lotion, but you would have to visit or contact your location to find out. 


Although we know that the Kirkland Signature body lotion is made in Canada, we don’t know much else about its origin. 

For those of us in the U.S., it may be difficult to purchase this lotion as Costco has almost entirely discontinued it.

However, if you’re located in Canada, most of your local Costco’s will likely have it in stock!




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