Who Makes Kirkland American Vodka? (Proved!)

Who Makes Kirkland American Vodka

Do you know who makes Kirkland American Vodka?  this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

As you may well know, Kirkland is a Costco brand i.e. you won’t be able to find it outside of Costco. Generally speaking, Kirkland is known as a budget brand. However, you may be surprised to know that many of the products available under the Kirkland name are high-quality products.

Some of them have been produced by some of the biggest brands in the United States.

So, who makes Kirkland American Vodka? Kirkland American Vodka is made by a company called LeVecke. However, LeVecke is the only company that has been registered as a producer of Kirkland American Vodka.

Who makes Kirkland American Vodka?

For a long while, there was a rumor going around that Kirkland American Vodka was made by Grey Goose. We suppose that the rumor did make sense, to an extent.

Most of the Kirkland products do have a top brand name behind them. However, sadly, we do have to say that Grey Goose are not making Kirkland American Vodka.

While Costco has not confirmed that to be the case, it has been confirmed by Grey Goose themselves.

It seems as if Kirkland American Vodka is made by a company called LeVecke. 

This is the only company that produces the vodka. Due to the way in which laws work in the United States, the producer of any alcohol-based product needs to be registered.

Who are LeVecke?

It is tough to get a read on who LeVecke actually are.

As near as we can tell, they do not produce anything under their own brand name. Instead, they seem to be a producer for various companies.

This means that LeVecke are a wholesaler of alcohol. They don’t just produce vodka either. They produce a lot of spirits.

If you have encountered any of these brands, then they seem to have come from the same factory as Kirkland American Vodka:

  • Pau Maui Vodka
  • Tosco Tequila
  • Hardy Cognac

We can also tell you that LeVecke are based in California.

Sadly, what isn’t quite so clear is whether LeVecke are buying in the vodka from other sources, or whether LeVecke is producing it themselves.

It seems that they go down both routes with the products that they produce.

We are slightly leaning towards the fact that they may produce it themselves.

This is because LeVecke is labeled as the producer for Kirkland Vodka and, as we said, it is a legal requirement that the producer is listed on the packaging.

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Has any other company produced Kirkland American Vodka?

Records only go back as far as 2005. It does not seem as if any other company has produced American Vodka for Kirkland during that time.

This means that Costco likely does have a  long-term contract with LeVecke.

Remember, Kirkland does have a French vodka range too. This is produced by a slightly different company, which bumps up the price a little bit.

If you do pick up the American Vodka, then you will know that it has been produced within California.

We doubt that Costco are ever going to be working with a different supplier for their American Vodka. They have been with LeVecke long enough, and people seem to love their vodka quite a lot.

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Is Kirkland American Vodka Good?

At the end of the day, Kirkland American Vodka is going to be one of the cheaper brands on the market.

Most people that are just looking for a drink of vodka are going to be completely fine with it. It is not going to be the best vodka that you have ever tasted.

However, it is certainly going to be passable. It does taste a whole lot better than the price tag would have you believe.

If you are looking for the best Kirkland vodka, then you are going to need to pick up the French version instead. However, do bear in mind that this is going to cost a little bit more than the American product. 

Somewhat interestingly, the French version of the vodka is actually fairly close to the Grey Goose offerings.

This is because it is produced in the same region of France. In fact, the water used in the production of Grey Goose vodka comes from the same springs that Kirkland French Vodka comes from.

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Are Kirkland vodka and Grey Goose vodka made by the same company?

There are also rumors that Kirkland Vodka and Grey Goose vodka are made by the same company. However, just like the previous rumors about Kirkland Vodka, this one isn’t true either.

LeVecke Corp. doesn’t make vodka for Grey Goose. Since 2004, Grey Goose vodka has been made by Bacardi.

When these rumors began circling the internet, Grey Goose initially denied them. However, they kept spreading because Costco and Kirkland never made a comment about the situation.

It was never confirmed if this was because the matter wasn’t brought to their attention or if they were benefiting from the rumor leading to more sales.

Is Kirkland vodka made from a sustainable company?

These days, a lot of consumers are concerned about how sustainable the companies are that supply the products they purchase.

This leads a lot of vodka buyers to question how sustainable LeVecke Corp. really is. LeVecke Corp. prides itself on making green spirits that are better for the buyer and the environment.

This company is committed to being responsible for its manufacturing and packaging process. They strive to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

LeVecke Corp is always learning about new and innovative ways to improve their practice as well so they can always provide sustainable spirits.

Nothing goes to waste in the LeVecke Corp manufacturing process.

They are able to recycle all of the scraps that are created during the process and recycle over 70 % of the shipping products.

 LeVecke Corp is also proud to be able to supply gluten-free and kosher spirits.


No Kirkland vodka is produced by Grey Goose. This is contrary to rumors that you may find online. Kirkland American Vodka has been produced by a company called LeVecke.

This is a wholesale producer of alcohol currently based in California. Although, there doesn’t seem to be any indication about where their vodka is actually produced.

If you are looking for a fairly decent, but affordable, vodka, then it may be worth checking out the Kirkland American Vodka. It is probably one of the best cheap vodkas on the market.

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