Is Costco Toilet Paper RV Safe? (ALL FACTS)

Is Costco Toilet Paper RV Safe

Have you ever wondered if Costco Toilet Paper RV Safe is?

Recreational vehicle (RV) vacations are taking the world by storm. RVs give you the opportunity to see beautiful sights and enjoy unplugging from society without needing to leave all of the luxuries of home behind.

They are budget-friendly vacations, and they are incredibly family-friendly.

If you are planning an RV vacation, buying in bulk is a great way to save money. Costco is a popular store for buying bulk products. Their Kirkland brand products are a great bargain, without sacrificing quality.

RV toilets have special requirements, and you need to make sure to use toilet paper that will break down easier, if you want to avoid any problems.

Is Costco Toilet Paper RV Safe? Yes, Costco toilet paper will break down safely for an RV’s toilet, therefore it is safe to use in an RV. However, you should always use toilet paper sparingly to avoid plugging the system with larger clumps of toilet paper.

RV Waste Systems

RVs have waste water systems that include both black water and grey water tanks. Black water includes human waste and grey water comes from sinks and showers. Any water from your toilet will flush into the black water system.

Because your waste water will flush into that black water tank, if you flush things that will not easily break down (trash, plastic, feminine hygiene products, or even the wrong toilet paper), your tank will clog and you will have a huge mess to clean up.

There are bacteria in the black water tank that helps break down the waste, including toilet paper. For this reason, be careful not to flush chemicals, like bleach that may kill that bacteria and slow down the breakdown process.

What is RV Toilet Paper?

Many brands of toilet paper make special toilet paper just for RVs. Other packages of toilet tissue will specify that they are safe to use in RVs.

These have been designed to easily break down and avoid clogging the water system. If a few sheets will easily dissolve in water, chances are that toilet paper is safe to use in an RV.

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Is Costco Toilet Paper Safe to Use in an RV?

Kirkland brand toilet tissue will easily break down in water. This means it is safe to use in an RV. You should, however, always use toilet paper sparingly to avoid plugging the system with larger clumps of toilet paper.

Single-ply toilet paper will also break down easier than two-ply toilet paper.

Kirkland brand toilet paper is an excellent choice if you are looking to save money without sacrificing quality. It will break down in an RV, and you can buy it in bulk so you will have plenty for your vacation.

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Best Toilet Paper For RV Septic Systems

While Kirkland toilet is high quality and budget-friendly, it may not be available in your area. Additionally, you will need a Costco membership to purchase it.

 Below you can find a list of the best Toilet Paper For RV Septic Systems:

1. Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue

2. Camco RV TST Toilet Tissue

3. Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

4. Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue

5. Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper

6. Valterra Q23638 Softness Toilet Tissue

7. Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue

Scott brand has a wide variety of toilet tissue options available. Their rapid dissolve bath tissue will quickly break down and avoid clogging your RV. Scott is renowned for high-quality bathroom products.

Camco RV TST Toilet Tissue

This Camco option was specifically designed for use in an RV. It is both soft and biodegradable. The two-ply option is also popular for its extra cushion.

Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

 Thetford’s Aqua-Soft is another option that was created especially with RVs in mind. It is a great, inexpensive two-ply option. It is available at several camping supply stores and online.

Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue

As the name implies, this toilet paper option is great, because it is designed to be easy on septic tanks. It holds up when you need it to, but easily dissolves in your septic tank.

Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper

Another option made specifically for RVs! This option is biodegradable and two-ply. Firebelly is highly praised as a family-owned business. They’ve taken their family priorities and used them to inspire products that make family road trips better.

Valterra Q23638 Softness Toilet Tissue

This Valterra toilet paper quickly dissolves in water, so it will work well with the low-flush toilets in RVs.

This option is also two-ply, so it will provide the necessary comfort and strength. Reviews praise this as an option for campers with sensitive skin.

Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

Scott’s RV-safe toilet paper is a great bargain. As the name implies, you get 1000 sheets per roll, so you will truly get your money’s worth. It is gentle on plumbing, but has enough strength to do its job.

You can always check the packaging, if you are unsure if a toilet paper is safe to use in RVs. The labels may say “septic safe” or “biodegradable.”

When in doubt, these options are proven to work well in an RV without clogging the system.

What Should You Consider When Selecting a Toilet Tissue for Your RV?

👉 Is it safe to use in an RV? – This is the most important question you can ask when selecting a toilet paper for your RV. If the toilet paper you are considering is not safe for your RV, put it back on the shelf.

Options that are safe are generally still incredibly budget-friendly, and they will protect your black water tank and system in the long run.

👉 Is it comfortable? – Comfortable toilet tissue is well-worth the process to find it.

While one-ply toilet tissue dissolves more easily, there are a wide variety of two-ply options that are both comfortable and safe for RVs.

👉 Is it cost-effective? – RVs are a great way to travel while on a budget. You do not want to throw away all of that budgeting power with frivolous expenses.

Toilet paper is a necessity, but that does not need you must buy the most expensive option available. Find an option that fits your budget, so you can save that money for adventures along the way.

👉 Is it Absorbent? – You do not want to be left with messes to clean up when you are trying to camp.

Finding an absorbent toilet paper will save you from that struggle and make sure that you get good value for your money.

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How to Protect the Septic System in Your RV

Protecting the longevity of the septic system in your RV will save you from painful, expensive repairs. Following these tips and tricks will help increase the lifespan of your RV’s septic system.

👉 Always use Toilet Paper that is rated for RVs and/or marine vehicles.

Clogging your septic system with undissolved paper is a sure way to slow down its efficiency and leave you with a huge mess to clean up.

👉 Never flush anything other than biodegradable waste or toilet tissue down the toilet. Flushing plastic, trash, feminine hygiene products, or other waste items will lead to backups in your septic system.

You will likely need to get the whole thing pumped in order to return it to efficiency.

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👉 Look into Tank Treatment Products. These products can keep your RV septic system smelling clean, which is great when you are camping with the whole family and want to keep everything fresh throughout your journey.

These treatments will also help ensure that toilet tissue is always dissolving fully. Camco, Campa-Chem, and Unique RV Digest all have excellent options.

👉 If you are worried about toilet tissue clogging the system in your RV, do not flush it. Place it in a trash bag and trash receptacle.

You will have to empty the trash more frequently, but it will guarantee that your RV’s system does not get plugged with toilet paper.

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👉 Winterize your RV’s plumbing system prior to the cold season. This begins by draining all of the tanks. Then open all of the faucets, and by-pass the water heater. You can then pressurize the system and add anti-freeze.

If this process is overwhelming, there are plenty of places around who will take care of the winterization process for you. This will keep everything running smoothly year-round.

👉 For your own protection, wear gloves and be sure to wash your hands and any other exposed skin when cleaning your black water tank.

Human waste can contain bacteria that is potentially harmful if exposed to others. Wearing gloves and washing your hands is an easy way to prevent this contamination.

👉 Be careful with the products you use to clean your toilet. You want to use products that are eco-friendly and that will not kill the helpful bacteria in the black water tank.

You will also want to be sure to not flush any products that would prevent the break-down of toilet paper and human waste.

👉 Clean your RV’s waste tank every few weeks. Use a treatment and flush with water if necessary. This will help everything stay sanitary for your adventures.

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Finding the right toilet paper for your RV is crucial for preserving its health and longevity. It will also make your travels easier.

There are plenty of budget-friendly options available. Costco’s Kirkland brand is a budget-friendly option that is also safe to use.

When in doubt, check the packaging to see if it will easily dissolve or if it is rated for use in motorhomes.


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