Who Makes Flex Power Tools? (Fast Answered!)

Who Makes Flex Power Tools

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend who makes Flex Power Tools? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

You love working in your shop at home surrounded by the multitude of power tools you’ve acquired. One of your favorite brands of power tools is Flex.

But do you know who actually makes Flex power tools? Flex Power Tools is made by Chevron. In 2013, the Chinese company Chervon bought out Flex adding it to their list of power tool manufacturers which also includes Skil, Ego, X-tron, and Devon. Flex originated as its own power tool company in Germany one hundred years, it has since been bought out.

In this article, we will review what kind of power tools Flex specializes in as well as what stores sell Flex products.

Additionally, we will cover what material Flex power tools are made from and where they are manufactured.

What Kind of Power Tools Does Flex Make?

Flex manufactures almost any kind of power tool you could need including those specifically designed for cutting, driving, finishing, drilling, fastening, lighting, surfacing and polishing.

They offer special combination packages if you need a multitude of tools for one project or you are just starting to build your tool collection.

Flex is most famous for inventing the angle grinder and now offers an even better version than the original which was built in 1954.

Along with power tools, Flex also has a list of available accessories for specialized projects such as blades for saws, tools for grinding, metal surfacing, vacuums, oscillating multi-tools, impact bits, drywall sanding equipment, and various automotive accessories.

From circular saws to rotary hammers to drywall screw guns, Flex manufactures all the power tools you need to get the job done.

They even provide accessory products to help improve your workspace such as flood lights, fans, heavy duty radios, and jobsite blowers.

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Who Sells Flex Power Tools?

While you can’t purchase Flex tools straight from the manufacturer, there are several purchasing options for Flex tools.

Lowes home improvement stores sell most Flex tools both at their physical store locations as well as online. If you can’t find the specific Flex tool you’re looking for at Lowes, you can always contact them to see if they can put in a special order.  

Acme Tools is another online distributor for Flex tools. Their prices are usually comparable to Lowes’ prices on Flex tools.

If there is a specific type of Flex tool that you want and you aren’t sure where to get it, your best option is to go to the Flex website.

From there, you can research all of their products. Once you find the tool you’re looking for, click on the “Find at Authorized Dealers” button to see what websites and nearby physical store locations carry what you’re looking for.

What Are Flex Power Tools Made of?

Flex power tools, like most power tools, are made of a durable metal body with a plastic shell casing for easy grip and use.

Flex power tools boast an impressively powered lithium battery pack for its tools. The innovative technology used helps the battery charge faster and stay cooler despite heavy duty and long-term use of the tool.

The construction of Flex power tools has been top quality since their inception in 1922. Flex’s motto is to provide its customers with tools that will get the job done and give them the power to achieve any home project no matter how big or small.

The sleek design of Flex tools enables you to safely and comfortably grip each power tool so that you can use it with confidence.

Each tool comes with its own manual which includes safety precautions, instructions on how to operate the tool, and troubleshooting for any issues that may arise.

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Where Are Flex Power Tools Manufactured?

Although Flex is owned by a Chinese company, its manufacturing headquarters still remains in Germany.

Flex was founded in Stuttgart, Germany, and was sold to Chervon in 2013 but still remains under mostly independent operation in its home country.

Despite being so popular and providing tools for distribution to thousands of Lowes locations throughout the United State, Flex is a small operation with less than 300 employees before it was sold to Chervon.

The owners of Chervon wanted to keep the quality German manufacturing that Flex’s customers relied on, so they allowed the business to remain where it was.


Flex used to be its own independent power tool manufacturer until Chervon bought it in 2013. Despite the new owner of the power tool dynasty being located in China, Flex power tools are still manufactured in Germany and the company is largely independently managed.

Flex power tools are of high quality make with sturdy metal components and a heavy duty plastic shell.

Flex boasts one of the longest lasting, fastest charging, and highly efficient cooling batteries for its power tools so that you can get the job done without the hassle of battery issues.

The list of Flex power tools available for purchase is endless.

Flex manufactures everything from system support on the jobsite including lights and fans to any kind of power tool imaginable.

They provide saws, grinders, drills, fasteners, polishers, finishing tools, and various accessories needed for these tools. Flex’s claim to fame is the angle grinder which was invented by the company in 1954.

Flex products are available for purchase from any Lowes home improvement store, both the physical locations as well as online.

Acme Tools is another distributor of Flex power tools. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check out Flex’s website to direct you to the appropriate distributor.

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