Who Makes Masterforce Cordless Tools (Menards, Battery, Sockets!)

Who Makes Masterforce Cordless Tools

Masterforce is a popular brand at Menards, the third-biggest home improvement chain in America. However, Menards does not manufacture their own power tools, so you might wonder who supplies their Masterforce range?

So, who makes Masterforce cordless tools? Chervon makes Masterforce cordless tools, and they are based in Nanjing in China, although they have facilities in several countries. Chervon is a reading name in the power tool industry and recently incorporated two power tool giants, Skil and Flex.

They also supply Home Depot and Lowes with power tools. 

Chervon is one of the top ten most successful power tool providers globally, which is surprising for a company only 20 years old.

Here’s all about the company that makes Masterforce cordless tools explained. 

Who Is Chervon?

Chevron is based in Nanjing, China but has facilities worldwide. Their focus is on corded power tools, cordless power tools and outdoor power equipment.

They are listed as one of the top ten players in the global power industry founded in 1993; their products sell in more than 30,000 stores in 65 countries. 

Chervon recently acquired Skil and Flex labels adding to their already extensive skills and knowledge pool. Chervon deals in both OEM and ODM manufacturers. 

OEM or original equipment manufacturers are products made to a particular company’s specifications. In contrast, original design manufacturing allows other companies to select an existing product, specify changes (if needed) and sell the brand under their own name.

Menards Masterforce Cordless Tools are a Chervon product marketed under the Menard label and manufactured in China. Other brands that are Chervon products include:

  • Ego
  • Flex
  • X-Tron
  • Devon 
  • Skil.

Chevrons manufacture extensively for the American market, including brands sold at Lowes, Home Depot and Menards. They also market their own brands to the Chinese market under the Devon line of tools. 

They have manufacturing plants in Nanjing, China and Stuttgart in Germany and sales and marketing offices all over the US, Europe, Australia, Germany, and China.

They recently opened their first American in Warrenville Naperville with a state of the art architectural design and employing over 100 staff members.

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Who is Menards?

Menards is a home improvement retail giant with headquarters in Eau Claire in Wisconsin.

John Menhard Jr is the owner of the chain of 335 stores in 15 US states and is the third-largest home improvement chain in the US behind Lowes and Home Depot.

Bloomberg Billionaires ranked John Menard Jnr as the 103rd richest person in the world with a net worth of $18.9 billion.

Are Masterforce Tools Good Quality?

The Masterforce tool range 20v Boost lines brought their performance levels up to the professional standards of other higher priced brands. Menards offers their cordless tool buyers a substantial 3-year walk-in warranty.

The Masterforce Boost combines advanced battery life and a brushless motor which delivers ten times longer motor life and 30% more power, and 1.5 times longer runtime than standard 2-Pole motors. 

What Are the Best Masterforce Cordless Tools?

Masterforce® 20-Volt Brushless Cordless 1/2″ Drill Kit

The Masterforce 20-Volt Brushless drill comes with 2,0Ah lithium-ion batteries, a Flexpower charger and a carrying bag with a PH2 drive bit. It offers a 2-speed metal gearbox that generates 600 in. lbs of torque. Other features include:

  • ½” ratcheting single sleeve keyless chuck for fast, one-handed bit changes
  • The Brushless motor technology is a microprocessor to reduce friction and heat found in carbon brush systems.
  • The brushless motor provides ten times the motor life, 30% more power and 1 ½ times more run power than a standard two-pole motor.
  • The tool provides Led work light on its foot.
  • 3-year warranty. 
  • A maximum speed of 1,750 

Boost 20V Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The Masterforce Boost reciprocating saw delivers the next level of cordless tool performance with a BOOST battery working with the brushless motor for higher efficiency and durability.

The saw allows for fast blade changes and allows change from linear cutting to fast and aggressive cuts. 

Other features include:

  • A Brushless motor delivers ten times the battery life and 50% more power than standard 2-pole motors.
  • models at 3100 SPM and a 1 1/8-inch stroke rate
  • The Adjustable pivoting shoe provides maximum control.
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs
  • Delivers 30% more power with enhanced performance for demanding applications
  • Tool-free blade clamp offers fast and easy blade changes,
  • Masterforce BOOST® batteries will work with any Masterforce® FlexPower® or Masterforce BOOST® tool or charger.

Boost 20V Cordless Angle Grinder

The advanced grinder technology provides a kickback brake when a pinch or bind-up event is sensed. The electronic brake quickly engages to stop the wheel and shut down the grinder.

The Masterforce also offers a variable speed dial to match the job and an auxiliary handle for optimal hand placement in various applications. Other features include:

  • The Brushless motor system delivers ten times longer motor life and up to 50% more power than a typical 2-pole motor.
  • The kit includes a 4-½ grinding guard, grinding wheel and spanner wrench.
  • Three-position anti-vibration handle,

 Boost 20V Cordless Circular Saw

The Masterforce Boost Cordless circular saw offers durability and extended motor life. The onboard wrench is convenient for quick blade changes, and the electric brake works efficiently to stop the blade in an emergency.

Other features include:

  • The Brushless motor delivers ten times the motor life and up to 50 % more power than standard drills
  • The heavy-duty base is aluminium offering a lighter weight 
  • The drill comes equipped with an LED pre-light for work area illumination 
  • Spindle lock for easy blade changing 
  • A 0-56° bevel adjustment with a positive stop at 45°

Boost 20V Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

The Masterforce oscillating multi-tool is great for home DIY or a job site. The tool offers a tool-free accessory system with an onboard LED and variable speed for various materials.

The soft-grip handle and slim design make it comfortable to operate. Other features include:

  • The tool offers Masterforce BOOST technology for enhanced performance 
  • The reduced vibration system reduces user fatigue by up to 75%
  • The variable-speed motor operates from 11,000 to 18,000 RPM
  •  1.8° left and right oscillation angle
  • Tool-free accessory changing features
  • 1.8° left and right oscillation angle
  • Tool-free accessory changes.

Other Cordless Tools From Masterforce

Masterforce comes in a broad range of tools and accessories not just limited to the above-mentioned products. Other offerings from Masterforce include:

  • Band saw
  • Flood and work lights
  • Inflators
  • Heated vests
  • Orbit sanders
  • 4-gallon shop vacuums
  • Bluetooth radio
  • Heated Vests.

Is Masterforce Cordless Tools Proudly American Made?

Most of the manufacturing plants that provide the power tools for the American market are manufactured in China and Stuttgart.

As the company itself is Chinese owned and run, this range of products cannot take the title of proudly American.

However, they recently built a massive facility in Warrenville in Naperville, covering over 122,000 square feet.

The American headquarters boasts a prototype lab, model shop. Showrooms and photo and video studios are 100% Eco Friendly.

The facility also offers high-end amenities such as a gourmet cafe, gym and landscaped patio. The facility provided work to 100 employees and is set to expand its American branch considerably over the following years.


The Menards range of Masterforce cordless tools are a good value for money and delivers durable products with an extended capacity in the Boost range.

Chervon is a successful and innovative company who have steadily earned their name over their two decades of opr]ertion.

However, if you are seeking a proudly American product, this might not be your first choice. 

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