Who Makes Kirkland Krill Oil (Easy Explained!)

Who Makes Kirkland Krill Oil

Have you ever wondered who makes Kirkland Krill oil? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Costco is a great place to go when stocking up on many items from food to household items, and everything in between.

Ton’s of people will even purchase their daily vitamins and supplements from this retail giant. However, few of them probably know where this product is actually manufactured.

So, who makes Kirkland’s Krill Oil? Kirkland Krill oil supplements are made from Antarctic krill located in fresh Antarctic waters. Although Kirkland distributes these tablets, they have outside manufacturers produce them and do not like to share that information with the public.

Although it is a little difficult to give you a solid answer to these questions, there are a few theories we can discuss and well clear up some answers regarding the safety, quality, and other information regarding this product.

Who Makes Kirkland’s Krill Oil?

Kirkland’s Krill Oil is sourced from 100% Antarctic krill pulled from the Antarctic waters. The oils are extracted from the krill during the cooking process and then processed and placed into capsules for human consumption.

While it is well known that Kirkland does not produce their own products, it is a little difficult to pinpoint exactly where its vitamins are manufactured.

Although many believe they come from the same company responsible for making Nature Made Since this brand is also sold by Costco.

While there was at one time, a lawsuit filed against Kirkland and its manufacturer Trident Seafoods, regarding their fish oil, there is no direct evidence Trident is also the manufacturer of the Krill oil supplement. (Also the lawsuit was dismissed in June of 2021.)

Kirkland is a private label used on Costco brand products, meaning the Kirkland Krill oil, too, is a Costco item. 

Who Approves Costco’s Kirkland Vitamins Including Krill Oil?

While things are very hush-hush in the industry, and we may not have an exact location for what facility produces these products, we do know that the product has its USP Verification.

The USP is a third-party company that is open to all dietary supplement manufacturers, to investigate and test their products to verify they are what they say they are and at the dosage, they claim to be. 

These supplements are tested against scientifically-based standards of quality. They look for the Consistency, quality, performance, purity, and potency of every item they test.

The company also conducts investigations to make sure they are being processed in facilities that are up to the FDA standards.

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What is Krill Oil – Benefits

So, what is Krill Oil? Krill oil is a source of Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

This oil comes from the tiny Krill in the waters of the Antarctic and is used as a daily dietary or vitamin supplement by many.

Krill oil is similar to fish oil in benefits and taste. However, Krill oil is believed to be absorbed better throughout the body, making it a better supplemental option.

Kirkland Krill Oil vs. Omega Red Krill Oil

We decided to take a look at Kirkland Krill Oil compared to a well-known high-quality brand, Omega Red. We wanted to know if the store brand Krill oil holds up to the name brand that is more frequently discussed.

What we found really wasn’t that surprising. It seems there is a little higher concentration of krill in the Omega Red brand (750mg) than Kirkland (500mg) as well as EPA and DHA for extra heart health. 

Both products seem to have a low odor and are easy to digest. Both require you to only take one pill a day, and neither of them has that nasty fishy aftertaste.

All in all, you get what you pay for.

The Krill oil gel tabs are just that: a Krill oil with all of the natural benefits offered by this tiny shrimplike crustacean.

Is Kirkland’s Krill Oil Safe?

Krill oil is safe as long as it is processed and packaged properly. However, Krill oil that has gone past its expiration date can go bad, or the krill oil can start to decay, which is extremely dangerous and can cause organ failure and even death.

How Much Does Kirkland’s Krill Oil Cost?

Depending on where you purchase this product from, Kirkland Krill oil will cost you around $30 for a bottle of 160 soft gel capsules. 

These capsules come with the instructions to take one per day with a meal, meaning you are purchasing about five months’ worth of supplements for $30.

Where Can You Purchase Kirkland Krill Oil?

Because Kirkland is a private label for Costco, you will obviously be able to find this product on Costco shelves and on their websites.

You can also find these supplements on third-party website pages such as Amazon, eBay, and other supplement shops online.

Purchasing from third-party distributors can be dangerous. Not only do you risk the chance the product has been tampered with but, you risk your health, not knowing how the supplement was stored.

Krill oil stored improperly can cause the supplement to be dangerous, and sometimes that may be hard to determine, and you could consume a risky product.

Summing Things Up

To sum things up here on Kirkland’s Krill Oil, where the product is manufactured, is up in the air. However, we do know that it is a safe product that is a great buy for the price.

If you want a low-cost supplement with good reviews, this is the best option for you.




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