What kind of Discount do Lululemon Employees Get?

What kind of Discount do Lululemon Employees Get

Do you know what kind of discount Lululemon employees get? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Lululemon is one of the most popular retail brands when it comes to activewear and athletic apparel. The brand sells activewear, casual clothing, athletic clothing, loungewear, business casual clothes, shoes, and a plethora of related accessories. 

Employees at Lululemon enjoy huge discounts on any items they purchase from the brand. For full-time employees, the discount percentage is 60%, whereas, for part-time employees, it’s 40%. Lululemon also offers a range of other benefits to its employees like paid leave.

Read on to find out more about the kind of discount Lululemon employees get and other benefits the company provides. Happy reading!

What kind of discount do Lululemon employees get?

Like any other major retailer, Lululemon also offers its employees exclusive discounts on any purchases made from the store.

Employees at Lululemon can enjoy employee discounts of 60% on all products with a markdown of 75%.

A discount of 60% is a big deal for Lululemon’s employees, who frequently avail of this discount whenever purchasing items from the retailer.

Almost all employees at Lululemon are happy with the discount policy as it offers employees the opportunity to purchase any items from the brand at heavily discounted prices.

In fact, Lululemon’s employee discount policy is one of the best in the retail sector. Very few companies offer such large discounts for employees – and this shows that Lululemon does care about its employees. 

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Lululemon discount for full-time vs part-time employees

Lululemon offers employee discounts to both full-time and part-time employees like most other brands in the retail sector.

However, the discount policy for part-time employees at Lululemon is different from the one for full-time employees. 

If you’re working part-time at Lululemon, you can avail a discount of 40% on any purchases from the brand. While this is significantly less than the 60% discount offered to full-time employees, it is still a considerable percentage and is again, one of the best for part-time employees.

The number of hours employees work per week determines their job status at Lululemon, as you’d expect.

A total of fewer than 25 hours per week is typically classified as full-time whereas a total of more than 25 hours (up to 40) is considered full-time at Lululemon.

What is and isn’t included in Lululemon’s employee discount?

So, what exactly is included in Lululemon’s employee discount policy? What are the items employees can buy at discounted rates and what are the ones they can’t?

The good news is that Lululemon’s discount policy for employees applies to their entire selection of products.

Whether employees want to buy athletic clothing, casual clothes, loungewear, footwear, or any kind of accessories, they can easily avail of the discount for their purchase. This is another great thing about Lululemon’s employee discount policy.

There are no exceptions or exclusions to the policy and any item can be bought at a discounted price. 

Many other retailers or fashion brands have exceptions to their employee discount policy where the discount isn’t applicable on certain types of items.

This isn’t the case at Lululemon, and they really deserve credit for this.

How can you avail Lululemon’s employee discount?

If you are a Lululemon employee, there are two ways you can avail the employee discount for your purchases: online and in-store. We will outline the steps for both methods.

Shopping online

  1. Sign in to Lululemon’s web store or mobile app using your credentials.
  2. Enter your employee ID.
  3. When you’re done shopping and ready to purchase the items, type in your code in the promo code section. The discount will be applied.

Shopping in-store

  1. On your smartphone, log in to the mobile app and find your employee code/
  2. When you’re checking out, scan the QR code to apply the discount.
  3. You’ll be asked to confirm purchase details after which the discount will be applied.

The discount will be applied based on your job type. Part-time employees will get a 40% discount whereas full-time employees will enjoy a 60% discount.

What other employee benefits does Lululemon offer?

Besides offering generous employee discounts on all items, Lululemon also offers a host of other benefits to employees.

These include:

  1. Comprehensive health plans
  2. Paid time off (maternal, paternal, adoption leaves)
  3. Fitness classes
  4. Savings plans
  5. Monthly stipend for achieving health and fitness goals
  6. Equal pay for employees of all genders
  7. Health and dental insurance

These are some great benefits Lululemon provides its employees. While these benefits are also offered by other retail or athletic wear brands, Lululemon’s benefits for employees are some of the best. 

All these benefits increase employee satisfaction and make Lululemon a happy and comfortable place to work at. If employees are getting all these benefits, they can fully focus on their work and boost their productivity. 

For more details about the benefits, Lululemon provides its employees, check out the brand’s Careers page here.

What is Lululemon’s return policy for employees?

Lululemon has a comprehensive return policy in place that allows buyers to return items if they are not satisfied with them. But what if the buyers are Lululemon’s own employees? 

For employees, Lululemon has a free return and exchange policy for its employees and its customers. Provided that the product is returned within 30 days of the purchase/receiving date, it can be returned, and an exchange or refund can be processed.

Here are some rules regarding Lululemon’s return policy – that applies to both employees and customers.

  1. Items must be returned within 30 days
  2. Worn or washed articles aren’t usually accepted
  3. The item can be returned either online or by visiting one of their stores
  4. There are no return shipping fees or other fees associated with the return process

Items being returned online must be packaged carefully and with all the necessary documents and can be shipped to Lululemon using FedEx or USPS.

For in-store returns, items bought from Lululemon’s online store will also be accepted and processed – provided they are eligible to be returned in the first place.

Lululemon Employees Benefits FAQs

Here, we answer other related questions you might have about Lululemon’s discount policy for employees.

Can Lululemon’s employee discount be used on sale items?

This is a question that might pop up in your head if you are an employee at Lululemon. Yes, the company’s discount for employees can be used on sale items or items that are part of deals.

This is true for both full-time and part-time employees; the respective discount percentage will be applied.

How frequently can you avail Lululemon’s employee discount?

Here’s one question people normally have after hearing about Lululemon’s generous employee discount policy.

The good news is employees can use the discount as often as they like on any purchases. As long as you’re employed at Lululemon, you can use their employee discount as frequently as you like.

Can Lululemon’s employee discount be used for online purchases?

Yes, it certainly can. Lululemon’s employee discount can be availed both for online purchases and for in-store ones.

If you’re shopping online, you simply have to log in to their web store, type in your employee ID, and save the details after confirming them.

Once you’re checking out, the discount will be applied to the original order.

Final thoughts

Employees at Lululemon enjoy big discounts on any item they purchase from the brand. For full-time employees, the discount is 60% whereas, for part-time employees, it is 40%.

Lululemon’s discount policy for employees is perhaps one of the best overall due to the large discount percentages and a lack of exceptions and exclusions.

Besides giving employees generous discounts, Lululemon also provides a host of other benefits to its employee such as paid leave.

This guide covered everything you need to know about the kind of discount policy Lululemon employees get.





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