Who Makes Masterforce Tool Boxes? (Triangle Tool Box)

Who Makes Masterforce Tool Boxes

Do you know who makes Masterforce Tool Boxes? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Menards is a home improvement retail company that is primarily located in the North, Mid-West regions of the U.S. Like Cosco and Sam’s, they sell a number of products under their own, private label, including the Masterforce Toolbox.

So, who makes Masterfore Toolboxes? Chervon is the manufacturer behind Masterforce Toolboxes. Masterforce brands were long thought to be rebadged Mactec tools, which are themselves manufactured by Makita. 

That’s since been determined to not be the case, with Chervon not hiding their involvement in the manufacture and distribution of Masterforce Toolboxes.

You’ve certainly heard of Chevron, but Chervon is a bit more obscure, despite remaining in the top ten lists of power tool manufacturers.

Chervon is a global giant in manufacturing and distribution, also partnering with Skil, Devon, Ego, and Devon and X-tron in the Asian marketplace. 

Are Masterforce Toolboxes Any Good?

Masterforce offers a wide variety of toolboxes, storage cabinets, add-ons, and replacement parts. They sell everything from typical, drawer-based, tool boxes all the way up to entire garage-spanning multi-tiered cabinets.

Masterforce also covers power tools, truck boxes, power inverters, battery chargers, and even tire care products.

Thanks to Menards, the Masterforce private label has grown and is well on its way to being a mainstay force both in the home and in the automotive industry. 

The selling power of the Masterforce brand is how affordable they are compared to similar products that fall under well-known brands, such as Craftsman. They also come with lifetime warranties.

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The lifetime warranty is telling, as a poorly manufactured tool is likely to break. Having to spend money replacing tools under lifetime warranties would hurt any company’s bottom line. 

Menards is successfully copying the Costco private label example and marketing their Masterforce tools under their own private label while they are actually manufactured elsewhere.

Outside of toolboxes, Masterforce provides a large variety of power tools for home and automotive projects.

You’ll also discover that Masterforce batteries are far less expensive than the competition. When it comes to mid-range tools, you have to be a bit choosy and carefully consider your options.

Masterforce skillfully fills that void between garbage tools and exceptionally high-quality competition.

Masterforce products are primarily designed to compete with Craftsman and Porter Cable while generally falling into a higher quality category over Milwaukee, Skil, and DeWalt. 

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What Kind Of Toolboxes Does Masterforce Sell?

The Masterforce brand is found on everything from top and bottom tool cabinets to suitcase and rolling toolboxes. There’s likely a toolbox or cabinet to be found for just about every taste.

  • Masterforce 21” Deep Toolbox:Impact resistant, comes with an IP65 weather-resistance rating, and has a 100 lb weight limit
  • Masterforce 3-Piece 22” Rolling Tool Box:Three separate pieces interlocked together with each piece deeper than the one before it, with removable inserts, telescoping handle, and a weather rating of IP65
  • Materforce 21” Suitcase Tool Box: Impact resistant with a 50lb weight limit and a weather rating of IP65
  • Masterforce 21” Rolling Tool Box: Similar to the 22” Rolling Tool Box with only one piece and an extendable handle. 
  • Masterforce® 41″ x 24″ 8-Drawer Tool Chest:Good size tool chest for first-time buyers that comes with 8 drawers—4 long and 4 short—along with an open-top access
  • Masterforce® 30″ x 24″ Gunmetal 5-Drawer Tool Chest: Another excellent toolbox for those who don’t require all of that extra space

This is a limited view of the toolboxes that Masterforce has to offer. Menards has an online store as well as physical locations in the aforementioned areas of the country.

They are expanding, however, with its newest distribution centers in Holiday City, Ohio, and Shelby, Iowa.

Since Menards isn’t as spread out as other home improvements retail chains, such as Lowes, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and others, they minimize the drawback by putting their products into stores all around the country. 

You will find their products in Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply, Harbor Freight, Lowes, Walmart, and O’Reilley Auto Parts stores across America. Not bad for a small store that was founded in 1960 as a lumber yard. 

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How Long Has Chervon Manufactured Masterforce Toolboxes?

There’s no telling. Menards has contracted out their tools to so many different manufacturers that is difficult to either keep up or identify many of their past contracts.

Currently, Chervon handles much of the manufacturing and distribution of Masterforce tools. 

In fact, many Masterforce tools never even see the inside of an office or retail business that’s associated with Menards. 

Chervon is practically brand new in the tool-making business, with only a little over 25 years of manufacturing and distribution experience.

However, they’ve managed to build themselves quite the empire, consistently in the top ten lists of tool manufacturing and distribution.

Chervon Research and Development is very “green” based as well. They embrace as many green alternatives in their production facilities as possible, including the kind of materials they put into their products.

Chervon products are not made in the U.S., however, and despite having manufacturing centers all over Europe, their primary facilities are located in China.

Masterforce toolboxes haven’t always been manufactured by Chervon, but the odds are, Chervon has—at the very least—been manufacturing and distributing Masterforce Toolboxes for more than two years. 

Masterforce Toolbox Price Comparison

Masterforce tools are generally either comparable or cheaper than rival alternatives, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Masterforce Toolboxes.

While some are competitive, others are more steeply-priced. Mostly, it just depends on the box and features. 

Standard Deep Toolbox

  • Masterforce 21” Deep Toolbox – $44.99
  • Craftsman Versastack 17” Toolbox – $34.98
  • Stanley Series 2000 – $15.49

Rolling Toolbox

  • Masterforce 22” Rolling Toolbox –  $151.27
  • DeWalt Three-Piece Modular Toolbox – $134.99
  • RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart – $191.99

Suitcase Toolbox

  • Masterforce 21” Suitcase Toolbox – $35.59
  • DeWalt ToughSystem Suitcase Toolbox – $35.99
  • Stanley FatMax – $44.15

Deep Rolling Toolbox

  • Masterforce 22” Rolling Toolbox – $71.19
  • Milwaukee Packout Rolling Toolbox – $139.99
  • DeWalt Deep Toolbox – $61.99

As you can see, some are competitively priced with a certain, target brand, while others are probably more expensive than you would think, coming from a private label. 

Masterforce Toolboxes are really more of a hit or miss enterprise through which you can probably find coupon codes, weekly deals, and discounts through certain online stores or on Amazon—though there’s not much in the way of Masterforce on Amazon. 

One thing is for sure, browsing through Masterforce Toolboxes will find legitimately priced offerings for the feature on hand while nothing will compare to the price of a Husky or a Milwaukee. 

If you’re looking for something that has features similar to a Milwaukee or Husky tool cabinet, you’ll find a much more welcoming price tag on a Masterforce Toolbox and a lifetime warranty for your efforts. 

All Things Considered

Chervon is an interesting company, and they seem to be involved in a wide variety of tool manufacturing and distribution behind some well-known brands within the industry.

They don’t have a reputation for squandering quality in the name of the almighty dollar. 

Menards’ partnership with them is logical, seeing as Menards was once a backwoods lumber supply company that is now shaking hands with a top ten manufacturer and distributor. That’s a long way up from 1960.

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