Where Are Spring Valley Vitamins Made (Proved!)

Where Are Spring Valley Vitamins Made

Do you know where Spring Valley Vitamins are made? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

If you frequently purchase vitamins or have ever visited the Wal-Mart store, you have definitely had to see an extensive array of Spring Valley Vitamins shelved in a very prominent location.

But the origin of Spring Valley Vitamins is a little confusing and has created quite the uprise in the vitamin world.

So, where are Spring Valley Vitamins made? Walmart is the sole provider of Spring Valley Vitamins, though to be produced by the manufacturers of Nature’s Bounty. However, the exact location where the ingredients come from isn’t concrete, nor does it have to be, according to the FDA. While the product is bottled in the US, some vitamins can be sourced from other locations worldwide.

While few regulations are set forth for the vitamin and herbal production process, there are still laws regarding labels, and customer information, which has been an ongoing issue for Spring Valley and Walmart products.

So how are these vitamins made, and where?

Where is Spring Valley Vitamins Made? 

The Spring Valley brand is packaged and shipped out of a warehouse located in Springfield, MO.

They have been quoted as saying, “If a country of origin is not mentioned on a product, it is made in the United States.

However, some ingredients in certain products may be sourced from different regions.”

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Are the Spring Valley Vitamins Made in China?

There has been significant controversy over the ingredients used to make Spring Valley Vitamins, with many rumors flying that they come from China.

While there is no proof to back this statement up, there really isn’t any to discount it either.

Walmart is not interested in giving up where the products come from but do insist that they are suitable for you and pose no harmful health risks whatsoever.

Are the Spring Valley Vitamins Safe to Take?

While there was a massive recall on this vitamin brand, it wasn’t due to the product’s basic safety but the ingredients in the products.

This lead to the government placing a cease and desist order on these vitamins.

However, it wasn’t just these vitamins that were affected.

There were numerous store-brands of vitamins and supplements that were legally mandated to pull these items off of their shelves due to misinformation on the labels.

Some vitamins tested didn’t show proper levels of DNA for the ingredients they said were in the supplements, and some showed none at all.

Something even more concerning, testing proved some vitamins had ingredients that were not listed.

If this is true, it should be concerning to anyone taking vitamins, and there could be ingredients you are not aware of and can cause adverse reactions. 

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What Does The FDA Have to Say?

When the rumor started to fly regarding the safety of Spring Valley vitamins, the FDA stepped in to make sure laws were not being broken and the public health wasn’t in any danger.

While they did not disclose the location of sourced products to the public, the verification of its safety was.

According to some sources, the FDA has announced there are no harmful or dangerous ingredients in the Spring Valley vitamins, and customers should feel confident they are going to be okay taking them. 

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Spring Valley vs. Natures Made

Now let us take a look at another well-known vitamin, where the origin is well-known, and the company is a lot more transparent than Walmart.

Nature Made vitamins are produced and distributed by a company called Pharmavite, located in West Hills, California, and sold in department stores and pharmacies everywhere.

This company has been manufacturing quality vitamins for over 50 years and is an FDA-standard approved facility.

While it is nearly impossible to pinpoint where all ingredients of Spring Valley vitamins are sourced, Nature Made offers easy access to that information and so much more.

Should You Take Spring Valley Vitamins?

After being under such scrutiny, it is safe to assure that this brand has been under close watch. With so many eyes now on their every move, Spring Valley is not going to risk any type of negative publicity or findings.

No matter what rumors fly, the fact of the matter is that Spring Valley vitamins are still sitting on shelves worldwide and available online, meaning they are safe to take.

If there were any issues with the product’s safety, they would be quickly recalled again.

There are a lot of people who have taken the Spring Valley vitamins and have nothing but good things to report. Plus, they are still a pretty popular supplement brand despite the bad press.

With that said, we believe the Spring Valley vitamins are an affordable and safe product to take. However, the potency of the ingredients may not be as good as better brands, therefore not as effective either.

If you have had good results with this brand of vitamins, we encourage you to continue purchasing and benefiting from the product.

Everyone’s body is different and will digest and process things differently, which means the best supplements will never be the same for each individual.

Choose what works for you and stick with it.

Summing Things Up

While we are confident in our sources, it is hard to truly track down exactly where the Spring Valley Vitamins are actually made.

However, we do know that the FDA says the sources are viable and safe to consume. 

We hope the rules and regulations regarding these products change one day, so we all know where our supplements are really coming from.

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