Who Makes Kirkland Leggings? (Are They Good?)

Who Makes Kirkland Leggings

If you’re familiar with Costco’s Kirkland products, you might be surprised to know that Costco actually doesn’t manufacture any of the items sold under their Kirkland Signature private label.

Anytime a Kirkland product is comparable to an established brand, the internet begins speculating who manufactures the product. As is the case with Kirkland’s leggings. 

There is speculation online that Kirkland leggings are actually made by Lululemon! While neither Costco nor Lululemon has confirmed this, there are some strong similarities between the two brands. 

In this article, we will discuss how Costco’s private label works and break down the rumors circulating the internet about Lululemon’s potential hand in Kirkland fashion. 

How Does Costco Create Kirkland Products? 

Costco is one of many major retailers who has created their own private label. At this point, Kirkland is synonymous with Costco due to the popularity it has reached. However, it would be impossible for Costco to personally manufacture the wide variety of items they offer under their Kirkland label. 

In order to offer more to their customers, Costco actually outsources their manufacturing from third-parties. This process allows Costco to expand their selection and guarantee quality products. 

Costco creates deals with many other companies to create specialty products for their private label and is able to sell them at a discounted price. It may come as no surprise that Costco partners generally don’t want to have this relationship made public. 

If their partners sell similar products or higher prices, they would want to avoid their customers flocking to Costco for a better deal. 

However, it is important to note that Costco doesn’t simply re-package existing products to sell under their Kirkland line. Instead, they contract the third-party company to create a slightly unique product for them that differs from the company’s regular offerings. 

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What Rumor Is Circulating Around Kirkland Leggings? 

The popular social media app TikTok created a buzz in 2020 when a user (@ashiemari) reported that a pair of Kirkland leggings sold for only $17 at Costco were nearly identical to a far more expensive pair purchased from Lululemon. 

While this may come as a surprise considering Lululemon is one of the most expensive and famous athleisure brands out there, it is actually a more common practice than we think. 

Again, although the Kirkland leggings are really similar to Lululemon, they are not an exact match. 

The user on TikTok who started the buzz did report that although they feel similar, have similar sticking on the side, and have similar pockets, there are some notable differences. The Kirkland leggings fit a little differently than the Lululemon pair, and the fabric does feel slightly different as well. 

All in all, she still concluded that they are a fairly close match. And, although she doesn’t have insider knowledge on Kirkland products, her platform on TikTok is dedicated to determining if clothing items are “dupes or deals.” 

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Has Lululemon Been Connected To Other Private Labels Besides Kirkland? 

Lululemon has actually been the subject of another private label prior to their affiliation with Kirkland.

Nordstrom sells a private label under the name of Zella, which athleisure users have reported are also eerily similar to Lululemon leggings. 

The buzz around Nordstrom leggings originally started because a prior product manager from Lululemon started working at Nordstrom with the goal of developing the Zella line.

Consumers began connecting the dots between her change of employment and the similarities between Zella leggings and Lululemon leggings. 

Is The Partnership Between Costco And Lululemon Confirmed? 

There is no confirmation from either Costco or Lululemon that a partnership exists. In fact, it is highly unlikely that it ever will be. 

A business development and marketing consultant, Dorian Smith Garcia, was quoted in a Parade article that most high-end brands such as Lululemon would never want to admit they supply private labels with goods.

Oftentimes this is viewed by the general public as them “cheapening” their brand. 

Most consumers wouldn’t view Lululemon as prestigious as they do now, and it may be harder for Lululemon to charge their higher prices when customers know they can get similar leggings from Costco or Nordstrom. 

However, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this was confirmed, as it is a really common practice, even among high end brands.

Supplying private labels is a great way for companies to up their earnings. In fact, many private label products are probably supplied by well-known companies that you may be paying a higher price for. 

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Although there are rumors circulating the internet about Lululemon being a potential supplier of Kirkland legging, this isn’t likely to be confirmed by Costco or Lululemon any time soon.

In fact, it may even be a part of Lululemon’s contract with Costco for them not to reveal that they have a partnership. 

Lululemon wouldn’t want to risk losing any of their customers to Costco, even if the Kirkland leggings aren’t exact replicas of those sold at Lululemon, due to the extreme price difference, many consumers may be willing to accept the difference in fabric and fit to purchase their leggings at a bargain price. 

However, if you want to do some of your own comparisons you can always purchase a pair of Kirkland leggings and Lululemon leggings and see what your opinion is!

Either way, Kirkland leggings are definitely high quality!




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