Who Makes Aldi Butter? (Quality, Reviews + More)

Who Makes Aldi Butter

When it comes to knowing exactly where your local supermarket’s products are made it can be a little bit tricky to find this information. Many people are interested in knowing exactly where their desired products were made for a number of reasons such as attempting to reduce their carbon footprint, a preference for financing certain areas, and even health issues if a factory uses nuts for example.

Aldi previously sold Irish butter but now produce their own.

So, who makes Aldi butter? Aldi’s Irish butter is made under their own private brand Countryside Creamery, which produces the butter in Ireland.

By phasing out Kerrygold and replacing it with their own Irish butter, Aldi has attempted to reduce the cost of its butter for its customers and also to provide them with an experience that is as close to Kerrygold as possible.

Aldi’s own brand butter

Aldi began phasing out the Irish brand Kerrygold from its stores in 2018 and slowly began replacing it with its own brand of butter, produced under the brand Countryside Creamery.

Much like Kerrygold, Aldi’s “pure Irish butter” is a product that is made in Ireland and they have stated that they do not add any colorings to pretend that it is grass-fed butter. In fact, Aldi’s own butter contains only 80% butterfat.

This is where the real hardcore Irish butter fans make take issue as Irish butter is set at 82% butterfat – the percentage used by Kerrygold and what is considered by many to be the magic number to achieve the perfect butter. So, Aldi’s own brand’s butterfat percentage falls just below this margin.

Although this 2% difference may not seem like a big deal on the surface, many people claim that this is the reason that Country Creamery’s Irish butter falls short in taste compared to the “perfect” Irish butter produced by Kerrygold.

The Countryside Creamery Irish butter is not only cheaper than Kerrygold in Aldi stores, but it also contains less sodium, which is one element that shoppers were very happy about considering the change.

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What do people think of Aldi’s Irish butter?

Many people have been happily purchasing and consuming Aldi’s Irish butter in place of the Kerrygold Irish butter that they could previously purchase from Aldi stores. Many people have noted that it is a very decent substitute for the famous Irish brand of butter and at a lower price point too.

However, as with almost everything there are some die-hard fans of the Kerrygold brand who claim that there is simply no substitute for the real thing.

For example, online one commenter said that although the Aldi Irish butter was good, they still preferred Kerrygold as it has a richer flavor and had more flavor overall. 

However, some people stated that they simply couldn’t tell the difference between Aldi’s own brand and Kerrygold.

Basically, opinion was split and there was no general consensus of whether or not the new butter offering was better, equal to, or worse than Kerrygold. So, if you are still curious then you may just have to try it for yourself and see.

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Other Aldi butter products

When it comes to Aldi’s own brand Countryside Creamery they do not only offer Irish butter. There are also a number of other products produced by the creamery on offer. For example, they also sell spreads, such as its “homestyle spread”. 

This spread is made using hydrogenated oils (including soybean, palm, and palm kernel) and was produced to mimic Country Crock’s original spread, but of course, leaving room for some differences.

Many people found it hard to tell the difference between the two products, with the Aldi packaging even resembling the old style packaging from Country Crock. One person did note, however, that the Country Crock version of the spread was ever so slightly softer, but noted nothing in terms of the taste.

The main difference between the two spreads is similar to the main difference between Aldi’s own brand Irish butter and Kerrygold – the price. The Aldi spread is around half the price of the branded version.

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Aldi butter around the globe

When it comes to other countries, such as Australia, there are different offerings. For example, in Australia Aldi’s butter goes up against famous brands of butter such as Lurpak, Mainland and Bertolli. 

However, here, according to a review by Canstar Blue, the Aldi product came out on top. This was out of a test between nine different brands. Their Beautifully Butterfully butter product was the nation’s favorite.

Here, the butter is made locally in Australia and is vegetarian friendly, as are all of their products. They are also free from coloring and preservatives. 

Here the brand offers salted butter, unsalted butter and a dairy blend in its Beautifully Butterfully range.


When it comes to Aldi one of the supermarket’s best selling points is its low prices. One way that the company can guarantee such low prices is by taking over the production of the products itself. 

For this reason over the past few years the company has phased out popular brands, such as Kerrygold, and replaced it with their own version of the product. 

Many people claim that the replacement products, especially the butter, are comparable and are offered at a much lower price than the name brand product.

Aldi produces its own Irish butter under the brand Country Creamery.




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