Do Lululemon Employees Have to Wear Lululemon? (All Facts)

Do Lululemon Employees Have to Wear Lululemon

The company does not appear to have a company-wide policy about employees wearing Lululemon apparel, though some locations require employees to wear at least one item of Lululemon at all times. 

While it isn’t technically required that all employees (called “Educators) wear Lululemon brand apparel, it is strongly encouraged in many stores.

Read on for all the info on whether Lululemon employees have to wear Lululemon to work every day (though it seems as though many of them want to anyway).

Here’s everything you need to know about the Lululemon dress code. 

Do Lululemon Employees Wear Only Lululemon?

Lululemon encourages its employees to wear Lululemon clothing so they can support the brand and give customers ideas about how to style the clothing. In addition, the brand is selling a lifestyle–active, yoga, wellness, self-improvement–and it looks for employees that demonstrate this lifestyle, including in their clothing choices. 

It depends on the Lululemon store how strongly Educators are encouraged to wear the product. Some require that Educators wear one item of Lululemon, though it could be something small like a belt bag (fanny pack). 

That said, many employees work at Lululemon because they genuinely like the brand/lifestyle/clothes and choose to wear them even if not required.

Many employees wear Lululemon clothes outside of work, so it actually makes sense to work in a place where your off-work clothes double as your work clothes. 

In addition, some employees note that being around the clothes all the time gives you all sorts of ideas of how to wear and style them, and you will always find new things you want to add to your wardrobe.

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Can Lululemon Employees Wear Other Athletic Brands?

Yes, though some stores encourage employees to wear clothing that doesn’t have visual labels promoting other brands.

If you are applying for a job at Lululemon, you should inquire about the dress code in an interview. 

Lululemon does encourage employees to wear athletic clothing, regardless of brand.

Some employees report that it is always an awkward moment when a customer comments on an item of clothing that isn’t Lululemon. 

Do Lululemon workers get free clothes?

Some retailers give employees free clothes to encourage them to wear the clothing at work (or if it is in fact required), though Lululemon doesn’t typically give away clothes or give a stipend to purchase merchandise. 

Do Lululemon workers get a discount?

Lululemon does give its employees a hefty discount, which makes it more possible for Educators to show up to work in the latest LLL styles. 

As of this writing, full-time employees get a 60% discount, while part-time employees (at least 25 hours per week) get a 40% discount. 

Even better, employees get 75% off marked down items. Many employees report that they almost always buy marked down clothes, and the discount makes it possible for them to dress almost entirely in the brand. 

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How Much Do Lululemon Employees Make? 

Lululemon hires retail educators at a range of around $15-$25/hour, depending on experience and location.

With leggings running around $100 and a few shirts under $50, the employee discount makes it possible for employees to promote the brand. 

Does Lululemon Have a Dress Code?

Many employees are encouraged to wear workout clothing if they are not wearing head to toe Lululemon. However, the company also sells dresses and sweaters, so employees often wear these items as well.

As with any retail store, employees will need to be clean and presentable. 

In most stores, piercings and tattoos are acceptable. 

Many employees report that their workplaces are fairly casual in the dress code. Lululemon employees can wear whatever shoes they want, as long as they look clean and presentable.

Many employees report that they wear the most comfortable shoes they can find since they are working retail shifts on their feet. 

Is Lululemon a Good Place to Work?

In addition to the employee discount, Lululemon offers a health plan, paid time off, a saving plan, and free fitness and yoga classes. 

Store employees work on a group commission structure, and some report they like working this way so they can collaborate rather than compete against each other. 

Lululemon also works to develop their employees’ growth and skills and encourages reading and self-development as part of this process.

Lululemon also offers parent support programs, along with mentorships and leadership training. 

As with any employment, some employees love working in the environment of an athletic brand while others don’t find it a good fit. 

Do You Have to be Active to Work at Lululemon? 

Many employees report that they enjoy the active community lifestyle at Lululemon and prefer being around like-minded people at work. 

While the company may be looking for people who have experience in the activities the clothes are designed for–running, yoga, crossfit, among others–it is also reported that the company looks favorably on applicants who just really love the brand and clothes and are excited about working in the company. 

The company is also known for being very goal-oriented, and many report that they are asked about their goals (including active/fitness goals!) during the interview process. 

Can I Get a Job at Lululemon if I Don’t Do Yoga?

Some interviewees have noted that they thought they didn’t get hired because they do not do yoga. It’s impossible to confirm whether this is a frequent practice (it is not the company policy that employees have to do yoga). 

One of the employee perks at Lululemon is free yoga classes, so many applicants and employees have an interest in yoga. 

One of the responsibilities of sales associates is answering customer questions about the product–which may be easier to do for those who have a background in yoga or fitness.

Be advised that some interviews might include a physical component–such as doing yoga or athletic activity.

They should give you the heads up about this before the interview (if not, ask what to expect at the interview). 

What should I Wear to an Interview at Lululemon?

The most important thing commenters have noted is to just be yourself and wear something that makes you feel you’re most confident. 

There don’t seem to be too many hard and fast rules when applying here, just make sure you look presentable and clean. As noted above, you may be doing an active interview, so make sure you dress accordingly. 

Some interviewees wear Lululemon clothing to interviews and that has worked well–it shows a lot of enthusiasm for the brand, which is what the company is looking for, and it shows loyalty, which is always a plus. 

Others have noted that they love athletic clothing but didn’t have any Lululemon clothing at the time, so they just wore other athletic clothing and that was also fine.

Try to avoid showing the labels, if possible, since this might be how Lululemon will want you to dress when working in the store. 

That said, others have reported that they feel best in formal attire and would choose that. If you are most comfortable dressing up a little, that is fine too.

Lululemon does sell apparel other than athleisure. Just make sure you express that you are excited about the brand and understand the needs and desires of the customers.  


Lululemon doesn’t technically require its employees to wear Lululemon clothes, though it does require that its employees are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the brand.

With the addition of a hefty employee discount, many employees tend to wear Lululemon at work. 

So, while it isn’t an official policy to wear Lululemon at work, at some stores there might be a significant amount of peer pressure to do so.

If you have no interest in purchasing or wearing Lululemon clothes, a job in their retail stores might not be the right fit for you. 



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