Can I Use RV Toilet Paper in My House? (Is It Safe?)

Can I Use RV Toilet Paper in My House

We can all agree that getting a clog in your RV’s septic lines is headache-inducing. No one wants to be the one to clean it out, and the permanent damage that clogs can do to your pipes is a hassle.

RV toilet paper is great for keeping those clogs down, but can you use it at home as well?

Can I use RV toilet paper in my house? Yes, you can use RV toilet paper in your house. It is made to dissolve quickly and prevent clogs in septic tanks. RV toilet paper is very similar to septic-safe toilet paper. It is generally softer and more comfortable to use.

If you have a few rolls of RV toilet paper left over from your last family trip, read ahead to find out how safe it is for use at home.

Can I Use RV Toilet Paper at Home?

We’ve all been there. You’re running low on toilet paper at home, but there are a few rolls left in the RV.

Can you use them in your home, or will this special toilet paper damage your plumbing?

The truth is, RV toilet paper is not all that different from regular toilet paper. It comes down to how fast each type of toilet paper dissolves.

RV toilet paper is used for RV tanks because it dissolves much faster than household toilet paper. This means it isn’t going to clog up the plumbing or throw off your tank sensors.

When regular toilet paper builds up in your RV, it can cause clogs that have to be cleaned out manually. This isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time.

If the clog gets bad enough, your tank may always read as full. If you continue to try and use your RV toilet when there’s a clog, it can lead to damage that may need to be repaired professionally.

RV toilet paper prevents these issues by dissolving much faster than other toilet paper. It works just like conventional toilet paper in that it dissolves fast enough to clear clogs before they become a problem (if they happen at all).

If your home has a septic tank, you can use RV toilet paper without any problems. It’s often softer and more comfortable to use than septic-safe toilet paper is.

Even if your home doesn’t have a septic tank, RV toilet paper is completely safe to use.

Does RV Toilet Paper Go Bad – Toilet Paper expiration Date

Does RV toilet paper go bad? Yes, toilet paper can get moldy! However, RV toilet paper can last for years if stored cool and dry and sealed in a waterproof container.

The product can last for decades despite the expiration date lists on the packaging.

Do I Need RV Toilet Paper?

The short answer is yes. RV toilet paper can be vastly more expensive, but you’re paying upfront to avoid the headaches and problems that using regular toilet paper in your RV can cause.

If you have a septic tank in your home, you know the importance of using regular toilet paper. Essentially, the ‘black water tank’ in your RV is a mobile septic tank.

All of the waste material from your RV toilet drops into this tank and stays there until you clean it out.

If you don’t clean it out, clogs can form in this tank, backing up the waste material and causing damage, odors, and plumbing problems.

You’ll have to clean it out yourself, which can take some time and require the use of chemicals.

RV Toilet Paper

A good rule of thumb is this: you can use RV toilet paper in your home, but you should never use your home toilet paper in your RV.

Septic-safe toilet paper can be used in your RV, but most septic-safe toilet paper is very thin and uncomfortable.

If you regularly use it at home and don’t want to purchase the more expensive toilet paper for your RV, you can use it in the short-term in your RV toilets.

Septic-Safe Toilet Paper vs RV Toilet Paper

As we’ve seen so far, these types of toilet paper might as well be interchangeable. You can use both regular toilet paper and RV toilet paper in both septic tanks and RVs.

But there are some major differences in price and quality between these two types of toilet paper. There is a striking disparity between brands as well.

First, RV toilet paper is much more expensive than septic-safe toilet paper.

If you’re purchasing toilet paper for use in your home septic tank, using septic-safe toilet paper instead will save you $1.00 a roll on average.

But you may not find that the price is necessarily worth it. It’s a personal preference, but regular toilet paper feels rougher. It’s often thinner, and 1-ply seems to be the standard.

Truth is, you’re not using less toilet paper when you use 1-ply. Most people will be using twice as much regardless, so the difference is negligible.

On the other hand, RV toilet paper may be worth the extra money. It’s generally very soft and comfortable to use.

Toilet paper quality is one of those little things that can make your life much more miserable if you’re not comfortable.

Plus, RV toilet paper has more 2-ply variants than septic-safe for some reason.

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All in all, you can choose to purchase either septic-safe toilet paper or RV toilet paper for your home or RV. There is a difference, but it’s about the price and quality rather than how it works.

Both dissolve quickly and work to prevent clogs.

How quickly each type of toilet paper dissolves also has to do with the brand. The bottom line is that there is no solid difference in how septic-safe toilet paper and RV toilet paper performs.

What’s the Difference Between my RV’s Waste Tank and My Home’s Septic Tank?

Just as with the different types of toilet paper recommended for each, there’s very little difference between these two tanks. The obvious difference is in the size.

RVs need to be as light as possible to get viable gas mileage. This means that all of the water and waste tanks on the RV are going to be as small as possible.

These tanks hold all of the water and waste that the RV needs (and produces) while it’s in motion.

The RV owner needs to clean the waste tank out manually when they stop at a dump station to avoid overfilling these tanks, clogging them, or backing up waste.

On the other hand, your home’s septic tank is much larger. It can hold a lot more waste and water. With frequent treatments, you may not need to empty it that often at all.

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Moreover, septic tank contents can be absorbed and filtered by the ground around the tank. Some tanks are made to do this, while others are static holding tanks that slowly fill up over time.

No matter what type of septic tank you have, it’s still less of a hassle than an RV waste tank. That’s why what type of toilet paper you use in your RV’s waste tank matters so much more.


RV toilet paper is specifically created to work with your RV’s plumbing lines and black water tank.

It’s a soft toilet paper that dissolves quickly so it doesn’t clog the system.

Whether your home uses a septic tank or your city’s sewer system, it is completely safe to use RV toilet paper in your home.

You may find the price disagreeable when comparing the two, but it makes up for the price and brand disparity by being soft and more comfortable to use overall.

Remember: you can use RV toilet paper in your home, but don’t use your home toilet paper in your RV (unless it’s septic-safe)!

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