What Is The Best Toilet Paper Brand (You Should Buy!)


With so many toilet paper brands on offer, it can be daunting to find the paper that suits you best. Toilet paper is a personal choice and based on what you find most important to you.

For example, some people value environmentally conscious brands, while others seek luxury brands that deliver the most comfortable performance. 

The best toilet paper brand you should buy is Seventh Generation Bath Paper for environmental friendliness and sustainability. Green forest Bamboo Bathroom Tissue is the top choice for Vegans. For softness Charmin ultra Soft is tops, and for budget, the best toilet paper brand is White Cloud Ultra Soft.

If you find it challenging to decide on which toilet paper best suits your needs, we have consulted extensive online reviews to find the best toilet paper brands in each unique category.

Best Toilet Paper Brands For Sustainability and the Environment

The United States is a voracious consumer of tissue products and is second only to China, with a staggering 31 billion dollars a year in tissue revenue.

“It is particularly shocking when Americans make up only 4% of the global population and consumes 20% of the worldwide tissue consumption.

It stands to reason that these traditionally wood pulp-based products are a menace to our environment.

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Much of the tissue pulp in the United States comes from Canada’s boreal forest, where logging claims over a million acres of boreal forest per year. Deforestation increased carbon emissions, and environmental destruction is all byproducts of the tissue industry.

Dioxides released in the tissue pulp process are also dangerous to animal life and humans.

Often the luxury brands rely heavily on softwood pulp for their ultra-soft labels, which are sourced predominantly from the Canadian arboreal forests.

However, certain environmentally conscious toilet manufacturers have emerged that source sustainable and recycled materials to lessen the impact. 

Nr. 1: Seventh Generation Bath Tissue 

Seventh Generation Bath Tissue is an FSC and Rainforest Alliance Certified product that uses 100% recycled paper, of which a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled fiber.

The bleaching process is chlorine-free and contains no added dyes, inks, or fragrances.

To top off their unique eco-friendly recycled content, they cover their rolls in 100% recyclable packaging.  

Nr. 2: Caboo Tree-Free Toilet Paper 

Caboo Tree-Free Toilet tissue ups the stakes in competing with companies that offer eco-friendly recycled toilet paper.

The energy necessary to reclaim post-consumer waste entails increased energy usage and carbon emissions and leaves a more significant carbon footprint.

Caboo uses 100% sustainable bamboo and sugarcane in their unscented two-ply sheets, free from elemental chlorine.

Nr.3: Reel Tree free toilet paper (bamboo bath tissue)

Reel Tree-Free Toilet Paper contains 100% sustainable bamboo, a quick-growing and less water-hungry alternative to wood-based tissue pulp.

A portion of their revenue goes towards providing the poor with access to toilets, making them socially conscious and environmentally friendly.

Although Reel is three-ply, it is highly biodegradable, and the rolls come in plastic-free packaging.

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Best Vegan Toilet Paper Brands

It may come as a surprise to consumers that many brands of toilet paper are not vegan products. According to some sources, Kimberly Clark behind Cottonelle and Scott brands still conduct testing on animals as well as Procter and Gamble’s Charmin range. 

Some companies use animal byproducts such as gelatin as a binding agent, stearic acid, and stearic acid derivatives from beef and pork.

There are vegan brands available for environmentally conscious consumers, as often companies hide their animal derivatives from the public. 

Nr.1: Green Forest Premium 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue

The Green Forest Bathroom tissue is a great vegan alternative made up of a minimum of 90% of post-consumer recycled material.

Green forest also makes their toilet roll cores of 100% recycled cardboard, and the low polymer plastic packaging is recyclable.

The NDRC rates this brand as one of the top toilet tissue companies regarding sustainability. 

Nr.2: Nimbus Eco Bath Tissue

Nimbus is a competitively priced toilet tissue that uses 100% sustainably sourced farmed bamboo. The bleach their tissue pulp with chlorine-free processes that protect both consumers and the planet.

The product is also highly dissolvable, reducing the pollution of non-biodegradable toilet paper in the world’s oceans and waterways.

Best Toilet Paper Brands to Prevent Allergies

Toilet paper may contain many harmful ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in sensitive areas. The most common allergens are found in luxury, embossed and perfumed rolls, and paper labeled “super soft/strong.”

Luxury brands may hide allergens such as formaldehyde lanolin, benzocaine, chlorine, and lanolin.

These hidden allergens may cause reactions from itching or redness to yeast infections and urinary tract infections in sensitive users.

Here are some of the best hypoallergenic toilet paper options if you suffer from sensitivity to toilet paper. 

Nr.1: Seventh Generation Unbleached Toilet Paper

Seventh Generation offers an unbleached 100% recycled toilet tissue free from any dyes, fragrances, or softeners that often cause allergic reactions.

This two-ply toilet paper contains roughly 80% post-consumer recycled paper and is specifically formulated for users who suffer from toilet paper-based allergies. 

Nr.2: Green Forest Premium 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue

Green Forest Premium paper is hypoallergenic toilet paper that contains no dyes, fragrances, or softeners.

The company also uses a chlorine-free bleaching process to ensure that the 90% post-consumer recycled paper is safe for your bottom and the planet.

Nr.3: True Earth Paper Silk’n Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper

Silk’ n soft is another excellent hypoallergenic toilet paper brand made up of 60% panda-friendly bamboo and 40% sugar cane.

This three-ply offering is made in an environmentally conscious facility using biofuel and uses a chlorine-free bleaching process to aid those with sensitivities. 

Best Toilet Brands For Septic Tanks

When you flush your toilet, the water waste and paper move down the drain into the septic tank.

The anaerobic bacteria inside the tank break down the organic waste, where the purified water is sent into the ground by a series of pipes.

If your toilet paper does not break down easily, it can cause problems in the septic cycle and cause blockages.

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Fragrances and chemicals may also affect the bacteria who perform the vital role of breaking down the effluent and affecting your system’s efficiency.

The plush and luxury brands can often cause problems in your septic tank, the worst culprits being flushable wipes. Luckily, here are some brands that are well suited to the septic system.

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

Seventh Generation makes the top charts once more, with an excellent dissolving rate and a chlorine dye and fragrance-free formula, kind to the septic tank bacteria. 

Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper

Scott’s Rapid Dissolving toilet paper is designed for sensitive systems such as RVs, Marine, and Septic tanks. This FSC certified product is made to disintegrate quickly and efficiently and is 100% biodegradable.

Scotts is clog tested in clinical trials to ensure the paper will not clump or clog septic systems. 

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Best Toilet Paper Brand for Softness

If softness is a criterion that is important in toilet paper, some brands stand out as the most gentle of the many luxury brands on offer.

One should note that softness in the bathroom may be hard on your plumbing and the environment. All that aside, here are the best toilet papers for smoothness and soft wiping. 

Charmin Ultra Soft and Ultra Gentle

The Charmin Ultra Soft and Ultra Gentle come up again and again in customer reviews regarding softness and comfort.

The Charmin Ultra Soft two-ply offers superior cushioning and enhanced absorption in one Roto-Rooter-approved roll.

You may pay for that softness with the high lint content, and of course, the guilt about the Canadian arboreal forests. 

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Best Toilet Paper Brand for Strength

Few things are worse than toilet paper that disintegrates as you use it, leaving residue behind and making it uncomfortable to clean yourself.

Although the thicker, three-ply paper is generally more expensive, you tend to need less to perform its task than the thinner toilet paper varieties.

However, you should note that thicker papers tend to be bad for your plumbing and in terms of biodegradability. Some of the best brands of toilet paper for strength include:

Cottonelle Ultra – ComfortCare

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort care delivers an excellent balance between softness, strength, and absorption and is relatively lint-free.

The thick and robust paper has signature ripple grooves that enhance cleaning and are fluffier with deeper pockets. 

Quilted Northern – Ultra Plush

The embossed design of this toilet paper gives an appealing sensation of fluffiness, and the paper is silky to the touch.

The air pockets between its three-ply structure ensure strength as well as softness. 

Best Toilet Paper for Your Budget

In these uncertain economic times, we need to start saving where we can. Luxury brands can be expensive, but there are less costly options still rated highly by the public.

Not every middle-range toilet paper needs to have the look and texture of commercial brands often found in restrooms and office blocks. The best-rated toilet brands for your budget are the following.

White Cloud Ultra Soft; Thick Toilet Paper Rolls

The White Cloud Ultra Soft and Thick toilet paper comes triple-ply and is exclusive to Walmart‘s retail giant.

White Cloud rates highly in consumer reports, are strong and soft for the price, and are available in giant rolls for bulk shopping. 

White Cloud GreenEarth Walmart

Another Walmart offering, this toilet paper is a lower-priced eco-friendly option that is better for the budget than most ‘green’ brands.

Made of 100% repurposed paper, this toilet tissue has the advantage of being sewer safe. 

Scott’s 1,000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

Scotts 1,000 sheets per roll of toilet paper may not rate the best for comfort, but it provides excellent value with septic tank-safe and clog-free formula.

Scotts is FSC certified and free of perfumes or scents that may cause allergic reactions and are 100% degradable.

Users do remark that the paper is on the thin side, however, and users need to use more significant quantities for the same effect of higher-priced brands. However, this brand is still a contender when it comes to the bottom dollar. 

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Americans take their toilet paper seriously, as can be seen by the staggering revenue figures of the toilet tissue industry.

Luckily there is a wide variety of toilet tissue types to suit your particular needs, budget and preferences. 

We hope you have found your own personal best toilet paper in our above list, and your search has come to an end (excuse the pun.)





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